To conduct the wedding: tricks of the trade

A series of vivid images, hand-picked for the bride andbride, attention to detail all combine to give the wedding its luster and charm. To conduct the wedding, at which the memory will often beating heart, and her lips shape into a smile ... to hold a wedding, which will be realized your dream ... to hold a wedding, which will be surrounded by an aura of sophistication, luxury ... If you believe that the implementation of these ambitious fantasies need fabulous budget, you are deeply mistaken.

Actually, the real wedding begins withthis careful preparation. Remember the golden rule: "Impromptu good when well prepared." Domestic billet and sketches begin several months before the long-awaited event. Usually 2-3 months is enough for you to navigate and draw up a budget for the wedding of good quality and memorable. But if you advance open a bank account specifically for this purpose, trust, greatly simplify your life. This is our first secret.

Unveil the next secret, no less important topractical point of view: do a sketch in general theme of your wedding. Ask what is called a tone. Later will enter whole cloth in it.

What gives? Savings. Defining the subject and, accordingly, the venue of the wedding, you will not throw options, and stop for a narrow range of viewing offers.

For example, the wedding dress for the bride. The wedding dress can be made in a classic style, and can be pokoldovat over its decoration. Turn the bride in the fairy fairy or ancient Greek goddess! Here is the first bar to the picturesque canvas.

The same applies to places for the wedding party, andmenu selection. What do you want to surprise your guests? Spicy oriental cuisine? Overseas delicacies? In any case, keep in mind that buying the same vegetables and fruits, sweets and drinks will be much cheaper than to include it all in order when renting the restaurant for a wedding.

Actually, in the same style you choosetransport and venue. Let's say you do not want the royal chic and simple friendly parties. Then why not hold a wedding in the country or not to consider the option of a wedding on the boat. To conduct the wedding a bright and will appeal to folklore, fairy tales, epics, different legends. Think of a number of interesting and curious ceremonies, beating them in your wedding scenario.

Entertainment program diversify actors -performance of a gypsy camp, oriental dancer or music played by a guest band, circus - all this will ignite the fire of your hearts, fill them with happiness and joy. Got a light add any wedding professional toastmaster. Spend wedding sensibly and carefully are best left to a professional, as well as to capture your most pleasant moments of your life it is better not to fans, and this wedding photographers and videographers.

Now, by the way, are quite popular wedding films. To remove them, you can advance. And you can beat your wedding and how to shoot a real movie. You - the heroes. Toastmasters entrust the role of director. Distribute roles among the guests. A lot of takes, a lot of bright moments - so you can hold a wedding is actually an original, exclusive and memorable!

These are the simple tricks of the trade. Inspiration to you in the most fabulous day of your life!

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