Wedding Invitations - fill pattern

Wedding - an important event, which is fullyIt is changing the lives of young people. Since the wedding the bride and groom become husband and wife, from now on they will together go through troubles that arise in life, to help each other in everything, joyfully celebrate the happy moments. Therefore, it is important that your wedding day was attended by a number of close relatives, beloved friends, who were able to share with the young this transition into a new life. To the guests did not raise questions when and where to take a holiday, newlyweds need to send an invitation.

How to fill out an invitation to the wedding?

Proper filling of invitation cardshelps guests avoid unnecessary issues: information about the venue, time, celebration of style, should be as exhaustive. In addition to the dry facts, invitations must contain a text message with a personal appeal to the guest / guests (if a couple). Most couples prefer to order cards for a wedding in a printing house, leaving empty lines with the names of guests and their names - will be good, if it is written by hand. Then, an invitation will be more personal and individual.

Delicate design invitations

If the wedding involves a small number ofguests, is a great option - write all the text completely independently. This will make each card unique, and guests received such an invitation, probably want to leave it in the memory. There are 2 variants of writing the names of people who want to see the couple at the wedding: formal and informal. The first involves the prescription name (without using the initials!) With the reference "Dear", "venerable", "dear", and the second allows you to appeal to the visitor the full name or even shortened.

Unofficial version of the cards with the invitation towedding decided to send to close friends, acquaintances, colleagues of the same status as the official suitable for close and distant relatives, bosses, godparents. Although in the end it all depends on what kind of relationship do the bride and groom were formed with certain people: many relatives want to see instead of the dry name, surname and patronymic, affectionate "Mom", "Dad", "Grandfather", "Grandma" . Wedding Invitations of this type is better to give in person to emphasize the sincerity of cards.

Original lace envelopes

Depending on the style of treatment will varysignature of the bride and groom - the official style of wedding invitations necessarily implies pointing name with the last name, and an unofficial version should end the use of full or diminutive. As for the order of priority: by the European tradition - the first is female, and after the man's name.

Filling the envelope, which will be sentinvitation only accept the official style. It is permissible and even desirable, to use the surname with initials. In order to emphasize the solemnity of it, an envelope with an invitation to the wedding should reflect the style of the event - newlyweds need to find the appropriate option. The original idea - video wedding invitation, for example:

Example text invitation for parents

Parents - are the closest relatives of the bridegroom withbride who truly love their children, so the invitation must be filled accordingly. Rarely, but it happens so that the newlyweds are not added to them trusting relationship, so less will be presented two samples of wedding invitations for parents - a simpler and more official.

Favorite, dear, dear mom and dad!

We are pleased to invite you to meet withwe have a new stage of our life - family. As you once we start a common path, which we hope will be full of love, understanding and happiness. Like you, we will try to be good parents to their future children. This celebration - the fruit of your love!

We are waiting for you at 11 o'clock, March 31 in the territory №2 Wedding Palace, and then we go to celebrate the wedding in "Edelweiss" restaurant on the street Solar, 41.

With love, your children,

Alain and Michael.

Dear parents, Inna and Vitaly V.!

Soon the day will come that will unite usforever - the day of our wedding. We send this invitation with great gratitude to you and a burning desire to see you at our celebration, because without parental care, warmth and understanding - our family would not be able to become a strong and happy. At 12 pm, in the registry office at Hay, 35 - solemn registration. We invite you to attend on her, and after notice to us at the wedding feast!

With respect and love,

Irina and Paul.

Text invitations for parents

For grandparents

Grandparents are often the mainassistants in the upbringing of children, so it is hard to imagine their absence at the wedding. Newlyweds need to take care of touching, dear to their hearts invitation, because after so many years together older people is extremely important to get attention, sincere care of their grandchildren. It may look the text of the invitation:

With all my heart favorite, family grandparents!

It is hard to imagine our life without your love,caring, warmth, care, and the wedding - without your presence. This momentous day forever unite our destinies, and we will do everything to make a new family was just as strong as your love - the same long, conjugal life - true. We are waiting for you on January 25, at 11:30 am at the following address: Intercession, 17 - there will be official marriage!

Yours sincerely loving grandchildren, Eva and Vladimir.

View the invitation to the wedding

For friends of the bride and groom

Inviting friends to the wedding, the future spousescan fully express its originality, because peers will certainly appreciate the comic or funny invitation. Be sure to think through a separate appeal to the witnesses, who will play an important role in the wedding. Several options for invitations for the witnesses and friends, as well as interesting case an invitation:

Dear Mr. Alyaksandr Korneev!

For several years, we can not stopI am thankful for the fact that it brought us together, and a month later, on September 31, at 12:00, at Catherine, 21 - we play a wedding. Creating a new family, its development, and raise children - a big responsibility, from now on the bed on our shoulders. Hoping for a positive answer, we invite you to witness this highly anticipated event that will change our lives.

Yours faithfully,

Alena Popova and Peter Konovalov.

Pirate Case wedding invitation: "A thousand devils, Kostya!

A few days ago we agreed with these anchorsImperial puppies, and you know what they found ?! The one card, tear my thunder! These guys have already gone over the chest Davy Jones, and we sent a schooner to the nearest harbor to send you a letter. After 25 light-days, the 12th, at Building, 32 - we are going to raise the Jolly Roger to all sail to these piastres and show finally all what is a pirate brethren Let us shake bones and stir up a storm in the hold! We hope you will come to wish us a calm sea with a fair wind.

Your brothers,

Nick and Stas.

Original thematic invitation to the wedding

Dear Sasha!

16 June at 10:00, on the street. Klochkovskaya, 32 - we are going to form an alliance. This day is very special for us, so we madly want to see you at our wedding. Take it with a good mood and ready to slaughter the party as we like! Let this wedding will be remembered for all of us for a long time.

With love,

Annie and Serge.

For friends and relatives

Relatives, loved ones, as a rule, be sure toInvitations to with them to celebrate a wedding. It may be distant cousins, aunts, uncles, siblings, godparents, colleagues at work, who would like to attend the celebration. Text wedding invitations for these individuals are usually more formal, if they are not in a great relationship with the bride and groom:

Dear Irina Pavlovna!

Less than a month left before the grandof our wedding. We get the greatest pleasure if you visit us on this auspicious day. The wedding will take place at the restaurant "Liverpool", ul. Lenin, 45.

Please confirm your presence by a phone call.

Sincerely, Karina Petrova and Alexei Ivanov.

Beautiful invitation for celebration

Dear Mr. Alexander and Ms. Anna Karelin.

This invitation to officially announce that ourwedding will take place in a month from that day - 23 October, at 13:00, on the street. Bolshevik, 33, the restaurant "Astoria". It will be the greatest honor to see your pair at the event.


Potapova Ekaterina and Konstantin Arkhipov.

Our dear Ivan and Alena Sergeeva!

Glad to announce that on July 29 on the street. Penza, 42 (Restaurant "Argentina"), our wedding will take place. We invite you to celebrate this amazing event with us to witness the emergence of a new family!

Please pre-announce your presence.

Sincerely, future wife - Lisa Rubber and Stepan Ivanov.

Photo examples of filling wedding invitation

To make beautiful wedding invitations,heroes of the occasion may find appropriate templates on the Internet, and then come up with the original text. Newlyweds need to remember that the invitation cards create the first impression of a future wedding, so their creation should be approached seriously. See the photo of beautiful examples of invitations:

Interesting texts invitation to the wedding