Wedding celebration

The wedding party will look really gorgeous when it defined colors will be set. The leaders of today's weddings are gold, silver, pink and white colors. They should be used for the preparation of compositions of flowers, decoration of the hall and the holiday table, which will host the wedding and, of course, the invitations and dresses.

If you spend a wedding banquet in the eveningtime, it is possible to issue such a small floating candles that are placed in the center of each table, as high candle may impede communication guests are in relation to each other across the table. Each table can instead of a number, as is the custom to give names. For example, this name can be the name of the main components of your bouquet of flowers, or the name of the memorable places you visited together. Each location can be designated, for example, mounted on a painted apple card with the guest's name, or the same card, located on a small chocolate heart. It's quite easy to remember and guests, plus everything contributes its share of romance in the wedding celebration.

In just a few weeks before the wedding try to send invitationsWhich can be purchased at the post orspecialty store, ordered in a wedding agency or made by you personally. Of course, will be more interesting is the last option. But, in any case, do not forget to prepare a few extra cards in case. Suddenly in filling one of them or you make a mistake at the last minute decide to invite someone else.

For professional recording of your wedding is notTake the time to invite an experienced photographer who specializes specifically in wedding celebrations. After all, no snapshots can not be compared with professional quality photos in your wedding album.

In advance take care of that on the banquetpart of a wedding celebration on any single table was originally designed book, in which everyone will be able to guest write down their greetings and wishes for the newlyweds and possibly share their impressions of the wedding. An alternative to this book may be present guest reviews directly to your camcorder lens.

And finally, for the Council in terms menu for wedding, Do not splurge on a variety of expensive desserts, because they may well become a wedding cake. Now use a large confectionersthe number of different flavor combinations of fruits, cream, liqueur and chocolate - you will only have to discuss it with the masters of their craft, and your wedding will be the most refined "sweet" for all present!

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