Wedding Celebration on the beach: stylishly and creatively!

If you decide to organize a wedding on the coastblue ocean, then begin to prepare for this solemn event now! To organize an unforgettable wedding on a beach, should take into account a number of important points to understand which will help you a wedding portal

Wedding ceremony on the beach

Preparation: choice of place and date

The choice of wedding venues, each pair of individual, and depends on personal preferences and financial capabilities of the young.

Choosing the date of the wedding is in advance. Moreover, it is necessary to explore the Internet and the resources to make sure that your wedding day will not be spoiled by heavy rain or storm. Also not recommended for the wedding ceremony on a hot afternoon. Best fit or early afternoon. Make sure that the marriage certificate in a particular country would not only be of symbolic character.

Wedding ceremony on the beach
Wedding banquet on the beach


Learn about the possible means of transport that can take you and your guests to the place of the ceremony. Also specify, the availability of parking spaces for a wedding convoy.

Wedding ceremony on the beach
Free transport for wedding


No wedding is still not withoutinvitation cards. Take care of the appropriate design of your invitations and their sufficient quantity for each guest. Since the wedding is connected with the nautical theme, the invitations to the wedding must be met in the general style. A good idea for this case will serve as invitations, decorated shabby on paper and put into a bottle with grains of sand and seashells.

Wedding invitation
Invitation for a wedding on the beach
Invitation for a wedding on the beach

The decor and indoor playground

Since beach wedding involves hotday, in this case, tells the site, you must consider the location of the tents and covered canopies. For special offers, you can fall at individual umbrellas. However, in case of rain, it is better to agree to hold a celebration in a nearby hotel.

Check out the site for wedding helparch, decorated with exotic flowers and ribbons. Track honeymoon can be made of multi-colored flower petals. Shellfish boats, starfish, textile in blue and white, all this will complement the festive decoration. Along the path to set up the original bridal floral arrangements in baskets, place for guests decorate light textiles. Ask guests to wear floral wreaths and garlands.

Wedding ceremony on the beach
Wedding ceremony on the beach
Decor-site registration

For an evening celebration, obzavedites flashlights that you run in the sky with darkness. Arrange the large candles of different shapes. Decorate the territory of sand figures and sculptures.

Wedding banquet on the beach

Images of Honeymoon

Most importantly, what should be different weddingdresses for a wedding, so it is easy, natural and comfortable. In this case, a strict classical costumes and dresses no place. Since it was a wedding on the beach, it is best if the bride and her bridesmaids will be put on in fashion swimwear victoria's secret, supplemented pareo, or flying dresses. For the groom and his friends will suit bathing suits that combine shorts and light shirts with bright prints or striped vest.

As for shoes, they should be comfortable flip flops or sandals. Well, if the shoe is decorated with sea elements.

With regard to hair and make-up is not necessarybother, anyway, what is suitable for the traditional celebrations on the beach will look ridiculous. So cosmetic use to a minimum, and make out the hair or flower hoop.

The image of the bride
Wedding Honeymoon image

The main thing, do not go barefoot in the hot sand, and do not forget to use sunscreen.

The bride's bouquet

To create the bride's bouquet should gocreatively. Use decorative sea breeze and colorful ribbons. Bouquets can be given a little bit of tenderness and subtlety, adding pearls, or make it extraordinary in the form of a starfish.

The bride's bouquet
Marine bridal bouquet

As buttonholes, can act as a brooch in the form of sea stars or sea bunks figures. Originally, extraordinary, stylish!


Limit your wedding menu, light snacks,vegetables, fruits and low-alcohol drinks. Prepare supplies of cold water, juice and ice. The ideal option - it is a buffet. To arrange a wedding celebration hire appropriate specialists, or you just do not themselves deal with the wedding preparations. And do not forget the wedding cake!

A wedding cake
A wedding cake

Music & Entertainment

To diversify the official wedding ceremony, invite local musicians. Live music will be a great alternative to the club DJ.

To cheer up the guests, offer them some entertainment. Limit games on land. And do not forget about the beach photo shoot!

Perhaps holding a wedding by the sea takes more of a hassle, but the pleasure of holding such a celebration, you will receive many times more!

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