Watercolor invitation to the wedding

In the coming season, particularly popular inwedding industry will enjoy the natural beauty and naturalness. The trend has already managed to affect many aspects of the art, not disregarding the design of the invitation to the wedding. Delicate translucent cards, decorated with abstract paintings and flowers will help to set up guests for a light romantic atmosphere that will prevail in the upcoming holiday. Watercolor Invitations - Stylish original idea for the modern couple in love.

Ideas watercolor design invitation for wedding

Original watercolor invitations for guests

Many studios offer wedding decormanufacturing watercolor invitations to the development of interesting individual design. By the way, do these messages for guests, if desired, and the availability of free time, and you can own. Exclusive handmade valued much higher than the purchase instance. In addition, it presents a unique opportunity to come up and draw for each guest a unique wedding invitation, thereby expressing its gratitude and respect.

Using watercolors and developed imaginationcreate amazing colorful products, unique and inimitable. To attach a piece of his soul, creating a one-of-a-kind track for each guest, will need a lot of free time. If you do not have them, use another option: make a professional designer watercolor layout that then type in the print shop. This approach to the preparation of the invitation will save not only your time but also money.

If you decide to engage in the manufacturewatercolor messages for guests on their own, for a start you need to be familiar with the varieties of this kind of invitations. Postcards can be unilateral or bilateral, decorated with flowers and abstract compositions, executed in bright, or, conversely, muted pastel colors. The young need to choose the right style, sketch, color, which will be used in the invitation.

Unilateral invitation with flowers

Watercolors - a wonderful tool fortransmission of mood. They are easy to mix, creating unusual color combinations, spectacular gradients. To make beautiful invitations for a wedding using watercolors, you do not have to be a professional artist. With colors make interesting backgrounds for text invitation card decorated with many abstract flowers. Particularly impressive look-sided invitation with lush painted buds. A similar sketch on order can make a professional designer.

Watercolor invitation with floral motifs

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Dvuhctoronnie with abstract patterns

Another fashion trend in the design of the invitationthe wedding - double sided cards with abstract watercolor paintings. This option is ideal if the heroes of the occasion really want to make your own message for the guests, but, because of the inability to draw, fear not cope with the task. To make a spectacular abstract pattern, art skill is not required. To begin practice on separate sheets of watercolor brush strokes do, pick up a nice color combination, then proceed to the creation of their works.

Wedding Invitations with an abstract pattern

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The pastel colors

An important role in the design of watercolorinvitation is the choice of colors. If you plan to execute all components of a wedding celebration in gentle shades of invitations to choose from a palette of pastel colors that will help guests to tune in a romantic mood. Ideally suited pale pink, beige, mint, blue. On this card is appropriate will look delicate flowers or light abstraction. Do not overload the invitation abundance of small intricate parts.

Invitations to tender colors watercolor

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The bright colors

The colorful design of the planned weddingIt involves the preparation of relevant striking invitation. With watercolor paints not only create pastel drawings, but also bright cheerful composition of saturated colors. A popular motif in the decoration invitation - flower. If you want to excel, creating a unique a unique design for your cards, experiment with abstract patterns and bright backgrounds.

Bright watercolor wedding invitations

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Watercolor invitation with envelope

After the invitation to the wedding willready, we are to think about the form in which they send to the guests. To showy watercolor works of art have not lost their appeal, make better use of envelopes, decorated with all sorts of patterns, colors, antique stamps and other decorative elements. Choose envelopes arbitrary size - it will add a playful carelessness will bring "flavor" to the design of the invitation. Also, when the message will be printed by the addressee, it can not inadvertently damage the card.

Interestingly decorated envelopes for invitations watercolor

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Watercolor painting handmade

As noted above, handicraftsthere will always be valued significantly higher than standard store bought items. If you have free time and want to contribute to the design of the upcoming holiday, stock up in advance the necessary materials and boldly proceed to embody their wildest ideas.

For example, interesting invitations doUsing watercolors and white wax. The principle of making compositions with such techniques is that the wax, which is applied to the inscription or picture repels water. For the manufacture of cards you need to prepare watercolor paper, which is sold in specialty stores for artists. Ordinary thick paper risks to succumb to deformation under the influence of water-based paints.

Watercolor Invitations Handmade

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Which fonts are suitable for watercolor invitations

An important stage in the development of designInvitation to the wedding - to select a suitable font. In modern specialized studios working narrow specialists to help select and compose beautiful readable font, ideally suited to the general category of products. If you decide to make your own invitations, apply the text in capital letters with soft, devoid of sharp angles rough outlines. However, remember that the text on the invitation must be well read, so be careful with many "flourishes."

Beautiful watercolor fonts for wedding invitations

Photo watercolor invitation to the wedding

Invitation to the wedding - guests thisthe first news that should not just report about the event, but also reflect its atmosphere and mood. Looking at the resulting message, we can try to assume what style will be soaked celebration, what color will prevail in its design. Watercolor invitations look incredibly touching and gently set up a romantic mood, demonstrate exquisite taste of the bride and groom.

Original watercolor design ideas invitation

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