Best place for a wedding photoset

Wedding photography allows you to capture thebeautiful and happy moments of the wedding day. You want to make your wedding pictures were truly amazing? Then think in advance where you will spend your wedding photo shoot. We invite you to consider a few options of places: from the classical to the unconventional.

Wedding photo shoot

House: the beginning of the wedding day

Portal said that the beginning of photo opportunities should be organized in the morning at the house of the bride and groom. After all, you can stealthily watch for the awakening of the beautiful bride, her thorough preparation for the wedding. It will be interesting to see how excited the groom as he thinks affectionate speech for your favorite. Each of these moments have to be sealed in the photo.

Photos of the bride at home
home Bride
groom Fees

Road: hit the road

A very original and unusual turnphotos taken on a busy avenue, or middle of the road. Lights headlamps and lights, illuminated signs and shop windows will add a colorful wedding photographs.

Funny and not traditionally newlyweds will look in the company of bikers or street racing. And you can play hitchhiking.

Fashionable place for the wedding photo shoot is also a railroad, where you can make a couple of unique frames.

Newlyweds on a busy street
Fotoset on the road
Photoshoot with a motorcycle
Photoshoot at the railway
Newlyweds on railway routes

Roof: love inspires

Anyone who once dreamed to conquer the height,We offer to organize a photo shoot on the roof. Choose a high building with a beautiful view of the city. However, before conducting the wedding photo shoot on the roof, keep in mind that the bride will be uncomfortable to climb in a wedding dress on the dirty and uncomfortable stairs. Therefore, choose a roof, specially designed for visits and surveys.

Photoshoot at the height
Fotoset roof

The second option is the wedding photo shoot at a height -This tower, which offers a stunning panorama of the surroundings. And how many interesting things can be found here! Therefore, we recommend to spend here not only a photo shoot, but also a walk-tour together with the guests.

Nature: the natural beauty of the senses

Romantic version of the wedding photo shoot - is shooting in nature. Fragrant Garden, flower field, colorful meadow - perfect places for a stunning wedding photo shoot.

Select the field and organize a picnic for two there,full of romance and tenderness. And you can rent horses and horse riding. Photos with horses always come out spectacular and luxurious!

Fotoset Outdoors
Married with a horse

Water expanses: a mirror image of love

Why do not you go to the nearest body of water to take pictures ?! Use catamarans in the frame, a boat or a yacht. Or you can connect your friends and hold a competition on the boats!

Newlyweds in a boat

The idea of ​​a body of water can be usedotherwise. Photo taken on the waterfront, on the dock or bridge. Or maybe you decide to arrange a photo shoot in the style of thrash, totally immersed under water. Photographing in the water will allow you to make a truly unique pictures!

Photos of the pool
Photoshoot in water

Sports seats: Activity and fun

Go to the Karting Club, a stadium or a football field. Very cheerful and lively turn wedding photo shoot on bikes, skates or roller skates.

Watch out for the figure? Go to the gym and podurachtes front of the camera at the gym or with a sports props.

Photoshoot golf club

Public transport: on the road to happiness

Maybe you want to hold a wedding photo session introlley? And maybe in a rented separately for the two of you tram? Even more original way to make photo shoot in the subway. Any public transportation is available for photo opportunities. And most importantly, it is cheap and creative!

Photoshoot in the tram

Urban space: the love in the city

Beautiful wedding photo can be done in various parts of your hometown:

Old buildings and quiet streets

Pictures in the historic city center on the abandoned streets, against the backdrop of the city's architecture and historic buildings - the classic version of the wedding photo shoot.

Shooting on a quiet street
Photo on a background of brutal building

Squares and amusement parks

Another great place for a weddingphoto shoot in the city, according to site - a city park or amusement park. There you'll find a green lawn with beautiful plantings and grounds with fountains and sculptures, and romantic little corners, hidden from prying eyes.

Newlyweds in the park
At roundabouts

Cafes, restaurants, shopping centers

Classic room for the wedding photo shoot - itcafes and restaurants. This list can also include shopping centers. Unique photos will turn out, if you put the bride in a cart and ride it on a trading hall. You amuse the kids!

Fotoset in cafe


Great place for a wedding photo shoot - it's a beautiful bridge. With huge bridges have a nice view against which images are obtained impressive beauty.

On Bridge

Cinemas and theaters

Romantics and young people are imbued with yourwedding photos, if you are organizing a photo session in the cinema hall. You do not have to invent anything supernatural. In the cinema, it should be simple, cute and with enthusiasm.

A more refined and discreet photographs are obtained in the walls of the theater. Elite interior will help to create images of the divine.

Photoshoot at the theater

Whichever place you choose for your wedding photo shoot, the main thing - it's a great mood and sincere emotions!

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