Wedding services: not to be mistaken with the choice

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Meet on clothes, says the proverb,escorted to the mind. Also, wedding agency. The role is played by all: stay on the market, experience, experience, skill Wedding managers. One of the distinguishing indicators - presence of office. This suggests the statute of the company, and a lot of design tells you about the creativity of the workers themselves. Another indicator - an Internet site. It also can tell a lot about its owner - talk about thoughtfulness, a sense of taste, measure, measure, the relationship with the law and customers. Actually, every self-respecting agency wedding hurry to show potential customers in their entirety the reports on the work done - so that your attention is likely to be submitted to a quality portfolio. Rate, commensurate with its own taste and means.

Legal time

It is very important before you start something,insure themselves. To the money was not spent in vain, and the mood at the crucial moment was not spoiled with all sorts of little things unresolved, perhaps, is to get acquainted in advance with the terms of the contract to provide services for wedding organization. Try to read carefully, ask and discuss the many points - of who will act as your wedding manager, who is the manager who will answer questions you may have. It is also important to specify in the contract is the complete list of services you ordered. This is done so that you do not forget anything, and wedding agency was sure: they will not duplicate the one side, and the service will be paid.

So, when the rights and obligations of the two partiesspecified in detail, it is time to talk about all kinds of force majeure. Who is responsible and what to do if ... Stay on these points as much as possible in detail.

And we did not order ...

So now about the price. What it includes? What is free of charge, as a bonus? And what a surcharge? All these issues are important to discuss at the level of budgeting. Wedding Budget - a delicate matter, and therefore there should be no gaps. Wedding manager or manager of a wedding is probably orient you that for what and for what. But do not hesitate to dictate their conditions. If you are not willing to pay for the performance of "stars", the path and the talented and popular, it boldly and proclaim! If you need a limousine rather than the Audi, and tell about it. And then - in accordance with their own fantasies, wishes and means.

Wedding agency, especially one that has a good reputation in the market, listen to the wishes of the client, and your victory will be another star and a small victory!

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