Top 7 Ideas for creative wedding photo shoot

Looking for something unusual, creative and interesting, respecting photographers come up with the most daring and unexpected ideas for the original wedding photo shoot.

Naturally, the photo session with each individual coupleIt requires an individual and an individual approach. Keep in mind that for someone fairly good mood and a bit of acting ability, but someone needs adventurous and bold solutions.

Virtually none of the wedding photo shoot is notpasses without any special props. It is the simplest thing can arrange non-traditional wedding photography. To your wedding portfolio differed positive, outstanding images and creative approach, the portal sharing with you the most interesting and advanced ideas.

Karting Center

Wolf - the perfect place for a weddingphoto shoot of two extreme and eccentric young people. The gentle image of the bride and brutal race car will be presented with the original photoset. Newlyweds can arrange a race alone. At the time you drive your emotions are captured in the camera. And what if they could give command arrivals, connecting in the "game" of some of the guests? You are waiting for a drive, exciting emotions and adrenaline!

Photoshoot on kartodrome
Bride with checkered flag


Wedding photo shoot on railway tracks -one of the favorite destinations for many photographers. Here the master implement symbolic photographs photography - a meeting of two halves. Photo shoot on the railway turns spectacular and impressive, the main thing to find this quiet proper station.

Bride on the railroad

Wedding photography with humor

If a photographer or even honeymooners allfine sense of humor, fun to organize a wedding photography is not difficult. The aid will be useful not only humorous ideas, but also the corresponding attributes. Extraordinary and funny looking pictures with funny details in the form of large glasses, prominent eyes, lips volume. Suit humorous plaques with inscriptions. This idea can be developed into a real comic book wedding. If you do not hesitate and treat yourself with humor and irony, then you will be easy to implement even the most stupid and ridiculous ideas.

Photos on the carpet background
Bride with boxing gloves
Photoshoot with humor

Photoshoot with a sports bias

Have you ever wondered what a football fieldIt can be a great backdrop for wedding filming? It is possible to realize a lot of different subjects. Bright seats, footballs, sports shoes, a gate with mesh and good humor will make your wedding memorable and exciting photo shoot. In addition to the football field, you can experiment on the tennis court with rackets, or you can arrange a game fight on the mat in the gym. Photos on the sports field definitely deserves your attention.

Photo session in the gym
Newlyweds as bollelschikov
The bride in the role of the goalkeeper

Romance of Water Transport

Gentle and romantic images obtained onsunset, especially if you are on a sandy beach or aboard a luxury yacht. Rent a boat or yacht you will need not only to take pictures. This transport can be arranged a little boat trip. The pictures on the background of the water surface endowed with a special glamor and style.

Wedding photography yacht

Forest Fairy tale

Wedding portal said that the photo shoot can be carried out on their wedding day in any place and under any weather conditions. The main thing that was a desire. Really fabulous obtained pictures in the forest. Wedding photo shoot in the woods - a mysterious, enigmatic and mysterious. Forest wedding photo shoot is one of the most extraordinary and quite expensive. And how many different images of the couple can try, while running around the forest paths:. Robin Hood, forest fairy, etc. In any case, forest photoshoot never be traditional and encumbering.

The bride in the forest
Forest Fairy
Photo shoot in the winter forest

Extravagant photo session in the style of trash-the-dress

Perhaps, the new and very unusual photo shoot,which is known under the name «trash-the-dress», which translated to English means "to turn the wedding dress in the trash", there are not so many fans. However, it is really shocking approach to the wedding photo shoot, because it turns all of the perfect and perfect wedding pictures.

Conduct it can be in the lake or river, just on the beach or even ordinary dirt. Best of all, it should look shocking and boldly!

This photo session can turn into funmischief of two people. Naturally, such a survey is better to arrange after the celebration. This photo shoot does not involve self-pity as well. We hope that you yourself come up for themselves the best way to destroy the white dress.

Photo shoot in the style of trash-the-dress
Taking pictures in the style of trash-the-dress
Destruction of wedding dresses

How many pictures, so many ideas for weddingphotoshoot. We wish you to find the most worthy and creative master of his craft, which will delight you with original images and unconventional approach to his work!

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