Unusual for a cool wedding photo shoot

Wedding photo shoot can not only provide you witha standard set of pictures in which the happy couple kissing and smiling breathtakingly beautiful bride, but to become something more. For example, to be remembered as an interesting pastime, give the original footage, and even tell a good story. All in your hands, and most importantly - to select the correct location for a photo shoot.

The newlyweds, who live on the roof

What could be more romantic than floating clouds? What could be more beautiful than the wind in your hair? Wedding photography on the roof - one of the best options. Take a few accessories for a photo shoot, and your photos will tell the fascinating story of love.

Wedding photo shoot on the roof

Shelves of books and the warmth of wood

Wedding photo session in the library - a noveltyamong the shoots of this type. Book library room for an hour, visit the museum of rare books or book collection of any aristocrat. Interesting wedding photos provided assures www.articlewedding.com site.

Wedding photo session in the library

With the royal sweep

If your city has a palace or mansion,feel free to use the chance to make an exquisite wedding photography. Agree in advance with the rangers to touch the exhibits and use them in the frame. Pictures turn out vibrant and memorable.

Wedding photo session at the Palace

forest Trail

Use the natural beauty and charm on the wedding photo shoot. Photographing in the woods, the botanical or private garden offers excellent views for posing.

Wedding photography in the forest

Sweet life

In the cold season, when you can not beconfident in the weather, go for a "sweet" photo shoot in a coffee shop and Chocolate. The very atmosphere inspire unusual frames. For greater originality, you can bring scenes of such films as "chocolate" or "hopeless romantics" on their own photography.

Wedding photography in a coffee shop


Excellent theme for the wedding photo shoot - Museum. Visit your favorite exhibition, imagine yourself in the role of a lady and a gentleman of the 19th century, wildlife researchers, engineers incredible devices - depending on the museum. Photoshoot promises turn out bright and exciting.

Wedding photo session in a museum

tram photography

Trams, buses, trolleybuses acquirepopularity as places for wedding photography. You have two options: hi-tech photo shoot (if you choose a modern transport) or in retro style (if you pick up the shabby old tram). What to prefer - you decide.

Wedding photo session in a tram

A visit to the wine cellar

It's an option, "not for everyone", because the elite winecellar to find is not so simple. On the other hand, you will be able to boast of original photographs in an old and slightly outlandish circumstances. A tasting of elite drinks will become an integral part of the photo-stories.

Water expanses

Water - is the element on which you can watchindefinitely, so that looks great in the photos. River, pond, fountain, sea, suitable for background. You can sit by the water, you can ride on a boat or a boat, let the wreaths on the water or paper boats. In any case, the photo shoot turned out beautiful and romantic.

Water wedding photo shoot

Modern rustic style

Wedding photography on the background of the traditional life andwith the objects of peasant life - a good idea for the photo, I'm sure the wedding portal www.articlewedding.com. Fields with ears, haystacks, horse carriage, a mill, straw, corn, sunflowers, water well, baskets of fruits and vegetables - this is a set of good choices for wedding photo shoots.

Your attention has been presented only a briefsuccessful review of possible options for the wedding photo shoot. Think about the places that you like, and there arrange a photo shoot. Arm yourself with a great mood, and everything will turn out.

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