Invitations Handmade Wedding

Invitation to the wedding - it is an important anda mandatory attribute of celebration, which invited seen immediately, even before the celebration. It is therefore important that the cards for the solemn event were performed qualitatively, original and in the same style with the wedding, where guests are invited. That they are unique and maximize meet the needs of the newlyweds, they should perform their own hands, or order from the masters, offering handmade attributes. To do this, there are many varieties and techniques by means of which are real masterpieces.

Handmade Invitation

Invitations handmade wedding theme

If preparing a themed wedding, the invitations should be made stylish. There is a rich variety of topics for the beautiful and interesting wedding, popular are:

  • in the style of Tiffany (shine, retro, glamor and modernity in one bottle, turquoise and white tones);
  • Rustic (naturalness, closeness to nature);
  • Marine style (yachts, blue and blue colors).

Handmade invitations for weddings such easydo it yourself, thanks to computer technology and the availability of printing presses. Handcrafted always looks expensive, beautiful and unique, and even save the wedding budget.

Invitation to the wedding theme

The Tiffany style

"Tiffany" style implies thatused in the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's." This 50-ies of the last century, slightly adapted to modernity and to adopt some glamorous notes of that era. In drawing up the invitations to the wedding in the style you want to use a white and turquoise color palette in their design (it is a prerequisite), decorate them with ribbons, crystals, shiny brooches and pearls. Good will look openwork edge of invitation cards or severe forms.

To your attention the idea of ​​creating two handmade "in the style of Tiffany" attributes.

  1. A card is appropriate to create an album in the form ofdrive on which really recorded the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's." On the cover, type the text of the invitation by the dress code requirement (it will be convenient to put the group in social networks, and provide a link in the invitation), place and time of the wedding. It will also look spectacular and decoration in the form of a book, a page which shows footage from the movie and posted the necessary information for the guests.
  2. A simpler option - turquoise paper rollscroll, decorate fabric and lace beautiful pendant in the form of a crystal, tied with ribbons. Or run in the form of opening the envelope, the sides of which are associated with tape. Inner or outer surface decorate with rhinestones.

Invitation cards handmade in Tiffany style


A distinctive feature of the rustic-style weddingis the beauty of the simple, because "A rustic" means "village". Invitation in this style just to make their own hands. For this ideal dark textured paper, cardboard, kraft paper, twine, instead of ribbons and decorations in the form of paper or fabric appliqués, lace, bark, twigs, dried flowers, burlap, bows and paintings. Everything must be natural and natural. The inscription on the invitation card handmade can be sketched by hand or printed, or even creative.

Invitation Rustic

Several useful ideas:

  • Made with the help of a branch with leaves imprintdark ink on a sheet of paper. Print the text of the invitation is dark brown ink. Draw a plan of the route to the venue of the wedding, the dress code rules, timing. Put everything in the envelope of the same color and texture. Bandage technical yarn or twine, tie the ribbon, attach the fabric of canvas tags with the name of the addressee.
  • Twist roll, using kraft paper, which will be written on the inner side of the hand or typed text, scroll twine tie, fasten wooden brooch with the name of the addressee.
  • Take the cardboard with floral print, put onIt has a small white envelope with the text of the invitation, tie the knot design courtesy of the technical yarn, decorate with colored buttons. On the reverse side of the board you can put a user's email address.

Natural ideas for invitations

In a marine style

Invitations to marine style can be:

  • in the form of cards with painted on them, starfish, seahorses, seashells, sailor stripes,
  • volume: box with sand, stones and sea shells within which lies an envelope with an invitation, tied with a ribbon or rope; envelope, sealed with this sea star, this seashell; card with surround lamination or glazing, inside which quietly falls out sand, gravel and shells; Bottle with a letter-scroll.

Marine style invitation for wedding

Letter-roll in a bottle looks beautiful, exclusive and easily made at home:

  1. With an empty glass bottle (0.5 l.), Remove the label and clean from adhesive residues.
  2. Print the invitation on the sheet.
  3. To give the appearance of an old, anneal the edges of paper candle and try to trim the paper a yellowish or brownish. You can lightly hold in brewed coffee, to give a darker shade.
  4. Fold the sheet into a roll.
  5. Tie the twine or the antenna wire.
  6. Place the bottle and close the cap.
  7. Attach to the bottle two-sided adhesive tape the words "Invitation", or bound the rope at the same inscription hidden in a paper postcard-shell. There you can mark and the name of a guest.

