Wedding together: for and against

"In traditional weddings are always crowdedvery funny! "- Can confidently say any of the guests of the celebration. And he certainly is right: to be a guest is really a lot of fun ... That's just sometimes it seems that the wedding is done to entertain family and guests, in order to "be worse than others," or to finally to be published - for the sake of anything, but not for the bride and groom ...

Wedding together

It all starts with the first pleasant, but in the endBeginners irritate prenuptial hassle: manage to do everything, but still all the guests to please - not such a simple matter ... It is necessary to consider not only their own wedding dresses, interesting and not very tiring scenario of the wedding day, but also such things as, for example, where to resettle immigrants guests as they sit at the tables, how to make sure that conflicting relatives began to quarrel at the wedding, how to arrange transportation for them and so on. d. and, above all, create the guest list so as not to offend anyone? Do you really need these




the wedding expenses

proportional to the number of invitees. Meanwhile, instead of spending money on entertainment and satisfaction of guests, you can make a gift to yourself, for example, mentioned a wedding abroad or honeymoon stay expensive, or

to realize the dream

and go to the place of the wedding is not on the cars, and on the coach ...

Wedding together

Still, the wedding - the day that you

devote themselves to each other for a lifetime

. It is unlikely that you will want this day to pay attention to someone else, or to waste their strength and spirits on empty troubles.

To refuse to invite guestsYour celebration - it does not mean to give up other elements of the favorite wedding scenario: wedding dress, walk, photo shoot, a hike in the restaurant, fireworks and more. But abandoning the guests you

gain a little more freedom

dispose of their own time.

Wedding walk on the carriage

However, the wedding alone has its drawbacks: First, you can not get a lot of interesting, useful or valuable


And secondly, it is likely (especiallyYour family adheres to conservative views) that you will offend friends and relatives who are looking forward to your wedding. And another thing: if you and your companion giperobschitelny likely, wedding alone - not the best idea for you.

Today the site together with you to speculate about the pros and cons of the wedding together. The choice is yours. In any case, the main thing - remember that the wedding - first of all, your day, and spend it needs as you like ...

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