Organization of themed weddings: the ideas and nuances

Theme wedding - it's a memorable and colorful celebration with a unique atmosphere. But how to organize such a unique celebration? We can help you!

Theme wedding

Wedding Theme: what to choose?

Choosing a theme for the wedding, keep in mindnot only your wishes and financial possibilities, but also the time of year. For example, a wedding in a nautical style is better to spend the summer at the beach or the lake, and a wedding in the style of St. Valentine's Day - in the winter.

Earlier versions of the main thematicweddings were celebrations on the traditions of a country, or in the style of a certain age, it is now especially popular wedding organized based on movies and cartoons.

Theme wedding

If you organize weddings all styles, the following groups:

  • A wedding in the style of a certain period (eg., A medieval wedding, wedding in the style of the 30's).
  • Wedding on the traditions of other countries (eg., A French wedding, english wedding).
  • Marriage based film / cartoon (eg., A wedding in the style of the film "The Great Gatsby", a wedding in the style of "Alice in Wonderland" cartoon).
  • Fairytale Wedding (eg., A wedding in the "Sleeping Beauty" style).
  • Wedding in style occupations (eg., Medical wedding).
  • Fruit Wedding (eg., Strawberry wedding).
  • Musical Wedding (eg., A wedding in the style of rock and roll), and others.
  • Theme wedding

    Preparations for the wedding theme from "A" to "Z"

    Preparations for the wedding theme -fascinating, but not a simple matter. After all, to recreate the atmosphere corresponding to the celebration theme, you need to consider all the details: from the purchase of wedding dresses to theme banquet card manufacturing. Let's discuss in the order that you need to consider and buy wedding theme:

  • Choosing a place for painting and banquet. This should be done only after the approval of the celebration theme, and not vice versa.
  • Wedding decor - the key point thatshould consider when preparing for a thematic celebration. All wedding decorations should be united by a single style that you choose, and be sure to include thematic elements. For example, at a wedding in a French-style obligatory element should become the Eiffel Tower, at a wedding on the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland" - clocks and tea sets.
  • Theme wedding
  • Theme celebrations leading range of limits andentertainers for a wedding, because they have to fully comply with the style of the wedding. For example, if you want to organize a wedding in a medieval style, you need a professional toastmaster at a wedding, which has a certain historical knowledge and innovative ideas, and musicians should be able to play medieval music.
  • Selection of photographer and videographer should be carried out withcarefully, as these professionals must not only qualitatively capture your wedding, but also to generate creative ideas photo and video corresponding to the selected category.
  • Theme wedding
  • Buying wedding dresses and accessoriesnewlyweds - it is one of the most important stages of preparation for the wedding. Since no thematic dresses and suits can not create a unique atmosphere, appropriate specific topics. And we are talking not only about the newlyweds, but the guests. They should also set a specific dress code.
  • Theme wedding
  • Buying wedding accessories and details. It is impossible to create the atmosphere of a certain age, a film or a country without themed trivia and accessories.
  • As you can see, at a wedding party organization needs to consider all the details. Importantly, do not be afraid to experiment and fantasize - and you have a spectacular wedding!

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