Secrets of professional photography

Professional photography - it is not justthe ability to direct sharpness, exposure and correctly expose the light, beautiful special effects to insert on your computer. Speaking about professional photography, we mean the art of seeing the picture.

A true artist is enough to show their work - and you will see in them the photographer, his artistic taste and the world, the ability to see and build a frame.

Looking through the portfolio, targeting a simple principle: the like - not like it.

The photographer should fit your taste. And be prepared for the fact that only the best of the works, the most successful in front of you. In the original, stunning photo imagination can not be so much. Focus in this case to the very high standard - and the better the average.

Thus, the council first and very simple: to be a professional photo shooting, if you go to a professional photographer. His work and your taste will help you with this.

Tip Two: take some time and will meet beforehand with prospective photographer. Professional photography requires understanding and comfort. Personal contact must remove all questions and misunderstandings. In addition, please be not only creative, but also the photographer as a person. After all, he will be with you throughout the wedding day. Are you comfortable with it to communicate and work in the future?

Secrets that will help you to recognize a professional.

Professional photography is considered, if the work on the frame used:

  • Various methods wedding shooting - report (photos "live" moments podlavlivanie subjects) and setting (each part shall be verified and exhibited according to the intention of the photographer);
  • fictional and reality;
  • play with color: color and black and white photography;
  • portraits of the group, paired and individual;
  • photo on the street and indoors;
  • Shooting dynamic aspects (road and registration in the registry office, blowing the pigeons and the like);
  • retouching as a necessary component of the work on the wedding photography;
  • originality of the creative expression of the photographer, how differently he shoots, as is creative;
  • professional photography involves a greater degree of work with light, rather than a computer processing;
  • an important characteristic of a professional photographer- If he is in his work took into account individual physiological and psychological features of the bride and groom, was able to reflect their mood, the essence - when choosing a shooting manners, poses, compositions. This is the professional photography;
  • handling an average of the results takes at least a week. This means you should be alerted if the photographer promises to give ready-made pictures in 2-3 days.

And now a few tips for newlyweds.

  • The ability to be liberated - an important componentnatural and beautiful pictures. And professional photographers help you with this. Men are harder to liberate, and to persuade to pose almost impossible. Therefore, the main work is to the bride, who takes beautiful pose in their luxurious wedding-dress, the groom is usually asked to stand next to, as they say, not to interfere. For greater efficiency, and ask you to show those images that have just made. Usually it helps to get free and stimulating for further successful photo.
  • Be sincere in their emotions: if the kiss, Kiss passionately when talking to - do it romantically, looking into each other's eyes. Give the photographer to make a sufficient number of frames, and then later you collectively choose the most touching and romantic.
  • If you have any ideas about what a great shot, be sure to tell your photographer. From this, your wedding album will benefit.
  • Try to ignore the request to the photographera few minutes to leave the guests and pose for the camera. The more attention you pay shoot, the more chances to get a significant amount of high-quality photos.

Remember: excellent wedding photographs - the fruit of the joint work of the photographer and honeymooners. Try to tune in, to be liberated, smiling. Listen to the photographer and trust him. Participation, patience and hard work on your part will work on the result.

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