Photo and video: the memory for years to come

Wedding ... This day I want to remember for years to come. Photo and video - this is a good way to keep in memory the fabulous moments of the wedding day.

A good professional wedding photographer(Operator) carries out survey in the style of reportage and artistic performances. In order for your wedding photo album really became a family treasure, many photographers are starting to shoot a few days before the wedding. Many photo and video studios, this service is called "Love story". Take pictures, the photographer uses it Art Direction. Pictures taken before the wedding then show guests at the wedding.

Due to its long duration of staged photo and video shooting it is very convenient, because you can do is not a small number of images and video, without fear of lack of time.

This allows the staged shootingpave the way for photo and video reportage carried out on the day of the wedding. As with any creative workflow, and there are advantages and disadvantages. Lack of artistic productions is that this type of shooting involves working in a wedding dress the bride and groom, in which they appear in the wedding ceremonies. Therefore, there is a considerable risk "enter" things. But you can always find a way, the same staging and shooting can be made after the wedding, for example, on the following day.

Photo and video shooting involves athe product of a large number of images (approximately 200 staff) and the footage to end up after selection the most beautiful shots (30-40) and subjects place them respectively in the wedding album and video archive. Everything else that is not included in the main album, recorded on the discs (CD, DVD).

Photo and video has a similar conceptscenario. Often they are made parallel to each other, it is very easy to use this option when working not only a photographer, but also the operator. And that, and the shooting at the request can be made from the beginning of the wedding day (fees and bride price, marriage ceremony at the wedding ceremony and a wedding in the church, walk, wedding reception, etc.).

Artistic production is different fromSequential shooting several elements: firstly, the time and place of shooting, secondly, posed shot includes a pre-conceived and thought out plot, and the story is carried on a "here and now" fix what is happening on the scene.

Photos and video can be ordered onlycertain period of time (the marriage ceremony, wedding, walk) or for the whole day, and the full support of young professional photographer and cameraman. Often savings are invited young single person who plays the role of both.

You can also assign the duties of the operator or photographer to anyone of your friends, whom you can entrust this important cause.

Professional photo and video shooting weddingsproduced good equipment will ensure the success of your wedding album, and for many years to preserve the memory of a fabulous day - the wedding. You will be able to, year after year to enjoy the memories, not only the main points, but also those who often, and soon lost sight of (fees, guests' requests, waiting time, etc.).

Many studios specially developeda package of services to your wedding materials were filmed in the best possible light. After shooting, the professionals will draw all to your liking, assemble video, pick up the music, add desired effects and eventually you will be given your own movie with the original, specially designed for you, cover.

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