Trendy wedding trend - a "personality"!

Wedding - intimate event, but not without guestsdo. And so I want to be alone, in a romantic setting and not be distracted by communication with relatives and friends. What is the way to find out the seemingly intractable situation? There is a solution: two wedding day! You've become husband and wife, you've been dreaming about it and looking forward to - so enjoy this day! Let it will be only yours. And the next day arrange magnificent wedding, extend the holiday.

unique wedding

Bright wedding for two

A new trend in wedding fashion wedding with steela limited number of guests. Smaller ceremonies can be made more sophisticated, elegant, with a carefully thought-out plot. Bright ideas will tell you our portal

You can arrange a celebration in the Chinese style,traditional lanterns and exquisite flower arrangements; or in the castle, creating an atmosphere of chivalric romance. Dress with a train, the maid of honor in luxurious outfits - it seems all comes true, what you dreamed as a child.

And how fun wedding, picnic, enjoying the freedom and the spring breeze. There is an option for extreme - the evening on the roof of high-rise building. Thrills guaranteed!

Wedding rooms

Individual style wedding

Find your style, do not be afraid to experiment. The main element of the wedding decor, of course, flowers. Break tradition, do not put the bouquets in vases boring white. Play with color, create a fantastic atmosphere, or romantic, or surreal - the choice is yours and only yours!

Color solution is relevant not only in theFloristry: all the wedding accessories, and decor of the hall can be made in a certain range of colors. Fashion trend of the year is the Metallic imitating gold and silver. Everything from invitations and ending with the traditional wedding cake can be decorated with gold leaf noble. It is very fashionable and elegant. Cultured pearls and large crystals accentuate the metallic shimmer.

Individuality wedding decoration

Trends in wedding fashion

There preferences in wedding fashion - in thisrelevant season dress imitating nudity. This means that there are a large number of transparent lace. Fashion trend - the lace sleeves, long loops - "Rusalkina tail", multilayered skirt. But here, do not be afraid to break with tradition, choose something that is in harmony with your mood, surprise! Makeup day is recommended, close to a natural style. Evening, bright and aggressive, is not relevant.

Not ignored and groom: what offers him this season? Still in vogue classic: tuxedo, suit, three-piece suit. However, there are stylish elements typical of 2012. This bright lining, contrasting edging, wide ties and butterflies. At the peak of popularity this season suit milky.

Wedding Dress

Elements unique wedding

As for the wedding feast - a trend of the yeara buffet or cocktail party. These alternatives provide a more informal atmosphere and free communication. But remember our grandparents! Our wedding portal recommended to take into account the views of guests, and provide a small traditional table for older people.

Wedding reception

And what you need to take care of how to take guests? Here the choice is huge - experiment! For example, arrange a photo session or a creative comic interview.

Be creative, listen to your heart - Create your own unique wedding trend!

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