Organizational matters weddings

Wedding - a significant event, which requiressolutions weight sensitive issues. Organizing a wedding, whatever it may be, it has always been a process is not easy, therefore, requires special attention and approach.

Once upon a time, in the tradition of the wedding parents playBride. This was due primarily to the fact that it is the bride's parents provide young dowry, and her husband took her to the life and welfare provision. At the present time the organization of the wedding falls on the shoulders of both families and the one that more wealthy.

As a rule, if the wedding planning to play at home,then it is held in the bride's home. Time just introduced its small adjustments. Embezzlement in the preparation and conduct of the wedding to pay for two families. And the main controversial issues throughout the organization are the wedding the level and share of cash costs per family.

You should also pay special attention to the following questions: how many guests to invite and whom to invite it? After all, more precisely on these issues and will depend on the scale and the wedding budget. Ideally, it is not bad to invite the same number of guests from the bride and groom's side. This is to avoid offense and reasons for endless gossip.

Organizing a wedding is probably the most take more time, because it is from a good premeditated will depend on the success of the wedding in general.

As a rule, most traditionally after the registrar andWedding bride and groom in the church is sent to explore the city: laying flowers at monuments, taking pictures and video. Parents, in turn, go to a restaurant or home, preparing for the arrival of guests and younger after a walk. Place and time of arrival Suite is strictly specified.

Then, when all the guests gathered, the young have toplace, wedding evening begins with a feast, games, gifts, greetings, etc. Of course, at the entrance to meet young parents with bread and salt, and after all placed at the tables. wedding organization also covers the aspects and offers location at the tables. There are many options for how to accommodate guests: families, young people, people aged, etc. The main thing that no one was bored.

The first glass and toast at the wedding tradition proclaims the father of the bride. Then the guests can be directed to the young, handing gifts, flowers, greeting.

At the wedding must be toastmaster canhire someone from the outside, and can be among friends to find a man "capable" and assign it the leading evening. The main thing that he was gay, sharp-witted, with a good sense of tact.

At the end of the festival young people can not leavesaying goodbye, but lately the young remain until the end. It happens that young straight from the wedding go on a honeymoon, and the time when the bride changed her outfit was used for parent instruction. Now, before the wedding, the young are able to seek advice from a sexologist, psychologist, lawyer, etc.

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