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Preparations for the wedding - a long process, duringyou want to have time to do much. One of the most important steps is to send invitation cards. You officially notify all their relatives, friends about the upcoming event, so it must be done nicely and properly, to inspire future participants of the celebration of the wedding idea. Send an invitation advised not later than one month before the holiday, and if you plan on visiting a ceremony outside the city or in another location, inform guests about the plans must be at least two months before the wedding.

Beautiful layouts invitation to the wedding

Where can I get a beautiful layout wedding invitations?

Once the recipient receives an invitation towedding, his first impression about the event, its subject, spirit and direction. It is important to carefully consider not only the text of the letter, but also the layout of the wedding invitation. It should be beautiful, pleasing to the eye, and to be decorated according to the theme chosen a celebratory banquet. There are many choices of invitation cards that will match the style of the wedding: order in the printing industry, in a wedding agency, purchase of office departments or to make their own hands.

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Order in the printing industry or have a wedding agency

More and more couples choosing layoutsinvitation cards, prefer an exclusive registered options. Ready-made cards from the stationery store are made in the laconic style, have a standard boilerplate text. But individual wedding cards ordered from the artist-designer, allow the couple to express their imagination, to stand out, make your celebration unique.

Wedding invitation

Order in printing invitations printing willmore expensive than buying ready-made, because you have to additionally pay for the service of the artist, the designer work. In addition, the cost will increase due to the small circulation. But you can make different invitations to all its guests. So, boss, colleagues recommended to create a classic cards with the official text, but the mother - more personal and unusual layouts. For close friends will approach creative invitations with a humorous text inside.

Mock-ups of wedding invitation cards

Orders the printing of cards, not only inprinting, but also have a wedding agency. Ask your wedding event manager or organizer of such a service. Most wedding agency has a staff of artists who are ready to realize all your ideas. Among the newlyweds most in demand models such invitation cards for the wedding:

  • Standard paper letter with an envelope, box or tube.
  • The traditional invitation to the wedding, made with the help of design paper, artistic illustrations.
  • Invitation-book (inside there are several pages).
  • Scroll - the text printed on the aged or other paper wrapped into a tube and tied with complication.
  • Invitation envelopes - all sides of the envelope are revealed, and the corresponding text is printed on the inner sheet.

Letters of invitation to the wedding

Ensure there is necessary not only for the beautiful layout,but also the packaging for it. Packing is cardboard, paper, fabric, plastic. Fragile and delicate packaging materials are used only when the invitation will be given into the hands of guests. But if the letter will have to do a long trip by mail or pass through the hands of a courier, you need to take care of the integrity of the package, placing it in a manila envelope, made in the same style as the design of greeting cards.

Choose among the free templates for download

Not always-store layouts invitationssatisfied with the bride and groom on all counts: not the right color, incorrect fonts, plain text inside. You want to make a unique original postcards, but to order them from a professional artist in the print shop does not have opportunities, then use the free templates for download.

Electronic templates for wedding invitations

The network has plenty of layout optionsin electronic format. You can choose a suitable template color, style, size. Convenient electronic models by the fact that they not only can you print and send a paper wedding invitation, and send via email to guests staying in the other settlements.

Print selected models and modify themown taste. Some with the help of graphic editors attached to the template photo bride and groom. Enter your own original invitation text by writing the names of newlyweds, enter the date, the place of celebration. Use decorative elements to your cards began to resemble handmade: Attach satin bow, glue beads, rhinestones, lace.

Download models of wedding invitations

Make your own hands

Layouts invitations made by your own hands, it ismanifestation of attention to the guests. Each invitee will appreciate received a letter with a card made in handmade art. This method is suitable for the creative individuals, the bride and groom, who are able to show imagination and embody it. To make your own layout, print templates and decorate them to your liking, or make an invitation with his own hands from the beginning to the end.

Homemade invitations layouts

It is recommended to watch the videomaster class experienced handy to learn step by step instructions and product manufacturing techniques. Use beautiful paper designer, who designed the edge stapler with shaped indentation, bright décor. Text in homemade invitations recommended not to print using the printer, and write by hand a beautiful calligraphy. Such personal attention and personal approach will appreciate each destination.

Invitation to the wedding ceremony with his own hands

If you can not make layouts invitationsyourself, then entrust this work to recommend the artist-designer. Experienced master you create invitation cards with their own hands, using the art of painting technique, decoupage, scrapbooking. Such cards are much more expensive than printed in a printing house or purchased from the stationery store, but they are really exclusive.

Stylish designs for wedding invitations

What information should be on the invitation layout?

Choosing a beautiful layout for an invitation, you mustconsider the information to be written on it. The text on the wedding invitation should contain detailed information about the upcoming celebration, its features, as well as the names of the senders. There is a list of mandatory and desirable things that must contain a letter of invitation to the wedding.

  • Destination. The letter is addressed to a single person, a couple or the whole family the same. For people who are not married but have a long-term relationship, to be specified in the "+1" invitation. That is, it is assumed that you are waiting for him at the feast in the second half. To address the letter to the recipient must be in the official form, or to use only the names (for relatives and close friends).
  • Note the reasons for the event. The text should contain a clear description, after which guests are invited. No vague phrases are unacceptable, it is necessary to articulate what a celebration is planned to mark the wedding.
  • Date and time. It is necessary not only to identify the date of the holiday, but also the start time to register the marriage ceremony, wedding (if scheduled) and a celebratory banquet.
  • A place. The invitation informs the visitor not only to the wedding date, but also a place of celebration. In a letter to the registrar registers the address, the church, the banquet hall.
  • Dress code. Particularly important is the time of the dress code for the wedding themed parties. The invitation letter must be carried out according to the style of holiday, to give the visitor to understand what event awaits him. Private line invitation cards reserved for text on topics pm, and wishes about the costumes for all those present.
  • Confirmation of the presence. When ordering a banquet hall, the bride and bridegroom need to know the exact number of guests. To this end, the invitation specifies additional data to which recipients are asked to give notice of its presence or absence at the wedding.
  • List of gifts. To facilitate the task of the guests choice of gifts will help a dedicated wedding website newlyweds. The site or personal page in a social network Bride and groom make vish list with a list of desired gifts. Visitors to the page - the future guests visiting the site, they say the name of the gift, which is going to give. It invited to the celebration will distribute purchase gifts to each other and not be repeated. The invitation cards need to write the address of a wedding site.

Photo-collection of samples of wedding invitations

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