Musical accompaniment of wedding

Every couple wants to make their weddingIt passed on glory, and all participants were satisfied. In a festive mood to play the role of interior design, program activities, as well as musical accompaniment wedding. Music - is the best tool to influence the emotions: it can cause to rejoice, grieve, empathize. Select the appropriate musical accompaniment for a holiday can be difficult, therefore we present you a selection of popular tunes, songs, songs that will be a perfect decoration of the wedding.

Which to choose the tracks for the musical accompaniment at the wedding?

Depending on the style of event newlywedsneed their music: for cowboy wedding would be appropriate cheerful country, jazz songs fit for the gangster theme. If the future spouses are not limited to a particular styling, it is necessary to consider separately the musical accompaniment for each stage of the wedding. The bride and groom can hire a professional facilitator or manager for the solemn day, which will help to make a good song list, or consider his own, armed with collections of wedding songs.

For the wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony - it is remarkablethe time for which you want a special wedding ceremony musical accompaniment. If registration takes place on the territory of the registrar, at the honeymooners are unlikely to be an opportunity to put their music. Most of the executive authorities offered to choose from several tracks. As a rule, exit registrations make exceptions where future spouses may choose the account or invite musicians, for example, a string ensemble. It will captivate audience and create a unique atmosphere at the wedding.

Musical accompaniment of the wedding ceremony

Here are a few examples of musical accompaniment:

  1. Secret Garden - The Promise
  2. Elton John - Sacrifice
  3. Richard Clayderman - Unchained Melody
  4. Johann Sebastian Bach - Prelude
  5. Charlie Chaplin - Smile
  6. Yanni - One Mans Dream
  7. Iron & Wine - Such Great Heights
  8. Frank Sinatra - Killing Me Softly With Her Song
  9. Kevin Spacey - Simple Song of Freedom
  10. Ray Charles - You Are So Beautiful To Me

For the first dance the bride and groom

The first performance of the spouses - is a major part ofbanquet wedding program, so it is important to choose the right music for it. The choice of the composition depends on the style of dance. You can stay on the classic waltz, tango, passionate, romantic rumba, dance, surprise, or a slow dance performances. The musical composition may be in Russian, English or without words, using classical and electronic instruments. It all depends on the preferences of the future spouses. It will help to choose the support of an experienced coach.

Wedding Dance to the music

  1. Tchaikovsky - Waltz of the Flowers
  2. Keiko Matsui - Night Waltz
  3. Sarah brightman - Hijo de la Luna
  4. James Blund - You are Beautiful
  5. Oreiro - Me muero de amor
  6. Seal - All For Love
  7. Lara Fabian - Je Taime
  8. Soul Ballet - Her Mood
  9. Bryan Adams - I Think About You
  10. Albert Morris - Feelings

Background music for a banquet

To the festive mood persistedThroughout the marriage, the future spouses need to make a selection of music for the background. Instrumental accompaniment for the banquet can be a quiet melody, preferably without words. This will allow guests to easily talk to each other, and nothing will distract. The tempo should be slow songs, the volume - low. Newlyweds can search for suitable music to accompany a wedding in musical genres lounge, ambient, soul, indie pop, or use this list:

  1. Royksopp - Poor Leno
  2. Nouvelle Vague - A Forest
  3. Nouvelle Vague - Dereglee
  4. Lemongrass - Aloha
  5. Lemongrass - Harmony
  6. Lemongrass - Lovely
  7. The Shadow Of Your Smile
  8. Astrud Gilberto- Agua de beber
  9. Charles Aznavour - La Boheme (English) (feat Josh Groban.)
  10. Nat King Cole - Love

Musical accompaniment at the wedding

Dance tracks

Dance stage wedding held undermusical accompaniment that occasionally "diluted" calm songs for slow dances. Fast, fun and music suitable for competitions. Newlyweds can make an appropriate selection of songs or invite a group whose live performance certain to create a special atmosphere at the wedding. Deciding to hire professionals to speak, the future spouses must listen to songs from their previous concerts the live, to appreciate the vocal frontman, energy musical ensemble as a whole.

Appropriate music:

  1. Danny - If Only You (MaxiGroove Project Remix)
  2. DJ Jim & Polyface feat. Jakoff - Just One Night (Tim3bomb Remix Edit)
  3. Michael Jackson - Rumba
  4. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Hollywood
  5. The Hooters - 500 Miles
  6. Mungo Jerry - Alright, Alright, Alright
  7. Cosmo Jarvis - She's Got You
  8. Fly Project - Musica
  9. Boney M - Sunny
  10. Earth, Wind & Fire - September