Scroll in a bottle for a wedding

Techniques used for the invitations handmade

Classical wedding should not be boring,so the card for a wedding, too, must be original. There are many methods and techniques that will produce and arrange beautiful and unusual invitation yourself. Over the most common techniques for working with paper - scrapbooking, decoupage, quilling, origami pop up. Each of which, you can choose to create a greeting card with your own hands. Having sent the guests invited to the wedding of your handmade, you certainly will please and surprise them.


Scrapbooking - a different decorationitems (albums, greeting cards, frames, invitations, notebooks) in the form of a collage from a huge palette of materials for density, nature, texture. The invitation, made in this style - it is an absolute flight of fancy, which you can use any materials, such as paper, cardboard, organza, satin, lace, ribbons, rhinestones, beads, paper flowers or fabric. Bonding takes place two-sided adhesive tape (the adhesive may be stained) or special stationery pistol.

  1. Buy an embossed billet, which will need to bend the little book.
  2. Print on matte photo paper invitation.
  3. On another sheet of matte photo paper make a stamp pattern.
  4. Each booklet Glue first sheet with a pattern, then the text.
  5. Vertical povyazhite cover satin ribbon and tie a bow it.

Wedding invitation in scrapbooking techniques


Decoupage - patterning for viaapplique, which after varnished with the subject of decorating. The result is a beautiful updated things with a wonderful pattern. Often using this technique decorated with dense things as easier and more expedient to varnish. At the wedding invitation is appropriate to make a decorated wooden box, which is placed inside the text of the invitation - so guests will be able to use this accessory long after the wedding. It is simple:

  1. Buy or prepare a wooden frame-basis.
  2. Lightly sand the it.
  3. Cut out paper napkins and other scrap materials flowers, roses, hearts, pictures of couples and other romantic figures.
  4. Glue them to the desired portions of the frame vinyl glue or PVA, egg white mixed with wallpaper paste, nail polish or other adhesive.
  5. Open the frame varnish, preferably acrylic or other transparent waterproof. Allow to dry. If you need another layer or more to figure merged with the frame - put them.
  6. Place inside the frame invitation text on colored paper, cover the glass, close the frame.
  7. You can decorate with ribbon, tissue volume rose, with rhinestones.

Invitation to the wedding in the style of decoupage


Quilling - this volume manufacturing equipmentpatterns of twisted paper strips. With it easy to create beautiful and lovely ornaments handmade invitation cards. To do this, just need paper, scissors, glue and a basis for a card.

  1. Pick a basis for a card: it can be heavy paper, cardboard, paper, embossed, specially commissioned cover.
  2. Fold it in half.
  3. Inside it place the text of the invitation.
  4. Top cover sheet stick white oval. Pick a glue that does not leave stains on the sheet and cover.
  5. On the sheet, apply text - the word "Invitation" and the names of those who receive it.
  6. In the remaining space, apply a pattern of twisted colored paper strips and fringe.
  7. Flowers decorate the middle, beads or buttons.
  8. You can spray on a postcard with glitter varnish.

The volume of paper flowers on a postcard


Origami is an art - to give a bulk paperform and shape of objects, animals and plants. Wedding invitation origami - beautiful and memorable thing, and most importantly - inexpensive, because to create it will take only a piece of paper and 5 minutes of your time. Such a letter of invitation - great for a wedding in eastern and classical style. Prepare paper delicate pink color and fold it according to the following scheme:

Invitation-dress in the style of origami




Technique Pop up (pop up)

Technique Pop-up - is the creation of bulk cards,which straightened after opening the cover of laptop. Created with their hands pop up inviting - a true masterpiece of a wedding, which will prepare guests for the miracle of this event. It is also one of the few expensive ways to create original handmade cards. For its production you need to cover (or colored cardboard), not a beautiful sheet of thin paper tape.

  1. Print on a sheet of greeting text, leaving the middle of the place.
  2. Draw the middle of each side on the ring, towards the inside greeting.
  3. Carefully glue the sheets to the adhesive side of the sleeve, do not leave marks on paper.
  4. Stick on the cover sheet of the joint space and openwork band.
  5. Cut the ring, but not until the end, leave a space at the bottom, place of attachment to the sheet.
  6. Make a small incision on the inner side of the ring from the side where the middle of the card.
  7. Connect the ring and close the card.
  8. Tie her decorative ribbon, add rhinestones, glitter.

Volume invitation-rings

Invitations Handmade Wedding: Master Class

There are many ways to createwedding invitations with their hands in a variety of styles, using different techniques. We bring you another easy way to create a beautiful wedding card handmade by openwork stamping and drawing patterns on heavy paper.

A photo of beautiful handmade invitations

Beautiful wedding invitation