What you need to know when organizing a wedding celebration

Banqueting weddings - it is responsible. It is necessary to create the layout of the guests at the banquet table, take into account the rules of serving dishes and cutlery. Consider the supply of drinks and dishes for each of them. Create a celebration for invited guests solemn atmosphere of bright holiday!

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Plan the order of the guests forholiday table. Sign the name of each guest on a card and place the card on the table so that the guests sat at the table in the order conceived by you. At weddings, usually, there are many completely different people. That - friends honeymooners, friends, parents, relatives.

Whether you are well aware of their interests and hobbiesguests? If - yes, keep this in mind when placing them at the table, organizing a sort of "interest clubs". Then they quickly find topics for conversation and will not be bored. Someone came without a couple? Take care of him and, having found that among the guests, who are also one today. If your wedding present foreigner ask its national wedding traditions, it is no secret that many people of other cultures, our traditional dishes are a few "too heavy".

Wedding etiquette suggests this locationGuests at the festive table that absolutely all the guests will feel great, friendly staff members, united in the common joyful event.


  • Introduce guests to each other.
  • Do not shy sits next to two guests.
  • Away from each other Seat those who love attention to themselves.
  • Uncomfortable to sit next to superiors and subordinates.
  • Couples should sit together.
  • Seat next two singles, preferably of different sexes.

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