Royal weddings of the world

For any people, a wedding is a unique event. Each royal wedding is complete without special traditions. The portal will tell you about the most unique features of royal weddings in the world, share interesting photos, as well as wedding traditions and customs of England and Sweden.

The wedding image of the royal bride

Royal wedding in England: 9 special traditions of celebration

For centuries, royal weddingsThe world was a special event for the whole country. Today, some unique customs that distinguish royal weddings of Great Britain from the celebrations of other countries have been preserved. Let's explore the interesting traditions of celebrating weddings in the British Kingdom.

Marriage cannot take place without the consent of the monarch

Royal wedding of Harry and Megan, like everyoneother celebrations were no exception to this rule. Future newlyweds had to wait some time, because Queen Elizabeth II did not immediately approve this union and gave a written agreement. Initially, it was just a tradition, and then it was officially legalized.

The image of the royal bride is built according to special rules

The royal bride must look perfectnot only at your wedding, but also at wedding photos that the whole world will discuss. For example, you can’t refuse a veil, choose a short dress, open your hands or put on a dress with a deep neckline at a wedding ceremony. Also, the bride always wears a tiara for a royal wedding. This tradition, like the first, eventually ceased to be optional and entered the official protocol.

Unique traditions and customs of royal weddings

Young people should have “special” rings

Wedding rings of the bride and groom are necessarily made of Welsh gold, which is very expensive.

Welsh Gold Royal Bride Wedding Ring

The “twig of the world” is necessarily included in the bride’s wedding bouquet

This tradition was born at the royal weddingPrincess Victoria and Prince Albert, operates to this day and symbolizes love, family strength and fertility. A twig breaks from an old bush on the Isle of Wight.

Royal wedding dress embroidery

All guests must be wearing hats.

This is not just a whim of the royal family, because wearing a hat in the presence of monarchs is mandatory. Such a rule is spelled out in the royal protocol.

All women at royal weddings must wear hats

Groom's Wedding Attire - Military Uniform

For over a century, this tradition has been operating, becausefor every man in the royal family this is an occasion to show the orders received during the service. The royal uniform of the groom at the wedding of Kate and William is of particular beauty. The Crown Prince appeared before the guests in a red military uniform with orders and a blue ribbon.

Royal Groom Outfit

There is no tradition of throwing a bouquet to unmarried friends

Instead, the bride lays her bouquet ongrave of an unknown soldier in Westminster Abbey. Such a custom was presented to the British world by Lady Elizabeth. Today, this tradition is slightly changed, because brides can lay a bouquet either immediately after the wedding ceremony, or the next day.

The tradition of laying a wedding bouquet at the tomb of the unknown soldier

The bride's outfit is decorated with symbolic embroidery.

UK royal weddings are accompaniedAnother interesting custom that has been preserved to this day is embroidery on the bride’s wedding dress and veil. Typically, the patterns depict flowers symbolizing peace and tranquility.

Royal bride's bouquet with a twig of peace

Wedding cake can not be eaten at a celebration until crumbs

Another wedding tradition in England - cake is nottaken to eat completely. Pieces of the cake are sent to all guests after the celebration, and the last piece is put up for auction. Funds from the sale go to a charity fund.

Last piece of wedding cake put up for auction

Royal weddings go live

The tradition cannot be called ancient, sinceBroadcasting was invented relatively recently. Wedding celebrations of the English monarch family are always broadcast on all federal channels of the country. The exception was the royal wedding, held in 2019 between the niece of Elizabeth Gabriella and Thomas Kingston.

Gabriella and Thomas's royal wedding was not broadcast on channels

Royal weddings in Sweden and their traditions

Sweden is an interesting and beautiful country with its ownprevailing lifestyle. Many wedding traditions of Swedes are similar to those of other European countries, however the royal family has its own unique customs for celebrating weddings.

Three rings give the bride

Royal weddings in Sweden are uniquetradition of giving the bride three rings. The groom gives the first ring on the day of the engagement, the second bride receives it directly on the day of the wedding, and the third ring is usually given for the birth of the first-born.

Scandinavian royal bride gives 3 rings

The future wife puts on special jewelry

On the head of the royal bride in Sweden, a family diadem or crown is usually flaunted - this tradition is similar to that in the UK.

Scandinavian royal bride's crown

Father does not lead daughter to the altar

Scandinavian royal wedding, namelythe wedding ceremony has one significant difference from those in other European countries: the father does not accompany the bride to the altar. Not so long ago, in Stockholm, at the wedding of Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling, the bride expressed a desire that her father accompany her to the altar. However, even priests opposed such a desire, who considered that the transfer of the bride to the groom represents her submission to a man. The bride and her father found a compromise - he accompanied his daughter until the middle of the church,

Father leads the royal bride to the middle of the hall in Sweden

Wedding cake pieces are not handed out to guests

At a royal wedding, it is not customary to distribute a cake to all guests. Everyone takes a piece of refreshment on their own. And by the way, the cake is cut into exactly as many pieces as the guests came to the wedding.

Everyone take a piece of cake for themselves at a royal wedding in Sweden

The future wife wears a charm at the celebration

The royal bride usually puts the silver coin donated by her mother in the left shoe, and the gold coin from her father is in the right shoe throughout the ceremony.

Charm for the royal bride in Sweden

The royal wedding is a bright event notonly for the couple, but also for the whole state. The portal for brides recalls that such unusual traditions and rituals of royal weddings exist in the modern world. The bride and groom observe the customs with honor and pride, thereby showing the cultural values ​​of their country.