Texts wedding invitations in classic form

To the wedding left a pleasantmemories for all participants, it is necessary to carefully consider every detail. Leave a good impression can be delicious food at the banquet, imaginative outfits Suite or witnesses, an interesting theme wedding, but first you need to properly invite guests. Some couples do not pay enough attention to invitations, but this component of the wedding ceremony is important. How to make the text of the invitation to the wedding? Let's find out!

Examples of writing the text for the invitation to the wedding

Wedding invitations are thougha small, but a part of the celebration, so their execution should be approached seriously. It is better if an individual text to be written for each guest. You can write your own or find on the Internet. There are lots of different classical texts for invitation cards:

  • officials;
  • thematic;
  • humorous;
  • in verse;
  • in prose, etc.

In the picture an example of an unusual wedding invitation

Writing an invitation in classic style

If the wedding is planned in the classic style withoutextravagant clothing or extraordinary ceremony, then the invitation to guests also need to bear in the classic formal style. Classic wedding still remain the most popular, because they respected the traditions even parents. In modern classic wedding format any decor on different themes fits easily, so classic invitation includes a variety of texts: official, romantic, theme and even with humor.

For a classic wedding appropriate stringent formcards with cutouts. Sophistication and elegance emphasize the thick paper, and will serve as an ornament tape, beads, new family monogram or family crest. But the most important part of the invitation card - is the text. He must be very special, made up of several components:

  1. Introduction. The text begins with a pair of common words, personal history, love.
  2. Invitation. Text - an appeal to the visitor.
  3. Description solemn event.
  4. Program indicating the place, time.

Here are some options of classical texts:

  • The fate of the great gift we have received: our hearts were captured great love and soul found happiness in each other. March 1, 2016 we want to swear each other eternal love, loyalty and register relationship. Expensive ___! We will be glad if you share our happiness, as well as with us Celebrate this momentous occasion at ____. Start will be held at 18.00 (Names Suite).
  • The inevitable happened - our AmazingLove reached the point that we want to twist the nest! The stars tell us that the best day for a wedding - it's March 1, 2016! We will be happy to enlist your support to together to share the emotions of the day. Immerse yourself with us in an atmosphere of boundless love! Dear ____! Be with us in this great event in the registry office (time e), and enjoy the holiday, which will take place (time e). (Names of the groom, the bride).
  • We were together day in 1582, and finally it happened! March 1, 2016, our wedding will take place! Expensive ____! Share with us the joy and celebrate this event. Official registration will take place (place, time). The first family holiday will take place (place, time). We are waiting for you with impatience: the groom, the bride.

Classic formal wedding invitation text

Unusual texts wedding invitations

Unusual wedding invitation - this is not justdesire to please loved ones elegant style of performance or tissue paper, and the presence of live, warm the text, which the official or classic differs some zest. And if the text is supplemented by an unusual extravagant postcard made with your hands, then your ticket will be left for safekeeping and will be periodically to admire the creative approach.

An example of a classic but unusual text:

"Spring! Fragrance greenery, delightful trill of the nightingale, and fabulous dancing bunnies! A striking symbol of the joy of the spring will be a reunion of two loving hearts! Favorite our ______! We would like to invite you to the grand event, which is expected in the sea of ​​positive, stable atmospheric front of love and precipitation in the form of laughter and joy, as well as an unforgettable riot of spring colors! The Union will be sealed at (address of the registrar, time, date). Festive extravaganza will: (address, time, date). Loving Heart (names of the newlyweds). "

Unusual handmade wedding invitation

Thematic texts

Classic texts may be at a wedding whereclearly defined topic, such as stilyazhnaya wedding, Italian, Hawaiian, or rock 'n' roll party. Invitation issued on the subject, will be a family heirloom or wedding decoration best album. Here are some classic texts for thematic weddings:

  • Italian

Senorita! Signora! Mafia structures lose their best people! (The names of the newlyweds) spun amore, want many small bambino! We invite you to row and beat a lot of the restaurant at _____ to ____ hours utensils March 1, 2016. The presence of a must!

  • Pirate

Lord! A pair of adventurers reports, after years of wandering in the seas and oceans of love, we've found a treasure! On the Passion of the island in an ocean of tenderness we found a mutual love that will last us until the end of life! Share with us a grand feast on the occasion of this significant event (address, date, time). The request to have a parrot for competitions, wooden legs for dancing, chests of gold for gifts. Come on board the ship together! (The names of the newlyweds).

  • Hipsters

Dude (name)! Chuvikhi (name)! Throw your business and privalivay to our wedding party, which will take place (address, date, time). Password to login: colored ties, socks, sunglasses, bows, shirts, shoes and other style attributes 50s. Your cool buddylist (groom's name, bride).

Pirate Theme Wedding

Funny and fun

The younger generation of the classic weddingsHe prefers the original show, do not require large financial costs, but funny and creative. Therefore, in the preparation of wedding invitations great attention is given to humor and jokes. But the main thing - do not move away from a sense of proportion, not to offend anyone. Funny texts invitation depends on the wedding style, the degree of proximity to the groom or bride.

For example, parents to send more classical texts and witnesses, or friends are allowed different humorous texts. For the brother of the groom will be appropriate to the invitation:

  • "I'm sorry, brother, could not resist! I am not - life is! I am waiting for you without a weapon on the right (date, time, place). Will all the lads. Wipe avaricious man's tears and give no offense. Your brother (groom's name) and sister (the bride's name). " The rest of the guests laugh this text: "Warning! Says (city name). Starting a spaceship called "Let's risk, and then we'll see!" The ultimate purpose of the flight - the star of "Success!". Piloted (young names). All interested to attend the launch at (time, place, celebrations). "

Funny invitation to the wedding

In verse and prose

Classical texts for wedding invitationswritten in verse and in prose. Some couples simply buy ready-made cards with verses and then inscribe them in the names of invitees. But creativity is always more valuable. We offer a selection of classical texts in verse and in prose. We hope that our efforts will not go in vain and the texts will be useful to you.

We wish to declare seriously:
We decided to create a family!
And we ask you, it is too late,
All your plans change!
Care and deeds leave
And hurry up to our wedding!
Pockets fill up to the top,
With a grab gifts!


On this day, happy, joyful for us
Bright, warm, most long-awaited,
Heartily we invite you
Be a guest, I sincerely wish!
Share the joy with us in half,
We sincerely you will be happy!
Let's wedding gift to us will be
Your sincere joyous views!


I went after her,
At night wandering,
Matching words
I did not find.
But she found,
He came to me,
For life love
For the two of us came.
Create your
The new family.
Come to the wedding,
Best friend, my!
Congratulations to us
You're my cook!
Happiness in our lives
I brought the love!


Dear __________!
In our life there are happy and joyful moments that I want to share with dear people. Therefore, we invite you to discover with us a new chapter of the book of our lives.
Our wedding will be held on (date, time) in the registry office at __________. Then we wait for our dear guests in the restaurant at __________ _________.
Yours sincerely, (names and signatures of the newlyweds)


Favorite our ____________!
Your support, understanding and friendship have always been important for our couples. That's why we really want in the happiest day of our lives, that you were with us!
We are pleased to invite you to our wedding. Solemn registration will take place in the central registrar office (date, time) at ___________. The wedding will take place in the temple in the ____ ________.
Festive banquet will be held in the restaurant _____________, ____ in the evening. We are waiting for you impatiently.
With Love (names of bride and groom).


Dear ______ (name)
We invite you to be our guest this exciting, but also a happy event.
(Where, when, how much) Held our wedding ceremony.
With thanks, (sign the bride and groom)