Organizing a wedding in a European

More and more couples prefer weddings according to the European tradition. And it's not just a fad - European wedding really looks luxurious and elegant.

Today, many agencies offerwedding organization in a European way. They all promise a bright and memorable celebration. But how do the couple understand what marriage is, unlike the European way of a beautiful modern wedding? ! And, before agreeing to the service of one or another agency, the bride and groom themselves must be understood to understand and realize that it is a "wedding in a European way."

It is surprising, but all European weddingorganized only by special agents. Newlyweds, in principle, take part only in the selection of clothes, for example, before the bride is the task to review the interesting and suitable wedding dresses and choose yourself as well as to clarify and confirm the menu. All other moments engaged in special wedding agency that hired the couple. Today such agencies exist not only in Western Europe, but also in our country, and therefore even the Ukrainian couples can trust them.

Wedding Celebration at the European levelIt takes place in an atmosphere of social events. At the beginning of the holiday all the guests gather on-site wedding ceremony, which can be arranged both on the beach and in a beautiful estate. After it certainly held a small reception with congratulations from the guests. It is worth noting that at the reception, each guest serves himself (takes some treats or drinks from special tables), he does not sit in one place, and can walk around the area and interact with other guests. On European wedding not like screaming and loud music. There is only light and romantic songs that accompany all celebration.

Wedding dresses for such celebrations are selectedeasy style. They need to be seasoned and humble, so that the bride becomes a princess. The bride can choose a suit or a three-piece suit. Much attention is true wedding train, which is to be chic with a minimum of decoration.

Always at a wedding party in a Europeanconducted wedding videography, which would later become a wonderful romantic film about the triumph. This is only a true professional, which is almost not visible, it is invisible, but is able to create the perfect video story about this wonderful day. Also, at a European wedding present wedding photographer, which has the task of photo reportage and unobtrusive staged pictures with the newlyweds and guests.

Wedding in an European - a real chic,refinement and luxury. It all happens in an easy style, so that the bride and groom may feel like a real prince and princess, kings of his triumph, while only enjoy a holiday without taking the difficulty of preparation and coordination of the wedding day.

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