Alternative cushion for the rings

Newlyweds exchange rings - touching momentwedding ceremony. Cushion for these accessories will make your celebration more romantic and charming. This small engagement attribute, decorated in accordance with the overall style of the event, the event will add sophistication and charm. Alternative cushion for the rings - an excellent idea for a stylish celebration. Photographer certainly fix memorable moments. You will look much nicer pictures, which show what a beautiful wedding decoration you have chosen.

What can replace the traditional cushion for the rings

Modern industry offers wedding coupleshuge number of pads of any shape, color. However, such accessories often deprived of individuality. The bride and groom want their wedding was unique and memorable detail was left as a reminder of such a memorable event after the ceremony. To help alternative pillows come in this matter. From your desires and fantasies it depends on how the original is this attribute at the grand wedding. Pillows vary in:

Form. Accessory is round, square, heart-shaped, flower baskets.
Colors. The standard design of the pads - shades of white, cream color. If you are not afraid to experiment, feel free to choose any color that you like. The main rule - to all the details of the wedding ceremony in harmony with each other.
Decorating. To make use made lace, ribbon, satin, lace, rhinestones, pearls, floral elements. The decoration of the original accessories used cones, berries, themed figurines, rowan twigs, seashells.
Method of attachment rings. Common options - deepening, ribbon, buttons, safety pin, ribbon.

Small basket with handle

Basket for bridal rings

Form stylish wedding accessories in the form ofbasket with handle is refined and comfortable. This solemn piece made of fabric, twigs, decorated years, beads, vibrant colors. At the bottom of the basket with handles placed wedding rings. Thematic accessory adorn the bride and groom names, wedding date, congratulations, wish a happy family life.

Saucer or a plate

Saucer or plate with wedding rings

A popular option stands for ringsHoneymoon - saucers, plates. The materials for these accessories include glass, ceramics, silver and porcelain. The stand is decorated with lively floral wreaths, memorial inscriptions intricate thematic patterns. Form saucers or plates can be geometric, heart, flower or seashell.

Book instead of the pads

Stand ring Suite in book form

A win-win pads for ringsSuite - book. For the ceremonial stand choosing vintage, new, vibrant publication or albums with photographs of the newlyweds. Interesting book cover with wishes of happiness, love, symbols emphasize the solemnity of the event. The groove carved in the sheets, in the form of heart, doves, flowers, wedding rings are put.

Stand out of the cut tree

Stand for rings in the form of a tree cut

Excellent idea of ​​replacing the classic tray - itunusual cut of a tree. Such ceremonial stand decorated with commemorative inscriptions, years, twine, flowers, ornaments. Tree on a wedding ceremony symbolizes mutual love, family happiness, a common origin, the continuity of generations. Stand, made in the form of a wooden cut-off will be at your wedding is not only an exquisite accessory, but also a symbol of the beginning of a new life together.

Fresh flowers or fruit

Making coasters rings flowers and fruits

Flawless look at wedding ceremonycoasters rings Suite, which are based on fresh flowers. Organically and picturesque looks tandem such accessories and bridal bouquet, made in the same colors. Fruit decorate themed wedding. From apples, peaches, pumpkins are obtained colorful and appealing stand. raspberries or strawberries - small pumpkins and colorful summer ceremonies are ideal for an autumn wedding. Originally look fruits in combination with chocolate, caramel, spices.

Capsule or casket for rings

Bag-box for wedding rings

For the wedding rings are perfectall kinds of boxes, casket. Accessory selected based on the overall style of the ceremony. For the wedding in style Shabby-chic casket fit perfectly with the delicate pink flowers and classical lavish ceremony - a noble box and ribbon. If you have a product which is transmitted in the family from generation to generation, it will be an excellent option for wedding coasters.

Stand in the form of the bird's nest

Stand newlyweds ring - bird's nest

You can decorate the wedding ceremony fancyStand in the form of the bird's nest. This accessory will become a symbol of the beginning of your married life. used twigs, leaves, feathers, ribbons, beads, figurines of birds, moss To produce this interesting attribute. This stand-nest - a great solution for a wedding in a rustic, forestry or eco-style.

Wedding rings for shell

Stand-shell for engagement rings

The original and stylish choice for weddingsea, pirate style, or on the coast - Stand-shell. For these purposes, use real shells brought from the resort, or stylized casket. The stand decorated with mother-of-pearl, sea stones, stars, years. At the request of the newlyweds, the wedding decorated shell commemorative inscriptions.

Photos alternatives pads for wedding rings

Small accessories and details make the ceremonywedding completed, the atmosphere is filled with solemnity and romanticism. Original pads for wedding rings made in the form of gingerbread houses, plates, of feathers, coasters made of coconut shells, hearts made of natural materials. In the wedding photos and colorful accessories look attractive. A solemn ceremony was decorated in such a product, remembered for a lifetime.

Original pads for wedding rings

Unusual supports for bridal rings

Alternative wedding rings pads for the young