Wedding invitation in the form of a scroll

Preparations for the wedding - it's a long process,requiring attention and imagination. As a rule, the couple try to make your wedding ceremony truly memorable. To the event went to "Hurrah!", Should take into account all organizational details. To begin with take care about a special design of invitations, because of their type depends on the initial impression of the wedding guests. Invitation card in the form of an ancient scroll - a great idea! How to realize it?

Scroll as wedding invitation

scroll invitation is suitable for a wedding?

It is said that an invitation-scrolls suitIt is not for every wedding, because they carry a special meaning. You should not create such attributes wedding, especially if you are planning a thematic celebration, for example, a Hawaiian holiday, beach wedding or an event in style mods. For such ceremonies should create special booklets, decorated in the spirit of the upcoming holiday.

Scrolls always mean the mystery,originality, antiquity. Therefore, the invitation in the form of scrolls should be established only for the wedding, which include an element of immersion in the old days. If you plan to organize a retro wedding, scrolls will be more than ever appropriate. Also scrolls invitation, perfect for a wedding in the style of adventure and magic entourage.

Ancient scroll for wedding

Invitation roll with their hands

Such invitations are extremely important, theylook original and unusual. Guests will appreciate the manual work done in the form of a scroll. But these attributes wedding made the right impression, it is worth to take care of their neat form and registration must comply with the original idea. To be safe, ask for help from experts who embody the idea for your invitations to life.

Professional scrolls to the wedding

However, the creation of such products to the wedding wellafford to ordinary people who do not have special skills and abilities. Thanks step by step instructions below, you will be able to make unusual invitation from scrap materials, without spending a lot of time. So you save money and create stylish products for their own wedding!

What you will need: Materials and tools

Produce an invitation in the form of a scroll for weddingperhaps in different ways. For the procedure, you must find the materials at hand, which certainly has a house each family, because there is not much need to purchase a lot of extra items. You can also get creative and produce to scroll to a wedding, for example, wax seal. It is simple, but requires the purchase of additional funds. To create a scroll of the wedding, we will need the following materials and tools:

Materials to create an old scroll for wedding
  • Paper (plain A-4, preferably denser,for drawing / author, it is desirable that resembled fabric / kraft paper - wrapping paper brown, thick, sold in DIY stores or office).
  • Black pen or a printer.
  • Candles, matches or distress ink (black or gold).
  • Corrugated Myotis.
  • Silicone print (optional for decoration).
  • Coffee or tea, spices (cinnamon, vanilla or other aromopryanosti).
  • Sealing wax (better special wax pistol rods).
  • Impression (custom or homemade).
  • Twine, satin ribbon, lace or golden thread.
  • Brush for paint.

Set to create a scroll for wedding

What is required of this depends on whatan invitation to a wedding in the form of a scroll you want to create - "expensive" Golden, the most similar to the old, decorative, "a la old" as well as on the degree of naturalness. Optimally inexpensive set: plain paper, coffee (or tea), a candle, a rope for the dressing of the scroll, a black pen.

Preparations for the wedding invitation from the author's paper

How to make old paper scroll

Paper invitations were aged in several ways:

Dipping scroll to tea
  • If you do not want to mess with aging, buy wrapping kraft paper. It is dense and dark, like in a twisted form of the historic.
  • If you want to made old paperinvitations yourself, take a sheet of A-4, crumple, flatten, and then put it in the tray. Brew strong coffee or tea (about 4 tea bags or 2 tablespoons sheet) and fill the paper with this fluid. Hold on there a few minutes to half an hour, until it is painted in the color you want. It is impossible to dry the paper, putting it under pressure, because during drying of the newspaper which will lie colored scroll invitation together with the color and absorbs moisture, and therefore this side sheet is pale. It is only permissible for the inside of the roll.

Stained crumpled sheet in coffee
  • To sheets for invitations were heterogeneous and with a lot of divorces, do not forget to crush them before painting. You can also put a few granules of instant coffee on the still wet sheet.
  • If you want to paper scroll for weddingIt was not only painted, but also fragrant, add the liquid in the ink a little cinnamon, vanilla and other spices. It can be flavored from the very beginning - it needs to be ordered in such sheets stationery store.

