How to plan a wedding

Before you plan your wedding, morallyPrepare yourself for the fact that you have to overcome many obstacles in connection with its preparation. After all, in fact, the wedding chores do not end with the one applying to the registrar. The closer the wedding day, the situation becomes more tense, as have a lot to catch and do not forget anything. It is necessary to take care that the most significant day in the life of the newlyweds did not turn them into a real nightmare. The most optimal time to prepare for the wedding is three months, but if you plan it in the summer time, feel free to start to prepare for another six months.

How to plan a wedding, if you have no experience inthis business? To start organizing your wedding should begin with preparation costs, the main ones are the banquet, suits the bride and groom, wedding photos and video, the wedding procession), wedding rings and wedding trip. List generally supplemented as necessary, respectively, wherein the amount also increases.

Prices for wedding services related to thewedding, directly depend on the date of the planned celebrations. The cost of a wedding celebration in May, is several times smaller than, for example, in August or September. Naturally, the services provided by quality will be higher. Videography among fans better not to order, so you can get the wave is not quite what we wanted. At this time, there is the excitement of wedding salons, so choose the outfit will be quite difficult, and by resorting to making dresses to order, you can go broke.

How to plan a wedding, if you stillWe decided to get married in a wedding rush, but the money is not enough? In this case, move the wedding day on Thursday or Friday. Then you can save well at the same time organizing a wonderful holiday. And if you decide to get married on Saturday, as soon as possible begin to plan everything.

To begin precisely determine the date and place of the wedding,where the marriage will be registered. About a month before the big day post application to the registrar. In the midst of many weddings wishing to spend the night near the registry office to sign in the true sense of the word, to take a convenient time for registration. Otherwise, the painting will be assigned in the early morning (around 9:30 am) and before closing the registry office (around 16.30).

Very responsibly Treat for site selectionthe celebration. Try to order a cafe or a restaurant for about three months before the wedding, and do not forget to make a part of the funds to a place kept for you at 100%. The start time for the holiday and the wedding feast menu is typically negotiated for about a week. Place of celebration depends directly on the number of guests and, of course, on the amount you can spend on a festive feast.

How to plan a wedding on?

The next step in preparing for the solemnday must be preceded by the choice you make holiday organization or agency will do everything yourself. If you decide to choose an agency, keep in mind that for their services you have to pay certain amount of money, but you can completely rely on them. If you decide to all Tutor, be prepared to lose a significant amount of time, but for the economy and thus a sufficient amount. Start by searching for a wedding master, photographer and video operator. Then think through the nuances associated with the decoration of the wedding entourage and the hall where the celebration will take place. About a month before the wedding, send this invitation to guests, and a few days to call all and specify who can come and who for whatever reason does not work.

By following the above tips, how to plana wedding, you do not miss anything, and do everything in time, and in the solemn day of the wedding you will just be the most beautiful and fun, glow of sincere love and light from the infinite happiness.

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