Wedding on the islands ... Why not?

Who knows where we not only will wear their owndreams. But maybe they are still feasible? Wedding on the islands - it's so romantic: the vast ocean, sandy beaches and exotic flowers. Beautiful, and at any time of the year. If your celebration is scheduled for the winter months, it is a wedding in one of the paradises of land is particularly topical and interesting option. Greece, Cyprus, Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Seychelles, Barrier Reef or the Caribbean - you can spend unforgettable happy moments that will leave in the memory of the most important day in your life.

Mauritius Island

It located in the south-eastern part of the Indianocean. For the bride and groom - wedding on the islands at the Indian or Moorish traditions will be a real event. On all sides the evergreen piece of paradise surrounded by coral reefs. The exotic nature and waterfalls, an extinct volcano and Port Louis with wonderful architectural ensemble can fill your vacation experiences. From October to January, and in April and May - the best time to visit Mauritius. Wedding tour with a five-star hotel will cost approximately 2.5 million euros.


Famous for its snow-white and pink sand, andall because of the corals, which are full of coastal waters. On the islands of Mahé, La Digue, Praslin can marry. Depending on the duration and place of such a wedding in the islands can cost 3000 euros. The unique flora and fauna, untouched forests, which are the heritage of the islands, the underwater world - all this has to rest and unhurried life monitoring of pristine nature.

On the islands of Greece: Agistri, Santorini, Rhodes and Crete is possible to organize the perfect wedding, as well as to hold the wedding ceremony.

Agistri is especially good in the spring months. Pine Grove, which covered the entire island and the sea air - a heady cocktail. Even in the season, there is not a lot of tourists and nothing will not violate privacy after your wedding on the island.

Crete - well-known for its historical monuments and legends. Earth just soaked legends. On the seafront of the hotel you can officially marry.


A favorite place for weddings on the islandLindos is considered, where is the Church of St. Paul and Santorini - a wonderful place with a contrasting color on the sea, the white little houses, bright green and red earth. Such a sight no one indifferent. Wedding on the islands of Greece will cost you about 3.5 thousand euros.

Caribbean - a perfect place fornewlyweds. Each island is good in its own way. For example, the Dominican Republic - a paradise of tropical plants. Here and palm trees with Kakos, pineapple, orange trees, orchids. The slopes of the mountainous terrain covered with Caribbean pine trees, exotic flowers - brazilwood. For the wedding ceremony, you can choose a deserted beach or tropical jungle. There is a walk in a helicopter, where you can see all the beauty of the nature of those places with a bird's-eye view. Cost of the tour about 3 thousand euros.

Cuba - the legend of the Caribbean. Scenic beauty and magnificent beaches. Wedding on the island of Cuba will cost 1500 euros, and the best time to travel is from November to April. Just as we should dank, cold weather, you will have to circle the rhythms of salsa and rumba.

Jamaica - the island of rivers and waterfalls amazingbeauty. It is also called the emerald isle. Eternal Summer and endless holiday atmosphere will make your wedding the most outstanding event in the life. The official ceremony was held in the Blue Lagoon, and in Port Antonio, near the ocean, on the cliffs of Negril, in an old church and a beautiful house. This pleasure is in the range 1800 euros.

Great Barrier Reef - a wonderful place forWedding on the islands. No wonder it is listed as a UN World Heritage Site. Marriage can be concluded directly in a park with tropical vegetation and fluttering butterflies, or chapel, from which the views of the vast ocean. Price - 4500 Euro.


In any city of the island can be donemarriage. Ancient Larnaca, Ayia Napa with golden beaches, Limassol - winemaking center. In the spring months, there is still not very hot - just for a romantic break. It will cost 2.2 thousand euro.

Sri Lanka is famous for its tea plantations. The island is located in the Indian Ocean and is the center of Buddhism. You can choose a traditional wedding on the islands, on the beach with a walk riding on an elephant or a Buddhist wedding dressed in traditional costumes, ritual wedding songs. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the masterpieces of architecture and experience the atmosphere of an Oriental fairy tale. Travel cost about 3700 euros.

For those who have already issued their formal relations of the island - a perfect place for honeymoon. You can participate in symbolic ceremonies and rituals that will enhance your senses.

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