Organize your own dream wedding!

Where to start organizing their own wedding?

Since you are reading this article, then you have the answerIt is known - from the Internet. Here you can find almost everything that interests you and chat with people who have passed this way - prepare the wedding.

Do not neglect the advice of friends and girlfriends. Perhaps my mother's life experience will serve you well, bridesmaids can recommend wedding salon, shop, hairdresser and sister can make foreclosure scenario, knowing the nature of the groom. Listen to all the advice, but decisions are made independently. After all, your wedding is something. The accumulated experience of previous weddings allows us to formulate some of the most important tips that can be useful to you.

  • Preparations for the wedding should be initiated in advance. 3-6 months should be sufficient. The first step is to choose a banquet hall. If the restaurant is good, everything is planned for several months in advance. At Toastmasters, operator, photographer, musicians in the wedding season all days can be busy too. If you are planning a painting in one of the central palace of weddings, the application has been submitted earlier, there is probably also turn. What else should do ahead of time, so it is to warn witnesses that they are selected for this honorary role. Write a detailed plan for the exact preparation for the wedding, so less likely to miss something out of sight.
  • After the appointed day of the wedding, you mustdecide on the style of the celebration and the financial cost of it. Depending on the scenario chosen wedding and venue. It can be, and vice versa, if fortunate enough to stay in an old manor house, the wedding can be organized in the spirit of the era, which corresponds to the building. Maybe your dream was a wedding in the pirate spirit or gangster or based on your favorite movie, historical era, ethnic style. Make sure that all items conform to a given topic, and then you will succeed.

For a wedding in the Greek and Italian styleselect a room in the interior of which is used a lot of wood and stone, rattan furniture and clay pots. For romantic weddings suit era of the Middle Ages. If you can not find a suitable room, then decorate it, that is. With the details of the corresponding background music can achieve the full sense of the specified style.

Choosing a banquet hall for a wedding, pay attention to the availability of parking for cars, air conditioners or heating the room, the ability to connect a musical instrument.

Stipulate menu and entertainment program. They should take into account the pastime and food, for example, for the children invited to the wedding.

Do not forget to take care of the delivery to the gueststhe venue of the banquet. Make enough machines and discuss the possibility of them to decorate. Provide address details of the celebration, explain how to drive.

Send out invitations to all the guests. They can talk about the wedding style, it is made of the original materials, with your photos, etc.

Wedding dress of the bride should be fullycorrespond to the topics of wedding, be comfortable and not hamper movement. But most importantly, whatever style you choose, dress should emphasize your strengths and sit perfectly. The bride should look to match the bride. Therefore, their clothes, you need to discuss together.

  • Wedding hairstyle is no less important than the dress. Sign up to the master in good time and make a trial hair and makeup. If you like the result, take a picture of yourself. Then you can show the master of the wedding day photo sample. In just a few weeks before the wedding, visit the beauty salon, pamper your skin. Sign up for a manicure and pedicure. On the wedding day you have to look perfect.
  • Do not give up on leading services - Toastmasters. Professional toastmaster will make the wedding a memorable and fun. If you recommend such a pro, you still meet with him personally. Maybe he will not like it. Discuss the scenario, all of a sudden, you find some of his jokes and competitions inappropriate.
  • Do not skimp on the photo and video shooting of a wedding celebration. It is a memory for years to come. Then it will be possible to issue a beautiful album.

When ordering a wedding cake and loaf for ceremonies, ask whether there is a confectionery delivery.

Develop a route for a wedding convoy, walk after visiting the registrar.

Do not throw a bachelorette party on the eve of the wedding, it is better to relax in the day and to spend it quietly and slowly.

Turn in your wedding celebration, and not inmany holiday guests. By embracing the organization of celebrations, you'll know for sure that all of your dreams come true. Let it not very easy, but interesting.

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