What is the wedding album

When you want to plunge into the world of memories, youopen your wedding album with photos - that they are caught in the lens is bright and happy moments of your life. Wedding ... as if once again plunge into a whirlpool of events, surrounded by pre-wedding bustle, revelry of the holiday, a solemn elegance of the official part of the wedding ceremony, joyful smiles of guests and relatives. These moments will remain forever in the picture wedding album, which undoubtedly will be given pride of place on the bookshelf. Later, showing his children and grandchildren, you suddenly realize that at heart you are the same as the young and beautiful in these photos, where the master and captures a wedding planner, and the most exciting moments of the wedding ceremony.

What are the albums

Considerable importance is the decoration of the weddingalbum, it should be not only beautiful, but also functional, where the photos will be stored for a long time, do not fade and do not pomnutsya. Album is not just the original framing of shots, it registration dear memories of one of the brightest moments of life.

The most successful can be considered a version of the album withcorners or small transparent white color, attached to dense pages with glue or double-sided tape. In this album you can place pictures of various formats from any angle. Cover could be made from velvet leather, paper and a laminated glass, or even of wood. For added safety of photos, album pages can be shifted semitransparent parchment paper.

Another kind of album - with pockets of different sizestransparent film. In these pockets can be placed both photos and cards with comments to your photos. In addition albums can be supplied with paper for notes fields. Variation can occur in the cover design, the number and color of the album pages. Wedding photos can also be placed in a special folder splicers, consisting of individual sheets with pockets, which are held together by the principle of the folder. You will have a pre-defined with the cover design and the size of the pockets.

In "Magnitnyyh" Album thick sheets, andpictures on them are attached under the transparent film due to the special adhesive composition applied to the page. But despite the apparent ease and functionality of these albums, they have their disadvantages. Magnetic tape prevents glare and comfortable viewing of photos, in addition, if you frequently take pictures of his films, the long magnetic album you do not serve. The substance covering its leaves gradually dry up and, over time, the film can move away from the page. As a result, under it collects dust, and photos can turn yellow and rot.

The next version of album also deservesattention. Printed photos printing method can be issued in the form of a book - book edition allows you to permanently save the images. With the help of special computer programs the digitized images are adjusted to the required standards, handled with the use of modern technical means, are printed in a printing house, and finally, with the photos page intertwine. As a result, your photo album becomes like a bright glossy magazine, the theme of which will be devoted to the events as soon as your wedding celebration. You can make a small copy of the album and present a gift to the parents or friends.

Tips for design wedding album

You can use the proposed options, butwith your photo album will still be unique. Making a greater extent depends on the nature and habits of the customer, the mood, which carry the images. favorite color of the spouses may be used, funny inscriptions made by friends and family, nothing to limit your imagination and the help of experts only allow to realize the most daring projects.

In addition to wedding photographs in an album can bestored and documents such as wedding certificate, or such cherished little things like wedding invitations, greeting cards and even pressed flower of the wedding bouquet.

To order the album interesting and tasteful, you can use any of the following ideas:

- Portraits of the groom, bride, and, if desired, and some guests may be placed on separate pages;

- In the album can enter photos of the bride and groom made before the wedding, pictures of house, family, relatives;

- The album can be decorated with lyrical landscapes, filmed in those places where the celebration took place;

- Album pages can be painteda variety of colors, and the photos themselves be placed not only in the color format, but also black and white, sepia podtsvechennye and made a pastel or painting;

- The album can be performed in any particular style, such as retro, used as a staging and reportage photography;

- The possibility of placing the photos in the album based on the chronology and thematic focus as a result allows to create exemplary chronicle of your wedding;

- You can make a separate album with the ceremony, as well as an informal part of the marriage;

- An interesting option is to create a photo collage on the basis of images of small size;

- And a few secrets finally: when placing photos, avoid a large number of small images on one turn, moreover, try to shoot a close-up visit looked to one side.

So you met with various nuances inalbum design. So which option the couple will choose will depend only on their imagination, taste and preferences. Maybe someone owns its original design methodology, and someone nice personally to paste in a photo album and write funny captions to them, others prefer the wizard, making it easy adjustments. But, of course, there are those who deem the traditional album outdated model and want to make your electronically. This album is very easy to use: you can send to friends, you can put on your personal wedding website.

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