The text on the wedding invitation for parents

wedding organization - responsible occupation, becauseto ensure that the event was held at the highest level, you need to consider a lot of details. An important stage in the organization of the wedding - guests. The choice is huge invitation, but will not be difficult to make a small card yourself by writing an invitation to those words that would express the feelings of most of the future spouses to the guest. Honorary guest at the wedding are the parents, so the text of the invitation to be special, warm, make them feel how important they are for the newlyweds.

As a sign of invitation to the wedding the parents?

Catching the wedding preparations, honeymooners Seacares, overwhelmed with work: you have to book room, prepare dinner, pick up clothes, take care of the musical accompaniment, to make the guest list, write, send invitations. As a rule, the first invitation receive friends, close relatives. About the invitation to parents the couple somehow forgotten, believing that their presence - it is a reality.

Parents - this is the closest, native people, becauseThanks to their care, the couple love now become who they are and becoming conscious people are ready to create a family. Mom and Dad will be incredibly pleased to receive an invitation to the wedding, which after the event will be stored in an album as a nice, dear heart detail. Invitation for parents should be special - it is better to buy an empty beautiful card or make it to order. Or you can make a video invitation.

Often, a logical question arises newlyweds- How to make the text of the invitation for the family, relatives? No matter how, what words will be written invitation, the main thing that it was genuine, come from the soul, to express all the warmth, love, relationship to parents. Do not use the official phrase, expression, better to choose a warm words, for example, instead of the first, middle write "Dear Mom and Dad!".

Parents - the guests of honor at the wedding

The fate of all people develops differently,well, if both parents are alive and well, living together, then fit a classic text of the invitation, with the reference to the right to both parents. Text can be, both in prose and in verse. If the will of fate remained alive only one person of the parents, it is an invitation to address specifically the mother or father. When parents divorce, their separation, it is necessary to prepare a separate invitation for each

Original wedding invitation in prose and verse

The text of the invitation to the wedding for parentsnot always so easy to make your own, so the couple often use examples or samples of ready-made invitations. Following are the texts of the invitation in verse and prose, which may be used as such or slightly paraphrased, adding something of themselves, so that it was more personal.

Mother mom and father!

Here we have gathered under the crown!

They came together to invite you,

That joy to share with us!

We invite you this Saturday

A little later, from dawn,

To come to congratulate us with the wedding.

To live, we like you - perfect!

The ceremony will take place at the wedding ceremony at: (address registrar)

With love, kids!

The original text of the invitation in verse

Dear Parents!

All this went on and finally happened - two crazy lovers, crazy person decided to twist a cozy family nest! According to the lunar calendar the best date for this would be (wedding date)!

But we need the help and support the mostfamily, native people, therefore, dear parents, we invite you to share the very great joy, a sea of ​​positive emotions and fun with us. We will wait for the specified location!

Bride and groom!

Examples of text invitation for mom

Dear, dear mother!

Not enough of the world of words to describe with words of gratitude for the spent forces you, for your love, tenderness, warmth, that you always gave.

On the day of our wedding, when you hearmarch by Mendelssohn, and the lady in a suit to announce us, "husband and wife!" we would like to see us have only the relatives and loved ones. Therefore, we are sincerely glad to see you with us on the day of our birth family.

Your favorite, loving children!

His own mother!

It would be desirable, but children grow up! Here shalunishka-old son is ready for major changes in his life.

We invite you to the grand compoundour hearts, you will witness the birth of a new family and how the little boy becomes an adult man. The ceremony will happen (wedding date), will be sincerely glad to your presence.

Love Bride and Groom!

The text of the invitation for mom

For Dad

Dear father!

All my life you taught wisdom, guiding the pathloyal, helping to overcome obstacles, he shared with me the joy of victory. It's time to share the greatest joy. We invite you to the grand union of two loving hearts, we ask you to witness the birth of a young family! The official part of wedding event will be held on (date of the wedding) in the central registry office, and then you will be able to raise a glass to the happiness of the young in the restaurant (the name of the restaurant where the celebration will take place)!

Examples of texts in different styles of invitations

Composing an invitation to the wedding, it is importanttake care of according to subject and style of the wedding invitation is written. It is absurd to look invitation decorated and written in the style of Tiffany marine wedding. Therefore, making the text of the invitation for parents to themed wedding, should adhere to the chosen theme.

In the classic style

Favorite parents!

Approaching an important day of our lives when ourdestiny and unite hearts forever. We are happy to share the joy and happiness of the event together with you, we invite you to witness the birth of our family.

We are ready to thank you for the rest of theendless love, tenderness and care. You will be the most expensive, the guests of honor at our wedding, which will take place (wedding date) in the registry office at (address of the marriage palace).

Sincerely Groom and Bride!

The classic text of the invitation for parents

Dear Parents!

There is no limit our gratitude for the donated uslife of sleepless nights, of anxiety, care about us. You gave us all their love and care, bringing up worthy people, the ability to love. We are immensely happy to see you at our wedding day, you will be the most welcome. The wedding celebration will be held: (a wedding date and address of the registrar).

I love the bride and groom.

Favorite Mom and Dad!

So your kids have grown soon for ussounded the march by Mendelssohn, and we will enter into a new life, creating a family. We will learn from life in a different way, guided by your example, keeping the love of your life.

We will be happy to share with you the love and the joy of that day, so we invite you to the wedding, which will take place soon (wedding date).

Sincerely, your children!

In the Russian style

Dear, Father and Mother!

In this happy day (wedding date) are honoredto invite you to be guests of honor at our picks hospitable feast! There is no limit of our gratitude for your efforts, how much you cherish their beloved children, both cherishing.

Bless us at a comfortable, happy, family life, on the day of the wedding celebration.

Your obedient son and future wife of his faithful.

the text of the invitation to the Russian style

In the sea

Dear family captain of the ship and his dear wife!

I sincerely hope that this wedding invitation sailor (name) and the cabin boy (name) will not be regarded as a violation of your table of ranks.

Do not put into words all the gratitude for the trainingnorms of behavior in the ocean of family life. From now on we will be able in practice to apply all this knowledge, hoping to become the captain and his faithful companion on the strong family ship sailing on the ocean of life. In the meantime, we invite you to witness the first run of our small boat in the water, hope for your blessing, wishes tailwind in our sails, smaller storms in our family swimming.

Sincerely sailor and cabin boy!

the text of the invitation to the nautical style

Parents - close and native people, who are willingall for the sake of the happiness of their children. Preparing for a wedding event, for a bunch of worries million important things is to provide a couple of minutes to write a few lines of warm words invitation card for parents. It is not necessary to write poetry or compose elegant poem, enough a couple of words, but that come from the heart, from the heart and express all the love and gratitude.