Original invitation to the wedding with his own hands

Preparing for the solemn day in the life of everyoneman - the wedding begins with invited guests. Bridal salons are filled with a large selection of invitation cards, which a couple can buy, guided by its taste. However, if you want to make a day of celebration memorable and original, it is necessary to give preference to the unusual design of this attribute. Best of all, if it will be invitations to handmade wedding, because you can convey on paper all the emotions, to invest in their soul. Guests will appreciate this mark of attention.

How to make the original invitation with your own hands

To create a beautiful invitation cardGuest yourself, you need a lot of patience, perseverance, and most importantly - in a good mood. You do not have to have incredible creative talents, it is important to do it with soul, positive mood. Connect to the process of their loved ones, to the preparations for the wedding was easy, fun and relaxed.

  • To create handmade invitations needKnow your wedding theme, color scheme. After all, they are the hallmark of this momentous day. Get the right decor, use ready-made models from the Internet. Connect to business acquaintances, specializing in the design and graphics.
  • If you decide to get readysamples, try to make them something different, unusual. A simple invitation card for the wedding should be complemented with beautiful satin ribbons decorate the envelope and layout complement the newlyweds photo.
  • An interesting solution would be for a weddingUse gum wrappers «love is ..» or the decoration of the wedding invitation in the form of an ancient scroll. Decide what you want to see: a more romantic and classic invitation, funny or fun, perhaps themed designs. Sweet Lovers will be delighted by the invitation to the edible sweets, chocolates and other delicious media.
  • Another option may be to inviteserve pictures of the future spouses as a child and a special photo shoot, held a month or two before the wedding. Picture taken in black and white, as before, that the whole composition is blended together. It will look individual, stylish and with a twinkle.

Invitation with baby photo newlyweds

Be prepared to spend money andprecious time creating invitations. Making invitations with your own hands will take more than one day. It all depends on the number of guests and the complexity of the chosen card. Stock up on patience and strength to make your own greeting cards, invitations for guests. Manual work is laborious, but is distinguished by its exclusive appearance and value for you and loved ones.

Possible invitation to the wedding with his own hands

What may be needed

Before performing work make sure that allthe necessary materials, tools, templates, which will be needed to create your invitation to the wedding. You do not have to buy professional kits for scrapbooking, artist brushes, etc. Purchase only the necessary materials and tools can be found in your home. Prepare:

  • White construction paper;
  • Colored construction paper or cardboard;
  • Fabric ribbons (it can be silk, satin);
  • Lace.
  • Templates, samples.
  • Scenery (beads, stickers, rhinestones, ribbons);
  • Scissors;
  • Glue;
  • Stationery knife;
  • Double-sided tape;
  • Ruler.

Depending on the design, colors,materials will change and this list. There are ideas for which the paper is not completely necessary. For example, the invitation in retro style, which is made on a conventional vinyl record, or in a nautical theme - the inscription on the shell. It is also a popular option in this invitation chocolate bar. In fact, chocolate can fill any inscription on your order. From this invitation, made with his own hands, will not give one.

Props to create invitations with your own hands

Where can I get the templates for invitations

You may not need to owndraw layouts, cut samples. If you can draw beautifully and skillfully use programs like Photoshop, CorelDraw, then the best option would be preparing their own templates. If you plan to ease the problem, there are services, where it is easy or free of charge to download the appropriate online template.

A popular service to create invitationsfor the wedding with his hands on the basis of a template site printclick, where you can quickly simulate the desired option. Among the huge choice of pick up option for the wedding of any style, colors, considering his tastes and preferences. The model can also be made from a conventional background, just right to cut it in any editing program.

Templates for wedding invitations

How to draw up and sign the text of invitation

Beautiful invitation card for the dayWedding surprise only the outer "packaging." Your contribution to the creation of memorable wedding attributes to the weight, if you add to the sonorous and beautifully decorated words. Here are a few tips for the selection and preparation of texts for wedding invitations:

  • If you invite a large number of people,individual writing text on the invitation is a difficult task. Be prepared to multiple templates for family, friends and acquaintances, sign them competently and original. For the loved ones may be used more informal greeting.
  • According to the rules of etiquette, if you treat people,which do not involve close contact, should begin with the words of invitation: "Dear Sir / Madam", to emphasize the polite tone treatment. For loved ones, parents, friends, treatment can begin with the words "my dear / th". To everyone felt its significance, go to the process responsibly, choose the desired text template for all guests, please contact by name.
  • It is important to specify a date for the wedding, the address of the ceremonywedding and wedding reception venue. If you are planning a thematic celebration, a certain dress code - must inform the guests at a wedding invitation.

As a sign of invitation with the wedding dress code

There is a huge amount of text templatesin prose or verse. Which option you choose depends on personal preference. Text for godparents, grandparents should consider individually, choose a beautiful poem or just write on my own, from the heart. It can be decorated with an interesting font, printed or written by hand.

Invitation to the wedding with his hands step by step instructions

Create and print yourpostcard invitation personally. So your invitation to the wedding will turn out an exclusive, unusual, not like at all. Here you will be able to give freedom to your imagination, have fun with all the heart, and also connect your family to carry out this difficult but exciting task.

For this operation will need the following materials and tools:

  • cardboard black and beige;
  • wide ribbon of red color;
  • line;
  • stationery scissors or a knife;
  • folding bone;
  • pencils;
  • double sided tape.


  1. Cut sheet in half beige cardboard (cardboardA4). At the first stage we will use only one half of the cut board, and the second reserve. Then take the black cardboard and cut by half a centimeter short of the leaf.
  2. Put half of our beige leaf over black, and then celebrate on the right edge of about three centimeters.
  3. Take line and via folding brushes leave marks on the paper beige ends.
  4. Then bend all the marked edge.
  5. We get ready the basis of invitation, which should be slightly noticeable beige stripe.
  6. To an invitation could be closed, take a wide band of red. This wraps up his belt, leaving a small overlap. Double-sided adhesive tape to help us to easily seal the edges.
  7. We proceed to the decoration: in our case we use a neat silhouette sprigs. This elegant piece will add to your Members referred unprecedented sophistication, charm. Use whichever decor, bringing flair and personality to your wedding attribute.
  8. Supplement for wedding invitations will helpelegant card small size, so that guests can confirm their presence at the wedding or write the reason for which they can not come. It should be small and fit in an envelope. Cut off the black board and a smaller beige. Glue the beige to the black part, cut the ribbon of the desired size and repeat what we did with the main invitation cards. That's all, your invitation is ready to ship.

Invitation for wedding handmade

The original invitation-roll their own hands: photo

Invitation-scroll for wedding