Wedding cake or loaf on wedding

Wedding cake or wedding loaf of bread is the first that newly made husband and wife try together.

It is necessary to distinguish between "a wedding cake" and "Wedding Caravan" Although in fact also on another andguests are always delighted. In general, the history of these concepts is slightly different, as a loaf - a round loaf of bread, which plays a significant role in every wedding and the cake is just the culmination of a sweet celebration. Caravans at a wedding can be a rye bread or wheat. Any of them can be decorated with woven braids of dough.

Preparation for the wedding loaf - a old Belarusian custom. Once the wedding is with him, and began, as the final stage of the wedding party was presentation of a newly-married couple loafWho spoke about the end of life free andthe groom and the bride. Wedding loaf baked only at first marriage. With the subsequent establishment of marriage a man or a woman, not a loaf peksya. A very long time for the wedding loaves baked within the house, but today more and more newlyweds have recourse to the culinary shops and a bakery. Orders a loaf for a few days before the celebration, and taken before the wedding.

In our time, the bride and groom preferWedding Caravan huge multi-tiered cake that is cooked to order. Sam cake strewn with lots of cream and top it is decorated figure newlywed couples. It is a pity, of course, that such a long-standing ritual gradually forgotten by us, to walk in the old days it was baked, and then giving the loaf brought solemnity of the wedding day.

If, however, followed the tradition and chosen according to the destination separately loaf cake individually, then in that case, of course, the cake will complete your wedding feast. But before you cut pieces will distribute guests can schedule a ritual that will be accompanied by fireworks or fireworks and solemn music.

And finally, a little advice: when making the order a wedding cake, keep in mind that each person need to count about a hundred grams of cake.

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