Antique scroll of the wedding

Firing edges

Firing edges dyed and dried beforepaper, you need to give a plausible invitation-aged look. Feelings of aged scroll margins achieved without singeing - with a special paint. To the edge of the invitation seemed shabby, select one of the following methods:

  • Light a candle and gently bring to a flame edgepainted earlier invitation. Quickly the contour sheet. Should get a uniform scorched line. Before you begin to singe invitation, first try on the wrong sheet to see how long it should be kept over the fire. If the sheet does not hold for the angle to the flame, it can bloat, which is not desirable.

Singeing scroll for wedding
  • Light a candle, bring an invitation to the corner andhold until it lights up. Immediately extinguish on a candlestick. Deal with it all the edges. Burnt sheet in such a way will look very natural. To scroll invitation to the wedding smelled of smoke, it is necessary to paint the front of singeing.

Singeing invitation direct combustion
  • Make the kind of scorched sheets without firingcan by painting them black distress ink for vintage photographs. They can be purchased at office supply or photoshop. Invitation to cut off at the edges, and then tushiruetsya this paint the ends.
  • To make an invitation to the wedding does not scrollold and expensive, do not break off the edge, and gently walking up relief scissors tushiruyte golden distress ink. It will be easy to give a festive look kraft paper treated in this way.

Golden distress ink for invitations

Select the font and printing invitation text

Drawing of text on the invitation in the form of a scroll -important stage. The text is already applied to the painted sheets, so as not to scorch the space required for the print-through of the finished text. And, to show that the time scroll deteriorated rather than specifically. text itself can either manually write or print on the printer. If the wedding invitations in the form of a scroll will be many, the first option would be too tiring, so it is better to rely on the fact that the text will be printed.

Many scrolls, invitations for weddings

If the paper is smooth scrolls, you will need a laser printer if impressive - jet. Not taking into account this point, the paint may go bad and spoil the scrolls.

General view of an ancient invitation does not deteriorate,if you find the right fonts. Writing letters in the scrolls characteristic of the period of history when the letters were written by hand, so the fonts should simulate calligraphy. In our time, available to download applications of various types of fonts, including simulating swashes. They not only have beautiful writing, Cyrillic, but also have interalphabetic trunks.

Examples of Russian calligraphy fonts

By the beautiful calligraphic fonts are,for example, Primo, Monika Script. Olietta script BoldItalic Font make your invitation to present valuable and because Old Russian using the mark (in Russian chronicles). Download just a lot of different fonts and pick yourself writing to taste.

Production of printing and decoration scroll

Production of printing and decoration invitation - itdecisive stage. By the beginning of you will already have a ready-made rolls with text printed on them. Will only tie up your message and seal the wax seal. There are several ways to tie and decorate with a letter, use the decoration one of them or one of your own:

  • Tape. Tie the finished scroll for wedding invitation thin silk ribbon, tie on a bow. This is a simple and nice way to seal a message for the wedding.

Red ribbon
  • Twine. Bandage scroll for wedding - twine. Attach it to a tag with the name of the guest, made the same way as the invitation. The ends of the rope pour hot wax, forming a circle with him a small amount of the special wax pistol. When the wax has cooled a bit, make a print. After it dries, roll the wedding will be completely ready.

Scroll to becheskoy and seal
  • Lace. Tie a small lace belt. Measure out the amount of the rolled scroll on it. Glue. Further, if desired, you can tie the belt tape and staple it wax seal.

lace ring
  • Gold braid. Ideal for a wedding invitation in golden tones. On top lace belt or without a lock of golden braid. Glue the ends of its home-made tassels of gold thread.

Gold braid
  • Wax seal. The sheet can fasten directly to the press. To do this, take the wax gun. Put it in wax rod, melt, squeeze the right place in the form of circles. Take the impression (to be ordered in the store or use any flat round metal object, which for convenience is bonded to a metal rod or battery) and print on wax. Sealing wax should be slightly hot to print turned out. If the impression is to be separated from the surface without losing its shape, it should be pressing slightly cooled down.

Sealing wax and printing for wedding

Decorative scrolls on wedding

Just like that, at home, and without the highcosts make original wedding invitations, which will be stored for many years in your loved ones, decorating the interior and recalling the solemn event. Day spent on fun and useful exercise, will help you not only to impress your friends and relatives, but also save a considerable amount of money.

Invitation to the wedding with tag