The text of the invitation to the wedding grandparents

The wedding celebration begins long before thethe event. Once guests receive the invitation to the feast, they first impression of the upcoming holiday. Therefore, the preparation of the text of these cards, their design, design should be approached carefully. Particularly important invitation to the wedding ceremony for friends, family people, especially if it's grandparents.

Wedding invitations

How to sign the invitation to grandparents?

Traditionally, the first invitation to a celebrationpeople are the parents of the newlyweds, who help in the organization of the whole event. Behind them invitation cards sent by grandparents. It is important to do so in advance so they have time to prepare and get (depending on place of residence). If all the other guests, you can create placeholder text and enter only the desired names in the cards, the better for the family to make a personal invitation.

How to make an invitation for grandma

For each wedding grandmother's grandchildren - theemotional and meaningful day. It is therefore important not only to consider the words of invitation cards, but also the delivery method letter. It will be correct if the bride and groom personally hand over the invitation to his grandfather, granny. Even with many kilometers of distance between you, they will have to come a long route to attend your event. So thank them the same, arriving in advance with the unexpected visit, to invite to the feast.

Invitation card on wedding

Composing text wedding invitations for his native grandmother, you need to consider some rules:

  • The text should be informative. It clearly must be marked the triumph of the date, the duration, place of registration, celebration.
  • Card must be in classicstyle. Older people can not appreciate the creative invitations bright colors, they simply do not understand. The design of the invitation for the grandmother to be conservative, with pastel gentle tones, because the wedding - it's a classic ritual. Grandma then save the card, put it in a frame or glued into an album of photos from your wedding, so make sure that its design was worthy.
  • Private treatment. The text, being used for native people, should not contain any formal complaints, severe dry expressions. They need to spend a warm gentle words: "Native grandmother", "My favorite granny and grandpa", "Dear my grandparents."
  • Thanks. When writing a text does not skimp on the words of gratitude. Write as you it is important that such a home, a loved one has been close to this momentous day.

Invitation to the wedding ceremony

The official form

example 1

Our Favorite!

We have great pleasure to invite ourfavorite grandparents (date) (time) at the ceremony of marriage registration, which will take place in the Palace of Weddings at (insert address).

The celebration with a festive program, dedicated to this event will take place (time) at (name of the banquet hall, its location).

We are looking forward to your presence at our celebration!

Newlyweds (s)

example 2

Dear grandmother!

With great joy we invite you to a celebration in honor of our wedding, which will take place on (date) (time)

at the following address: (write the location of the registrar).

The event - (time).

We are happy to share with you an unforgettable moment of our lives!

Sincerely, newlyweds.

How to sign the invitation cards grandmother

In free style

example 1

Our Precious!

We would like to invite you to the most important events in our lives.

We decided to combine our fortunes, our hearts (date), to create a strong happy family.

We would be pleased and happy if you could have witnessed such an important event and shared with us our happiness.

The ceremony will be held in the registry office at (specify address), the beginning - (time).

See you!

Bride and groom.

example 2

This day (wedding date) for someone to pass unnoticed and will not remain in memory. But for us it will be one of the most pleasant and joyful in life.

We want you, our favorite (s) were with us at the moment when we unite our hearts and bind themselves lawful matrimony.

The wedding ceremony will take place (time) at (insert address). Magnificently walk wedding we will be in the banquet hall (restaurant locations).

In advance we want to invite you to a banquet on the occasion of our Golden Wedding - (date).

Your favorite bride and groom (s).

Invitations for the day in free style wedding

Wedding invitation poems

As in verses invite Grandma to a wedding

The text of the invitation to the wedding for grandparents

example 1

Our Favorite (s)!

We would like to share with you the good news.

(Date) - on our wedding day!

Among those whom we wish to see in the festive event, it has to be you. Give us your support in such an important day, share our joy and happiness.

The celebration will take place (at) the beginning - (time).

Sincerely grandchildren.

example 2

Our Precious (s)!

We would like to inform you - we're getting married!

We know that this day will become for us the beginning of a new beautiful and happy life. Our wedding is unthinkable without you, our dear, beloved and highly respected people.

We sincerely hope that you honored us with his presence at the festival (date and time).

Your favorite grandchildren.

A beautiful text for a wedding invitation

Wedding invitation poems

Grandmother, grandmother I have a new dress ....

Not pink not purple ...

And the most-the most gentle ...

And it is a snow-white !!!

And shoes and veil,

Unearthly beauty!!!

And grandmother, wiping away his tears,

Demand, but where are the roses ???

You Grandma, do not worry ..

All there is even a loaf !!!

Here is my invitation to you dear for you !!!

You're my grandmother just gold !!!

And my grandmother looked at wedding dress,

And I told to be happy !!!

Grandma, I'll tell you a secret!

Soon my wedding will take place !!!

Happy bride in the world is not !!!

Let this feeling lasts forever !!!

This is an invitation for you

It simple verses ...

all say the word - love,

After all, we're in the age of home !!!

Take the bride in our family,

Grandma, I love you very much !!!

The grandmother, a native word for heart !!!

She is always ready to help everyone !!!

That's grown so fast your grandson ...

Flew years as a sound !!!

As if not a long time, but you've become a grandmother ...

Granddaughter of the long-awaited you are swaddled.

And now in the hands of a wedding invitation ...

This adult, wise My decision ...

Grandma, I like a little boy embrace and kiss you!

Beach, like his native grandmother !!!!