The text on the wedding invitations for witnesses

Mandatory items included in the programpre-wedding preparation, is to write the wedding invitations to the guests. The problem of young - to choose the appropriate style of writing, and also to consider the text of the message. Many of the couple, wanting to stand out, to make your holiday unforgettable, using humorous texts in prose and verse, not just to invite guests, but also to surprise them with their ingenuity.

Features of writing invitations for witnesses

Individual invitation letters to friends

Pre chores include not onlychoice of restaurant and wedding dresses, but also the preparation of the text for the invitations, prepare the required number of holiday messages for guests. Witnesses play an important role in any wedding, so they customized invitation cards will be the sign of thanks from the newlyweds. You can choose a formal or humorous form of such messages. The original text of the fun, in addition to its direct purpose, will also showcase creative young to organize the event.

Formal invitations

The official invitation to the witnesses - universal version

Invitation text in the official form -Universal win-win situation that will suit perfectly, if young, for example, do not have time to draw up the original fun-filled messages. In the context of a mad rhythm of modern life, many couples struggle to find the time to legitimize the relationship, and to organize a celebration on this occasion. For this reason, the classic way to witness the wedding invitations will be appropriate.

Official letters usually begin withthe words "Dear (th) ..." or "Dear (th) ...". The classic text is also diluted with phrases like "We are immensely pleased that you will witness such a significant event for us," or "We would be honored to have you as a witness on the occasion of the celebration of our wedding celebration." On the other hand, witnessed traditionally been close friends of the young, so the message is better to avoid such officialdom. Original invitation to the solemn event will ignite a spark of fun friends.

In comic form

Fun text - great for invitation of witnesses

Ideally, the invitation text to the witnessIt must be different from the content of the message addressed to the witness. The role of these people at the wedding is not only important, but not easy, so try to still find time to make the original fun invitations for your favorite friends. Especially appreciate the comic message written with a great sense of humor. The invitation letter can, for example, begin with the words "I am with you in fire, water and even get married ...". To witness fit more sensual lyrics.

Theme Wedding - a great opportunityto come up with the original text of the invitation to the witnesses. The content of the message must match the selected theme. For example, if you arrange an Italian wedding, a letter should begin with the words "My Lord! (Signora!) We must sound the alarm, because our mafia loses its members (young names). They spun amore and decided to make a lot of little bambino! Going (date, time and place) to beat the dishes, make trouble and to empty plates with excellent pasta! ".

Examples of how to sign the wedding invitations

The original invitation - a sign of respect and gratitude to witnesses

Witnesses - the honored guests at any wedding. For the beloved friends who agreed to play this role at the wedding, should prepare interesting unusual invitation. You should show imagination and ingenuity to create a funny or, on the contrary, touching the text that will show a dear friend and a girlfriend, how you appreciate their help and support. Take some time and careful reflection on the content of the letter of invitation, you are sure to come up with an interesting, and most importantly non-trivial text. For example, as follows:

"Dear (names of witnesses), your supportand understanding have always been incredibly important to us. For this reason we dare to ask you in the happiest days of our lives to be close and to witness our wedding. Registration of marriage and the first step in family life will be made (date, time, place). Celebrating festivities take place (time and place). We look forward to you. "

Samples of the text to the witness

Charming wedding invitations for your favorite friends

In the role of the witness is usually the favoritebridesmaid. Think in advance about what to write in the invitation cards for her. There are lots of interesting fun option that can bring a smile, or even laugh girlfriend. Touching a sentimental letter - another great way to invite a witness to the wedding. Be sure to describe your feelings and gratitude to his beloved girlfriend. Here are a few examples of the text of the invitation to the witness:

"My beloved friend, then, finally, came toI have the most long-awaited wedding day. For all the time that we are familiar with, you have become my good sovetchitsey, faithful assistant, sister in spirit, this faithful companion. I am immensely grateful to you for all that we have been side by side for years, our strong friendship. I just can not do without your support during this exciting day, so I beg you to be there to witness the beginning of my new family life with the best man on earth. I'll wait for you, beloved friend, (date, place, time). "

Funny invitation for a witness

The original design of the invitation to witness

The witness - another very important guest atwedding, which acts as a trusted assistant of the groom during bride price, as well as carrying out other traditional rituals. Being a witness at the wedding - it is at least honorable, but still important mission, which is usually assigned only to close friends. In gratitude, the groom should carefully approach the drafting of the text wedding invitations. Ideal - a fun humorous invitation letter. For examples, see below.

"My dear faithful friend, the woman stillIt managed to carry out his evil plan - to lure me to love the network. There is no way for me to find salvation, and I humbly accept your fate. Please do not leave his faithful servant and companion, stand as a witness to the beginning of my new, yet so mysterious and unexplored, family life. wedding celebration will be held (date and place). With trepidation and hope in your heart will be glad you came (time and place). Your (name), hopelessly in love and a future happy family man. "