Calculation of the budget of the wedding: we analyze common mistakes!

When wedding budget planning is concernedyou directly, the first words that come to your mind: “expensive” and “labor-intensive”, and this is pure truth. If you do not have a chamber wedding or a celebration for two, at least photography and the simplest program are planned, this will already require a significant amount, let alone a few tens or even hundreds of people. If at least a little weaken control in preparation for the celebration, the budget of the wedding instantly inflates.

Mistakes in Planning Your Wedding Budget

But what if the team portal tell you about the most serious mistakes in budgeting a wedding? If you can avoid them, you will be able to calculate the required amount as accurately as possible and not get a sudden surprise in the form of unforeseen costs.

Mistakes in calculating the wedding budget

Wedding Budget Distribution: The Most Common Mistakes

Before you make your wedding budget calculation,Understand one simple truth: first, the maximum amount that you can afford to spend on a holiday is determined, and only then it is distributed across all items of expenses. For something, you can allocate less money, and for something you can’t just save a wedding budget. When you decide on the amount, it's time to study the errors regarding the financial part of planning the holiday.

How not to make a mistake in planning your wedding budget

Mistake 1. Afraid to find out from relatives who are willing to pay and for what

The bride and groom should each for their partask relatives whether they are ready to contribute to the wedding budget. Someone's parents agree to pay the organization almost in full, someone is immediately told that they should not count on their help. But newlyweds can also have wealthy uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters, grandparents.

Discuss your budget with relatives

If you have a close relationship, and relatives more than onceThey simply sponsored you on their own initiative, perhaps they have already allocated a certain amount for your celebration. You just have to ask them about this before you start distributing your wedding budget.

Mistake 2. Thinking about the site last

Wedding venue is the biggest articleexpenses, since renting a restaurant or a banquet hall per day will cost you quite expensive. Here we can include the cost of food and drinks, as most restaurants and cafes do not agree that you bring food with you. The maximum that they can agree to is to submit the sliced ​​products you purchased and put the alcohol you purchased elsewhere on the tables.

Think about choosing a wedding venue first

When you have already determined your budgetweddings, immediately take away from him the cost of a banquet. Sometimes it happens that you’ve always dreamed of celebrating a triumph in that estate, but in reality it turns out that for the money you have to give back, you could buy a brand new car or even a small apartment. Therefore, you may want to dispose of this amount in a different way, and for a banquet, choose something less expensive. Think about what is more important for you: a magnificent celebration, but a long period of hard work to accumulate wealth or a budget wedding, but a good start to family life in material terms.

Part of the wedding budget can be spent more profitably

Error 3. Do not count the number of guests at once.

This item is directly related to the previous one. The choice of site depends on the number of guests: it should accommodate all guests. Also do not forget about how many dishes and alcohol you will need to order. This moment is very important. Agree, the budget for a wedding for 200 people will be very different from that for 50 guests.

Count the number of guests in advance

Error 4. Buy all the necessary materials for the wedding only in your city.

By materials we mean decor forplatforms, little things like bonbonnieres, buttonholes and invitations, fresh flowers, etc. Also, wedding dresses and accessories of the newlyweds can also be included in this category. If you live in a capital or other large city, think about whether you can buy everything you need in a smaller village?

The fact is that in big cities there are completely different prices. And, sometimes, buying materials in a small neighboring town, even with delivery, will be much cheaper.

Shop less in smaller cities

Error 5. Do not take into account features of the date selection

If you have a limited budget wedding, but youfor one reason or another have not yet chosen a date, it's time to do it. The fact is that the cost of the entire organization depends on the season. The so-called "wedding season" lasts from April until about the beginning of October (depending on the region and climatic conditions). And during this period, prices skyrocket for virtually everything: renting a venue, organizer and contractor services, decor, wedding dresses, etc.

By the way, you don’t have to endure the celebrationfor the colder season to save. If you do not believe in signs, a great month for choosing a wedding date is May. Many newlyweds will not marry this month due to the well-known superstition, so you can take note of May.

Wedding in May

Mistake 6. Choosing too complicated wedding style

The more original style you choose, thehigher "damage" to the budget of the wedding. Its calculation should be carried out taking into account how much money you spend on all the necessary props, which, moreover, can be quite difficult to find.

Too expensive royal style wedding

Mistake 7. Wrong budget allocation

Wedding budget planning, specificallyeach pair has its own distribution of funds. The newlyweds themselves decide what to save on, and what you can spend a little more money on. However, there is a universal example of budget allocation that will allow you to at least approximately estimate the costs for each organizational moment:

  • banquet, refreshments for guests and alcohol - 48-50%;
  • holding a wedding ceremony - 2-3%;
  • outfits and accessories for the newlyweds - 8-10%;
  • flowers and florist services - 8-10%;
  • entertainment for guests, music, host services - 8-10%;
  • videographer and photographer services - 8-10%;
  • wedding invitations and other office (wish book, guest seating cards, etc.) - 2-3%;
  • wedding rings - 2-3%;
  • parking and transportation of guests - 2-3%;
  • complimentary gifts for guests - 2-3%;
  • other unforeseen expenses - 8%.
Wedding Budget Allocation

And for reinsurance it is recommended to "throw"on top about 5% of the total wedding budget before calculating the final amount. These additional funds will serve as a safety cushion in case of force majeure: the money for solving the problem is already in store, and you are calmer.

The wedding portal told you how to avoid mistakes and plan your wedding budget. We hope our tips will help you organize the perfect celebration and avoid embarrassing situations.