Invitations to the wedding in a nautical style

What could be nicer prenuptial hasslesome detail to consider in the first place? This is an invitation, the creation of which requires careful consideration. Let your wedding will be the main range of the blue color, it symbolizes loyalty and evokes associations with the sea. If you have a wedding in a nautical style, imagine a combination of white and blue will look unusual in the design of the invitation and will recreate the atmosphere of the mood for celebration and fun guests.

How to decorate the invitations in a marine style

Wedding - is an event that occurs onceonce for a lifetime, so you want everything to be in a special, memorable, not like at all. In this case, all the beauty and decoration bring their bit: the decoration of the wedding invitation plays a role. There are plenty of options for its decoration in marine style:

  • For example, paint the card with envelope marine tones, using images of various fish, dolphins, waves, ship.

Intriguing sea coloring invitations
  • Instead decor handmade looks elegant with elements of maritime objects: stars, pictures of sand, shells, ropes, anchors.

Decor invitation with marine paraphernalia
  • Show on the card for the mermaid and Tritonbanquet table with the bride and groom's faces. Such an idea is easy to implement your own hands, it is able to interest and impress any recipient because it's so romantic.
  • Another option - is to use the vintagetheme, using something like an urgent telegram to the urgent challenge at the grand event. Beat the style of the invitation, perhaps as an old envelope, wrapped in a piece of burlap from which peeps card.
  • Interestingly used as such attribute- Magnet indicating newlyweds names and the date of their wedding on blue-white background. It's nice for the guest, as a kind of souvenir, and also does not require any additional decorations. These magnets are made to order.

text invitation

Not an easy task to come up with an invitation to the seastyle and find the right line, suitable for a wedding this attribute. Newlyweds always approach this issue very carefully, hesitate, doubt and pick up a few options that takes a lot of time. A very important text that you want to use:

  • He must be sure to observe the marine theme, to be hospitable, friendly, allowed a little bit of humor, maybe romance.
  • Make sure you must specify the date, location, time of solemn events, describe the plan of the planned visit places.
  • Marine style of the text can be beatentheme vessels bulge of the earth and the sea unite their destinies in one sail, which sails to the island of happiness. Happiness Island implies a long and happy married life filled with love, or the registry office where the solemn ceremony of the painting will take place.

Interesting text of the invitation on the marine theme
  • Create a small schedule of events taking place on that date, using theater style, for example:

Act 1. Redemption of the bride.

Act 2. The official signature.

Act 3. Feast.

  • The invitation may contain information about the code dress, under which guests will be dressed.
  • A method of printing can be either by hand, recalling the good old days, and you can refer to the printing, so as not to waste time filling in postcards.

Invitation to the wedding by the sea in style

Options invitations in a marine style

Thinking through all the details at the wedding, it would be desirablechoose the best, to invent something unusual, the economic aspect also contributes. Some newlyweds prefer to consult a specialist, not puzzling over the creation and inventing a bike, because the people who are doing it all the time, can choose the right idea faster.

Invitation ticket for liner

Invitations nautical theme - this is whatactually create their own hands, spending a minimum of means that would look nice, gentle, simple in execution. Dream a little, allow yourself to think of how best to beat the invitation marine style. For a variety of ideas, try a few options invitations marine plan to make definitively what you enjoy most: a stylized postcard, message in a bottle or invitation scroll.

Option marine style with waves

Stylized card

People like to get letters so relevantwith a stylized version of the postcard, such as handmade. Using marine style, fantasy clear up from any, even the most inexperienced newlyweds. Decorated in a nautical style possible with a striped pattern of blue and white palette, ocean waves, sea image attributes (pebbles, shells, fish, anchor):

  • Give the invitation of the form, for example, sea shell, within which is postcard or paint the ship sails.
  • With sand with glue on the envelope or postcard picture a seagull, sunset at sea, the lovers of the heart.
  • On the envelope glue marks with anchors, ships and other marine objects.

A stylized version of the card under the sea

Message in a bottle

Guests will be pleasantly surprised, having received an unusualwedding invitation as a bottle, which signed the letter. Take a small bottle, take a card with text and put into the closing stopper. Alternatively, instead of the cork using a scroll rolled product itself. The décor will rope entwined around the neck, and with the help of sand glued to the bottom and walls of the bottle you symitiruete the impression as if it had just been found on the coast.

Invitation in a Bottle on sea wedding

scroll Invitation

You might like to a concise versionusing an invitation in the form of a scroll. This case involves the use of only the cards with text that is wrapped, shaped into a scroll and tied with ribbon. Ribbon, you can decorate a nautical theme objects (stars, shells, anchors), or replace it with marine rope. Gently will look a little Hawaiian flower (lily or lily), attached to the scroll.

Wedding invitation in the book with marine motifs

Wedding invitation in a nautical theme with their own hands

Armed with the ideas mentioned above, donot necessarily to pay for the creation of the invited guests, the more that is not always an outsider artist will produce precisely the alternative that is not able to meet without demanding the culprit celebration. Always remain minor issues, the details of which have not been taken into account.