Music for the wedding the newlyweds dance

Every couple wants to make the wedding dayan unforgettable experience that will forever be remembered by all those present. In this celebration should be perfect all the details - Honeymoon outfits, the venue is celebration, a festive table. Not less important part of the atmosphere is music, and with it - to the wedding dance music that will play while the groom dances with the bride. It is extremely important for a young couple to choose the right product, for their joint appearance - the main event of the evening.

Music for the newlyweds first dance

Hero for the day you need to get seriousa musical composition selection, because it will be decorating their first joint performance in dance as husband and wife. Gone are the days when the bride and groom danced waltzes exclusively. Now the choice of dance, as well as a choice of musical accompaniment, extensive. The couple can use the Internet to listen to, and then download your favorite music.

There are many options for wedding dances,which can fulfill heroes of the occasion. This is a slow waltz, Viennese waltz, tango, even execution in the style twist and rock 'n' roll - it all depends on personal music preferences of the intending spouses. Be sure to sign up for a class to the coach, who will deliver a beautiful room, and if necessary - to help choose the right song for him, considering the wishes of the groom with the bride.

The first performance of newly spouses

An experienced teacher will assess your choreographycapacity and will consider them. Some people find it difficult to dance to instrumental compositions, if sufficiently developed sense of tact - in this case, to heroes of the occasion was easier and more enjoyable dance number, it would be better to choose a song with the words. Clear transitions to the text on the music and on the contrary will help future spouses navigate the movements, "stages" of dance.

If the young couple dreaming about a toolmusic, a good solution would be the selection of the composition, which clearly placed accents, and each part has an expressive tone. Listening to different music, the bride and groom can try to imagine how they will look like the first dance performance - this will help to determine the order, whether the product is suitable.

Selecting songs for the wedding dance the bride and groom- A hard lesson when heroes of the occasion had never thought about it. The main thing to remember - the selected work should reflect their feelings for each other, to tell the story of love, dating, perhaps, describe future plans. Well, if the song will emphasize the nature of relations the main characters of the holiday: a passionate and bright or romantic, gentle.

Vibrant dance number

Multiple tracks that can come as a music room:

  • Bon Jovi - Always
  • Michael Jackson - Enother day is gone
  • Toni Michelle Braxton - Spanish guitar
  • Cafe del mar - I love you
  • Frank Sinatra - Strangers In The Night

Beautiful music for a romantic slow dance

Romantic music is a slow dancebe selected as a tool, and the words - Russian or English. The purpose of romantic composition - showed the presence of love heroes of the occasion. Medlyak intended to reflect the newly vibrant feelings of spouses, their trust in each other.

We should also think about the selection of music,which will be played during the bride's dance with her father. By itself, this slow dance looks pathetic and does not leave anyone indifferent, so the song should be appropriate. A good option is to choose a song for the wedding dance of father and daughter, dad Favourite culprits celebrations - it can be old songs that he listened to in his youth, or when married bride's mother.

Examples of romantic compositions to a slow dance:

  • Sergio Mendes - Never Gonna Let You Go
  • Bosson - Beautiful
  • Bryan Adams - Everything I Do It For You
  • Christina Aguilera - Save Me From Myself
  • Eurythmics - The Miracle Of Love
  • George Benson - Nothing's gonna change my Love for You
  • Mariah Carey - Without you

Music for the wedding dance with a surprise

Dance with a surprise at the wedding - itThe original version, which is suitable for the brave and active young people who want to surprise guests. The classic scenario of stage dance-surprise: heroes of the festivities begin to dance slow romantic waltz, when the song is interrupted by sounds cheerful composition, for example, the eastern or rock 'n' roll. Such a scenario is, as a rule, causes a storm of emotions in watching this action guests.

See an example of a beautiful, fun-filled dance with a surprise, which consists of many parts:

To prepare for such a formulation would be long,because it is important to find the right music, rehearse dance, learn interesting transitions. This number must be fulfilled emotionally, to bring real joy to the audience. Perpetrators of celebration should not overdo it, so as not to turn an interesting dance in the beautiful clown number.

An excellent option is to transition from slowfragment in a rapid, if the bride's dress-transformer, where the detachable petticoat. This will cause the hero of the occasion invited a double surprise. However, you should definitely consider that a break between songs should be sufficient: if a girl exactly have time to unfasten the lush bottom with buttons or a snake.

What will be the dance-surprise - it's up to the groombride, because they themselves will make a selection of songs to the number. Newlyweds can also find ready-made options on the Internet, but it should be remembered that they have someone use it, so dance is unlikely to be the original. Professional choreographers who put dancing with surprise, provide the service of creating a special cut, given preference to pair the duration of certain fragments and transitions between them.

Wedding Dance with a surprise

Music for the wedding dance with a surprise that can be used in cutting:

  • Georgian folk music Daisi
  • Helavisa melody for a wedding dance Ryadom byt '
  • Roxette - Listen To You Heart
  • Queen - One Year Of Love
  • Xtreme - Te Extrano (Bachata)
  • Ahtale Roma (Moldavian wedding instrumental music)

Classical Music for the wedding dance

For honeymooners who want to make theirtraditional holiday, ideal beautiful classical compositions. The gentle, romantic and emotional - they like to couples who want to make the wedding look like a beautiful fairy tale. SRAs selection below with beautiful classical works, won the love of the newlyweds among all countries

Russian Music for the wedding dance

Music for the wedding dance is the mother tonguebecome the perfect setting first dance heroes of the occasion. There are many songs that became popular among couples. Russian songs will sound especially touching because all the guests clearly understand their meaning.