Weddings: Earn money on the marriage!

Even if your budget in the most demanding part of evenif inflation in the country and in the world - the financial crisis, this is not a reason to deny yourself the perfect wedding. Dreams must be implemented! And our task properly allocate budget and boldly proceed to such important events as the preparations for the wedding!

Perfect wedding, you can create and play. And the creator of it, you will! The illusion, and we hear objections. But seeking to save not only simple, they say, death, and celestial beings in the face of our stars and celebrities. Privileges can be you. Well, if not quite in style and scale, something very close to that.

What's the secret? It is quite extravagant - attract sponsors. Yes, at this stage the idea of ​​preparing for the wedding begins to turn into an exciting event. To start, decide how much you need funds. Yes, of course, relative stereotyped our thinking will not allow such an unexpected turn to the option. But those who dare, will be successful. They not only feel as a star, but also make wedding - event.

Let's see what the organization weddings -it is a PR stunt. Especially if you are accessing the services of the pros in a wedding agency or freelancers. So give your wedding as a platform for advertising! Wedding should work for you, so why not make one of the most significant events in your life.

Success will be guaranteed, and initiative- Encouraged. What you need - a little bit of courage and guts! Thus, at the stage of preparation of the wedding organization is beginning to acquire the clarity of purpose. First of all, we look for a wedding portal and conclude an agreement with them to create your wedding website! This is a start. What is it for? To advertise. You will still be in contact with the pros: wedding photographer, wedding stylist, makeup artist for the wedding, wedding dress rental salons, restaurants, and banquet halls, garages ... In general - they are your potential advertisers. You create your own wedding god, keeps a diary, "Preparing for a wedding" and casually mention the names, addresses, contact numbers and give, accordingly, their reviews. Before that, it would be nice to agree in advance with representatives of the salons and services, restaurants and services, discounts on clothes, flowers, transport. How to convince advertisers and sponsors? Ask to answer the question: what kind of advertising believe? Right, word of mouth - the cheapest, affordable and reliable way to market themselves and their services. And from mailings and other injections into the mass consciousness of the people and so tired. So, in a way!

Another step - ideal wedding walkfor a variety of non-standard solutions. Go, dear newlyweds, to the sky ... in a balloon. Rise above hometown! Imagine how much attention will be your sweet couple? And now guess what can be shown on the ball - well, your expensive advertising sponsor. This may be a company of your friend or just a generous entrepreneur who transfers into your account or pay a certain amount of some services. You can also use transport: car for a wedding, ships, carriages, balls with logos, etc., etc. ... sponsor's logo can be placed at the back of the wedding invitations, postcards with a prize draw in an entertaining part .... In general, fantasize, and you will arrive!

We hope you get the idea - a quid pro quo,You can barter can be cash or bank transfer. The benefits for all, both the bride and groom, as well as for the patron. Wedding party turns into an exciting event, if you look at non-traditional event, so to speak, look.

Earn at his own wedding. And let your family life brings as much happiness, bright emotions with profit as your original wedding!

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