What you need to know about wedding video bride and groom

Own Wedding - a very important event inhuman life. And in preparation for it invariably raises the question - which way to preserve the memory of this event? So, we will talk about the wedding video. And above all, we will talk about whether to order a professional video. After all, there will be many people with photo and video cameras, probably commissioned by a professional photographer. Maybe, enough? Organization of a beautiful holiday - not a cheap pleasure, it might be worth to save money?

Maybe it is because the wedding - a start in the verycrucial period of life, coming a lot of waste. And to find out the exact answer is quite simple: the answer themselves - how much you're willing to pay now for the video from the wedding of their parents? You prefer amateur photography or want to watch this video by a professional? If you "for" - then read on.

Firstly, just I want to draw your attention tothe following: most likely you've never ordered videotaped. This is not a ticket to the theater, not a mobile phone, and you do not have any experience. According to this first conclusion, I urge you to do: Be careful and serious re-shoot his own wedding in a new way you most likely will not work.

Second, try to compare your favorite films?with films that are popular with your friends, acquaintances, colleagues. You will find that artistic passions in even the most near and dear to people's different from yours. Hence the second conclusion: it is not necessary to rely on the advice and recommendations of friends.

The same should be guided by choosing a wedding video? Only your taste and budget. And so you can understand the difficult task - a few tips:

  • When choosing a videographer for the wedding (and man,making full wedding film, properly called so. Not operator. Not Editor), be sure to check the full wedding film. To judge the quality of work based on posted on the Internet or in person shown a small clip - not worth it. These are not the memories that are dear to you after many years.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the image. It should not be washed out, overexposed. You do not need a long time to look at any one plan, and vice versa, should have time to see what is happening in each picture. Camera movement should not distract from what is happening perception. Have you considered bridegroom, the bride, the guests? How many of these people you know, if it will meet them on the street?
  • Pay attention to the sound. He must not have background noise, all the words must be clearly distinguishable, music and live it must alternate in the proportion that you like. On your ears should not push you unnecessary information (eg, the noise of passing cars on the street, if not pronounced important words - should be replaced with the music). Unacceptable snatches of conversation, or on the contrary, show a new scene at a glance. I assure you, a professional videographer should know many ways to avoid it.
  • Note the total durationfilm. Keep in mind that the dynamics of the wedding day is usually allows you to get quite interesting film lasting about an hour, but you can at your desire to receive, and a three-hour movie. Entertainment in this case, is suffering, and we do not advise you to order such a long film, but about taste, as I said above, do not argue, and it is your right - to demand such a film, which is necessary for you. Just note that even a multimillion-dollar blockbusters rarely have a duration of more than two hours. And it's not that the director felt sorry for a little film.
  • Not complex, if you do not know the half oftechnical terms, about which you will tell the videographer. All of these formats, installation program, the names of cameras and lenses, microphones and tripods you do not need. You are not a duty to know them. Moreover, a large number of confusing terms you should be alerted - if a person can not be accessible language to describe the nuances of their work, it is likely that you should look for another specialist.
  • Keep in mind that the development of this powerful toolSearch all the necessary such as the Internet, giving you the opportunity, without leaving home, to get acquainted with a lot of suggestions on absolutely any subject, including proposals for the wedding video. Take your time trying to keep your memories of the wedding day as detailed as possible and clearly.

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