Amazing wedding in the Czech Republic

At all times, each pair aspired to a special and unique wedding. This can help organizations triumph away from their hometown.

Why the Czech Republic?

Successful development of tourism, the indescribable beauty of nature, affordable prices, beautiful castles attract honeymooners Czech Republic from all corners of the globe.

Czech Republic is known for high-quality crystal,beautiful castles, delicious beer, a long history and, of course, entertaining holiday. Prague is a true "city of lovers", along with Venice, Verona and Paris. Therefore, your wedding in the Czech Republic is unique and exquisite.

Wedding in Prague

In the Czech Republic respected foundations and holy protect all valuable. The old bridge, tile roofs, restaurants and taverns. Agree, to celebrate a wedding in the Czech Republic - it is a splendid idea.

Prague is a city of lovers

In most cases selected betrothedwedding in Prague. Of course, the fact there are reasons - "city of lovers" beckons with its charm, an aura of mystery and romance of narrow medieval streets, the refinement of old castles.

Organization of weddings in Prague

Modern urban development of Prague nicecombined with ancient buildings, bridges, gardens, cathedrals, parks, castles. Due to the large number of fabulous offers quite difficult to choose the place for the wedding organization. Chambers of the palace Aliprandi made in the Renaissance style. Ancient stucco, spacious rooms, flower decoration, stunning chandeliers and high ceilings simply enchant - an ideal venue for weddings in Prague.

The restored Baroque palace Kinsky XIVcentury. On you will make a lasting impression of antique furniture, silk wall decoration, from the present Czech crystal chandeliers, rich moldings, gold decoration.

Wedding in the Czech Republic

It is the young Prague Castleamazing room with incomparable frescoes. There are almost all public celebrations, and you have the opportunity to get married here. However, this requires you to book a room for half a year before the wedding date.

Once you are offered numerous palaces near Prague: here provided as unparalleled medieval castles and palaces in the Baroque and Renaissance style.

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