Unforgettable wedding in Cyprus

Many young couples dream of a romantic weddingon the banks of the beautiful sea, but for the majority of this desire and is not executed. Why? Most often, the newlyweds scare extra trouble, which they think may arise during the organization of the celebration. Currently, however, make this a vivid dream bride and groom's real. We suggest you consider the nuances of the organization of the wedding in Cyprus.

Wedding on the beach

Why Cyprus?

The first wedding in Cyprus - isbright event on the island of love, legends and poetry of the Mediterranean Sea. Having been here once, the couple will want to go back there again. After all, the beauty of Cyprus you will be remembered for a long time at home.

Wedding in Cyprus - an outstanding event

Secondly, the island of Cyprus is famous for its perfectclimate for conducting wedding ceremonies. About two hundred days a year the sun shines brighter here and very warm. And that means the wedding will be bright and colorful! And, of course, the photos will turn out surprisingly beautiful.

Thirdly, Cyprus can select different placesfor the wedding: boat, beach, hotel, marina, gardens, amphitheater. Either scenario would be easy to translate into reality. Also you can celebrate your wedding in a different and very interesting cities - Paphos, Limassol, Ayia Napa, etc.

Fourth, in Cyprus you can hold a weddingunforgettably. On the island there are many traditions and accept that when borrowing will triumph delicious! That there is a wedding ceremony in Cyprus. He will be remembered for its amazing beauty of you for life. For example, when leaving the church the newlyweds decided to shower rice, and invited guests give them gifts at once. After the first wedding dance a husband and wife cut snow-white cake and fed it to each other. In general, local holidays are characterized by an abundance of delicious food, great wines and incendiary dance until the morning.

Wedding ceremony on the beach

Which city to choose?

On the island of Cyprus, you can choose to hold the wedding city, which you will be most congenial.

Three of the most famous cities:

Limassol. This city is the main port of the island, the center of wine-making and navigation. It attracts the attention of numerous tourists for its cultural and historical attractions.

Pathos. Ancient Roman capital of Cyprus, although today the city is a very quiet and cozy fishing village. There are good hotels and a beautiful harbor. The town strikes an abundance of greenery. Legend has it that the goddess Aphrodite emerged from the sea foam air here.

Ayia Napa. Golden beaches, lively nightlife make this city a paradise for lovers of nightlife and sea bathing. Also, this area is famous for the small fishing harbor, windmills and medieval monastery in the heart of the city.

Wedding in Cyprus - a romantic adventure

The cost of a wedding in Cyprus

The price depends on whether you will be taking guestsa. Equally important, where the couple decide to get married: in the municipality, which is usually cheaper, or elsewhere. During the execution of documents also need to pay, but the amount will not be exorbitant. In any company, which is engaged in the organization of weddings abroad, will tell you everything in great detail. You will be able to choose their own scenario celebration, affordable price for you and the city.

Therefore, as you can see, today to organize a wedding on the island of love is not so difficult. But such an event would be for you the most romantic and unforgettable adventure of a lifetime!

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