Wedding invitation with your own hands

Hallmark newlyweds consideredinvitation, because thanks to the latest visitors learn about the decision of a loving couple to marry and the scheduled date and time of the ceremony. Assortment invitations that offer bridal salons, very rich, but they are banal and monotonous. If you want to surprise your guests and make something original, you can easily make wedding invitations with your own hands.

How to create a wedding invitation: step by step instructions

Before the production of wedding invitations hand-made, it is necessary to perform a number of the following:

  • Decide on the style and color scheme of the wedding celebrations, invitations must comply with the general theme wedding. Include fantasy, you should choose a design and pattern invitation.
  • Choose the technique of execution of invitation. The most popular techniques are the following: quilling, scrapbooking, invitations in the form of scrolls, posters, sweets, puzzles. Not less popular invitation, created in Photoshop program.
  • Buy the necessary materials. As a rule, there are various ribbons lace, decorative cardboard, flowers and other little things. If the invitations are created in Photoshop - there are no material is not necessary, but useful only your imagination.
  • Think of the text of the invitation. It can be a standard in the form of poems or a joke - it all depends on your wishes and preferences.
  • Directly manufacturing cards.
    The manufacturing process

Lace and bows

Make the original invitation withbows and lace simple and it does not require large material costs. For these cards, you will need: cardboard or pretty design paper, lace, lace, ribbons, beads, sequins, rhinestones.

Create vintage invitation only:

  1. Take a sheet of thick paper or board design and fold in half;
  2. Decorate E side lace and bows of ribbons;
  3. In the middle write the text of the invitation or paste it a template, pre-printed on the printer.

This invitation will look gentle, and ribbons and lace, possible to use those which are found in the bride's dress. Examples of such cards you can see in the photo submitted.

The use of lace and bows

Hearts and ribbons

The original invitation and get ausing heart cut out of paper with a beautiful print, as well as with bright ribbons in the tone of the main colors of the wedding celebration. Make such wedding otkrytochku just need to cut out the heart (or a pair of hearts) of paper and stick to the prepared template for the invitation. Decorate possible using tapes, paper flowers and beads

Designed in the shape of heart

quilling technique

Quilling - recently joined the fashion appliances,which gained extraordinary popularity. With quilling are unique paintings, and it is often used for decoration of cards, including wedding. What is the essence of quilling? This kind of application. Small, thin strips of paper curl and after, from individual parts to create a composition.

By using quilling techniques

To decorate wedding invitations, oftena composition of the colors, the image of the bride or couple - a man and a woman. Such invitations require delicacy and a lot of time. But the result will please you and impress guests. Before registration, you must consider design, draw the outlines of the composition, cut stripes (or buy blank), wring all bumazhechki and then share them, embodying the idea.

scrapbooking Technique

For this technique required primarilybeautiful paper, a variety of ribbons, buttons, beads, scraps, thread, string, flowers - everything there at your fingertips. Be sure you need: glue, scissors, tape. What good scrapbooking style - it is the fact that there are no clear guidelines and rules - everything is done the way you like.

The idea of ​​registration cards

To create such a masterpiece need a lottime, but the result you will be completely satisfied, and most importantly, get an invitation, which no one has ever done - it is unique. To see an example of creating invitation in scrapbooking style.


A lot of popular weddinginvitations in the form of scrolls. These scrolls can be made "antique" or simply with beautiful paper and fabric elements. Grow old toned paper or in the home simply help you to understand it presented a master class:

Make the scroll itself will have no difficulty. It is necessary to smoked (or simply on a beautiful piece of paper) to print the text of the invitation and roll into a tube tied with ribbon or rope brocade. Maybe decorate the roll suspension in the form of a dove, or just flowers (eg roses). Looks invitation is original and definitely will not leave anyone indifferent.

Options in the form of a scroll

In the form of posters

To create an invitation in the form of postersIt requires very little time and materials. You will need the text of the invitation, a couple of your photos, inscription, resembling a poster, drawing paper. An example of such an invitation can see in the photo.

Design of the poster

In the form of chocolates

In order to please the guests not only approachingthe wedding, but also a delicious chocolate may send a sweet invitation. To do this you need a chocolate bar, your photo and a color printer. Print out a new "cover" for the chocolate, put on top of the old (or instead of), and send guests. Such an invitation certainly not remain without attention.

candy design

If you prefer not to use chocolate, andsmall candies. To do this, place the candy in homemade organza pouch, and the invitation text, take a small scroll and place it on the bottom of the bag. This invitation is not only original, but also delicious.


If you want a bit of torment guests and make their brains to think, you can use the invitation as a puzzle. As it looks, you can see in the photo.


To produce such an invitation will not belabor. The printed invitation, cut into several irregular pieces and fold neatly into the envelope (which is also possible to make your own). To help guests task might make a frame, which will be formed, and the elements of the puzzle.


Often the invitation made in the form of airplanes. A sheet with printed text is folded in the form of aircraft, and as such is given to guests. If you have forgotten how to make airplanes, you will remember the instructions below.

figures airplane


Originally looks of invitation in the form offan. Printed on a sheet of paper, fold the invitation fan, decorate with ribbons or flowers, and your masterpiece is ready. Such a simple implementation technique, but the result will exceed all expectations.

Variations in the shape of a fan

The envelope

Typically, invitations are sent toenvelope. Especially envelopes required for the invitation in the form of puzzles, greeting cards, made in the style of quilling and scrapbooking. Make your own envelope is not as difficult as many might think.


If the bride and groom lovers intelligentgames, then the approach of invitation in the form of a crossword puzzle. It will be useful your mind, wit and imagination. But do not be in a crossword making complex issues, it is better that it was in comic form. To help in drawing up a crossword puzzle can special programs for creation of puzzles.

Postcard in the form of a crossword puzzle

In Photoshop

In the case where someone understands newlywedsPhotoshop may make invitations in the program and then print them. It can be used by your photographs, collages or just pretty pictures or images that you find on the Internet. Print invitations you can in the printing or interior photos. An example of how to create an invitation in Photoshop program, you can view in the present master class:

Texts for invitations

Texts for invitations can be usedvery different from the standard, to invitations in text form or comic. It is also possible to use the original fonts that only add elegance invitation.

The following are exemplary texts, which are used in the invitation:


If you have your own interesting variant design wedding invitations, leave a comment and share with other readers. May you live happily ever after!