How to hold a wedding?

Wedding can be carried out in different ways

: Confine the traditional wedding with optionengagement, wedding, bride price and other rites, or to put his bride a ring on top of an Egyptian pyramid, to get married in the sky, hovering in a balloon, invited to witness the sun-god, creating unforgettably romantic atmosphere. Though imbued with the romance and the whole wedding ceremony, but not everyone can afford this romance as the style of, and not always such an organization of the wedding will be an adequate response on the part of others. Implementation of modern wedding - a number of well-established customs and traditions, stage of life, which will mark the transition to a new, more responsible level.

So why is it that should be startedholding a wedding? Even in Soviet times there was a saying: "No piece of paper you're an insect, and a piece of paper - a man." Indeed, the official event of the wedding does exactly regulatory framework. And that's why we do everything in order:

1.Podaёm statement to the registrar and simultaneously select the most appropriate day for registration

2.Ischem knowledgeable person (lawyer), which would help make the wedding contract.

Well, the first preliminary stepwedding arrangements made now should think about the following things: the appearance of the bride and groom and the general surroundings, a special place here is the choice of suitable premises. The importance of drawing up a guest list that you intend to invite to your wedding.

Thus, the appearance and surroundings. Here you can not do without the services of professionals. On the day of the wedding the bride and groom in the spotlight. It is advisable to pre-make-up visit or even to enroll in a good barber, think in advance all the details of wedding dresses and accessories. Therefore visit specialized salons, where you will be experienced consultants choose a suit for the groom and bride, is of particular importance. A selection of engagement rings in general can turn into a small holiday. How I would like to find something special designed just for him and only for her among a diverse range of products. You may need to visit more than one jewelry store.

Finally, rent a decent room for a weddingbanquet, hire a motorcade, which will take the newlyweds to get around the splendor. Rich external surroundings allow for a wedding a truly festive and make the celebration memorable.

On the preparation for the wedding: choosing dresses, wedding hall and take care of the tuple should be at least two months prior to the wedding.

Now, the organization of celebrations. It is necessary to send out invitations to all the guests at least a couple of weeks in advance. You can buy invitation cards in numerous retail outlets, but printed in customized printing and selected according to your taste invitations suggest about the level of the inviting party.

Experienced toastmaster, who will be able to createfestive mood, to smooth things over and artistic conduct the concert program - a real find! The leading role of the wedding is best to hire a professional actor, it is advisable to use a reputable firm or recommendations of friends services.

Do not forget your photo and video shootingwedding celebration. To do this, hire a professional, because nothing will make memories of the wedding even more colorful as well as make high-quality photos and movies.

About a week before the wedding, you need to take care of the wedding cake and bridal bouquet - it's a tradition!

And, of course, it is impossible to hold a beautiful wedding without

specific scenario

. It is advisable to carefully paint the wedding program, given the sequence and nature of the activities. Here is a sample wedding plan:

  • Registry office
  • Wedding
  • Wedding restaurant
  • bride Redemption
  • stroll
  • Cocktail
  • Invite guests to the restaurant
  • The show program, dancing

Each item should take a certain amount of time, it is rational to think through all the stages of the future celebrations to weddings then not knocked out of the rut of life you and your guests.

So in conclusion, I would like to note thatuniversal no wedding plan. This article is rather a set of guidelines rather than precise instructions. The world held many celebrations and happy events, but only the wedding - a holiday special, and nothing should prevent you arrange your own wedding so that about her memories in your memory the most joyful and happy forever. Let your wedding, start a new life, will be a bright, memorable and beautiful! And it will be like the gate that opens the way to heaven!

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