Unusual Wedding Invitations

Theater begins with a hanger, and the wedding - withinvitation. On how the invitation will be unusual and memorable, it depends on mood of the guests: if the message was sent in advance, it is bright and colorfully decorated, it means that the couple in the same suit and is responsible for the ceremony. Create unusual wedding invitations will not be difficult. How to make a creative, original and unusual invitation?

Invitations Handmade Wedding

Unusual handmade invitation

Some newlyweds find it easier to buycards, invitations than to engage in their own design. But if you want to make the celebration memorable, we recommend you opt for unusual, beautiful and stylish wedding invitations. Such messages appear unique and unrepeatable.

In the style of scrapbooking

Invitations to the wedding in the style of scrapbooking

To obtain an invitation often brideuse scrapbooking techniques. This technique is simple, in contrast, work on the creation of unusual messages you enjoy. For manual work needed routine and inexpensive materials: colored paper, corrugated cardboard, tape, glue, decorations.

Ancient scroll

Referred to as the scroll

Original, stylish and unusual appearancedifferent invitations in the form of an ancient scroll. Retro Scroll is a special format of the messages to the wedding. These wedding invitations in recent years are beginning to push aside the usual greeting. Scrolls easy to do personally, you need to make the text to match your wedding theme, and write it on paper design, decorated accordingly.

The edges of the paper invitation will be uneven, andthe paper itself - aged, with blots, injuries. Twist the sheet so that it took the form of a scroll. The finished product twine wrap and seal wax seal. The upper part of the scroll will need to label, then apply a guest's name, the date of the event.

Invitation to the wedding in electronic form

Electronic wedding invitations

Electronic wedding invitations acquiremore and more popular due to the convenience: no need to go to the post office, buy or make cards. The recipient does not need to wait long for a letter, it comes instantly and does not get lost in transit. If the guest is far away, for example, on another continent, email - the best option.

An e-card

Wedding e-card

An e-card is a colorfulan image that is sent in an unusual way - by e-mail. There are two variants of this invitation: made by itself or made by means of special services.

  • Separate manufacturing require skillsTreatment with graphic editors such as "Photoshop". First, you need to find a ready card template, then there will be only using the program to label a postcard and send it to the recipient.
  • The second option - to go to a paid site that specializes in the creation of e-cards. Pay service, select the appropriate greeting card template, enter data and press the "Submit" button.

Voice Mail

Wedding voice mail

We offer the following options for the sound the letter. The first - a real exclusive. It is necessary to contact the manufacturer of musical greeting cards and order them a series of invitations. Within each have a microchip, which will be recorded audio message newlywed couples. Alas, it's very expensive. There is another option - audio record an computer, and then on an audio CD.

Photo wedding invitation

Wedding invitation

Photo collage with photos couples in love - yetone option unusual wedding messages. It is necessary to choose the successful joint photo, which depicted the lovers. Next picture using "Photoshop" is placed in a ready template that is downloaded in advance on the Internet. You can choose another option: hire a professional photographer who will do some good photos and photo processing invitation to entrust an experienced designer.

Other unusual invitations

Other unusual wedding invitations

In the presence of fantasy there are all possibilitiesto make their own invitations, original and unlike those that are commercially available. Here are some unusual ideas wedding invitation. Who knows, maybe you'll like one of them.

In the form of a magnet

Invitation to the wedding magnets

This species has both aesthetic andpractical purpose. Invitation-magnet will be a long time to decorate the interior of the rooms guests celebration. If the budget allows, order the production of the magnet at the firm, which specializes in souvenirs issue.

In a lottery ticket

Wedding invitation in the form of a lottery ticket

You want to know how to impress and surprise your guests? Make the message in the form of a lottery ticket! Invitation card will look like, but without the date and venue of the celebration. Guests will have to erase the protective layer with a sharp object (think instant lottery) to learn them.

In a marine style: message in a bottle

Another great option - "sea" message. It should look as if he was found in a bottle on the beach. To do this, seal the artificially aged wedding invitation in a bottle green or light green color.

Unusual text wedding invitations

Unusual wedding invitation text

We offer the following options of unusual textsthe wedding. Make the text in the spirit of a telegram with the appropriate punctuation - "pt", "PTA". Another option is the message - an invitation to the English, French, Mexican style. Call guests "sir," "sir," "Monsieur," and let the rest of the text will tell your imagination.

The method of delivery of invitations

The message, delivered personally, the mostguests will remember. Often invitations delivered by courier, to the delivery also attracted the postman or witnesses. If the guest live far, send the invitation by registered mail or e-mail. There is an exclusive option: dress up in costumes children angel that will deliver messages wedding guests.

At the "snack" see what the original wedding invitations can happen if the matter is approached creatively.