The final chord of the wedding: how to end a celebration?

Effectively complete wedding is as important asits nice start. To the triumph of the finals was impressive and interesting, you should think in advance what you can surprise your guests at the end of the holiday. portal offers 10 options, from classic to creative.

Final wedding

Classic is always in fashion!

Traditional celebration can be complete with beautiful wedding ceremonies and rituals:

  • Removing the veil. Held this ritual thus: mother in law removes the bride's veil, which symbolizes the acceptance of women in the family and a blessing to the marriage with the son, and puts a scarf on her head - from that moment she ceases to be a bride, and became his wife.
  • Lighting of the family hearth - a lyrical conclusionwedding. Held this rite as follows: mothers of two families light candles and these candles set fire to a candle Young - a family home, sharing their wisdom and experience.
  • Beautiful wedding cake supply. Dim the lights, light the candles and sparklers - and in such an atmosphere in the room make the wedding cake! Admiration guests will not be the limit!
  • Appreciation word newlyweds. Your family and friends will be touched by the kind words addressed to them, they will leave the celebration with a great mood!
  • Fireworks. What could be more beautiful than the night sky lights up with colorful sparks ?! Though thus end the triumph of the first year, each time the fireworks causes a storm of emotions among the guests present.
  • Removing the veil
    Lighting the hearth
    Submission of a wedding cake
    Appreciation word newlyweds
    Wedding fireworks

    Creative final triumph

    If you do not like the rituals and traditions, and salute you think banal and not original, then you can end the triumph of one of these interesting options:

  • Launching sky lanterns. Give guests sky lanterns and matches, let them make a wish and the team released into the sky glowing lanterns. What could be more romantic ?!
  • Light or fire show - spectacular end of the holiday. This festival finale will create the perfect mood for long hours even after the wedding!
  • Launching balloons ( "air" Salute) -wedding salute a great alternative if your budget is limited or holiday is over in the daytime. If you really like this idea wedding is complete, but the triumph over night, you can not buy conventional bulbs, and LED. They are easily visible in the night sky!
  • Corridor of sparklers. Let guests take sparklers and will along the walkway from the restaurant, and the couple will pass through a sparkling hallway to the exit, leaving the spectacular and bright place celebration!
  • Launching of wreaths on the water - great forwedding in the style of ethnic or eco organized by the pond. Give guests a wreath with candles, let each of them will drop a wreath into the water. Looks action is amazing, says the portal! Instead of wreaths can run sail boats, plates, etc., In which guests will invest paper with their wishes.
  • Sky lanterns
    Fire show
    Aerial fireworks
    Launching of wreaths on the water

    All versions of the completion of the wedding celebrations are good. You can select any of them, and they can be combined. The main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to spoil the impression of a bright finale!

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