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Wedding - a luxurious event, which requiresthorough and careful preparation. This applies to every little detail and nothing can not be overlooked: wedding dresses, motorcade, decoration, floral, accessories, photographers, videographers, entertainment, and most importantly - a worthy invitation to the honored guests. It is very important to choose the right and beautiful way to an official invitation, so you should consider all possible ideas for wedding invitations and choose one - the most ideal.

Themed wedding invitations in style

Original invitation to the weddingIt implies not just an interesting choice of text, the purchase of wedding cards banal: it is not the last role played by the selected style invitations, fashion design, color scheme, which is consistent with the general concept of the wedding, jewelry, and accessories. There are many interesting ideas how to beautifully decorate a wedding card, so below you'll find the most successful and the most appropriate options in this regard.

Thematic concept for a wedding invitation

Invitation to the wedding in the style of love is

Immerse yourself in the time of his childhood and remember,all loved chewing gum with banana or strawberry flavor called «Love is ...». Very nostalgic and original idea, which causes only the most positive emotions cute when receiving such an invitation to your wedding. And here are some tips on how to issue an invitation to a wedding in the style of love is:

  • To make use of famous characters from favorite chewing gum, putting them on the title page postcards so that it is clear that this couple;
  • Enter your names and the date under the cartoon bride and groom, love is using the style of the text;
  • Inside the email invitation text in which you are officially invite your wedding active persons;
  • In an attachment, stick a couple of gum chosen brand to envelop your attention dear guests that you are inviting;
  • As accessories, use the red ribbons that will clamp the two pages with beautiful bow knot.

Invitation to the wedding in the style of love is

The Tiffany style

Tiffany Style - a blue color with bows,iridescent stones, most adjusts to the romantic mood. This idea creates an aura of refined taste, aristocracy, jewelery work. If you decide to use this style, making out wedding invitations, the romantic celebration mood completely secured. Tips for registration:

  1. Making a card, choose the color blue, turquoise, white, black.
  2. To decorate, use tape, tie bows out of it, which is mounted in the center heart of shimmering stones.
  3. Use vintage patterns, lace in the specified colors.

Invitation to a wedding in the style of Tiffany

In a marine style

If your wedding theme providesMarine style, even in the selection of ideas is the same invitation to stay on the subject. Guests will immediately understand what the scope of this event takes and where it will take place. Ideas for marine invitation to the wedding:

  • Do not opt ​​for the traditional forminvitation - postcard. Here you can use the bottle, which will simulate the message buried in the sand and stating about the upcoming event;
  • Another good idea would be an invitation toshaped treasure box, which you can fill a number of delicious sweets, pretty boats, shells, stars, sea stones, among which will be buried with the text scroll invitations;
  • For decorative use all the attributes of a nautical theme: seashells, sand, anchors, stars, ribbons in blue and white stripes, nautical ropes, boats, etc .;
  • Observe the color gamut of the sea: deep blue, azure, blue.

Wedding invitations in marine style

The Chicago style

Chicago Style - is the use of a gangsterTopics, which includes retro elements. Chicago gangsters associated with the early 19th century, guns, cards, dollars, women's hairstyles called "cold wave". Ideas for invitations for a wedding:

  1. Create an invitation in the form of a sensational issue of the newspaper, the title of which will dazzle the person honeymooners and the announcement of their alliance.
  2. Another original idea - a decoration for a wedding invitation in the form of maps, enclosed in an envelope and painted according to the style.
  3. Color solution is better to choose black and white, white and brown (sepia), with a hint of the old stamp or crumpled paper.
  4. For decorative use vintage lace, patterns, twine rope, medium-sized beads, perhaps imitating pearls.

Wedding invitations Chicago topic

Fancy invitations

If you want to use more unusual ideasto invite guests to your wedding, then use the fit more extravagant options, such as balls, rolls, magnets, edible invitation. Such ideas will be no less enthusiastic interest of the recipient, and to create the right mood for a fun and perky wedding.

Invitation electronically

In this age of modern technology to getinvitation to a wedding in electronic form should be long since the usual story. In addition, such an idea would be the best option for those who are going to make low-budget wedding, where waste does not include additional funds for the manufacturing of invitation for guests. So you take advantage of an excellent opportunity to officially invite and beautifully dear guests, without spending a dime of money. Here is how this can be done:

  1. If you have a specific idea and understand howits own issue, then using the standard features of your computer, it is realistic to create a beautiful pattern of invitation to the wedding.
  2. Because it is an electronic version of the invitation, use digital sources where you can find ready-made template of several ideas.
  3. Having defined the idea and produce a templateinvitation text, its design, make sure that you have all the email addresses of invited guests, to which you can send a greeting card ready, and the recipient will get it one hundred percent.
  4. Another idea is a beautiful invitation toelectronic form - is the creation of presentations, which is required to use romantic music, beautiful words. Save it as a separate file and distributed to all e-mail in the form of a letter with an attachment.

Invitation to the wedding in electronic form

In the form of a scroll

Scroll - a romantic message of the Middle Ages. Such letters are used Juliet, in which he wrote about his passionate love for Romeo, they hid their secret love letters to the kings and queens, dukes and duchess. So take advantage of this embodiment of the invitation will be very original idea to call for a wedding celebration of their loved ones. What ideas might realize in this case:

  1. Take beautiful, perhaps, designer paper,which give a different shape with the cut edges. It is printed invitation text and wrapped in a scroll. For bonding you can use sealing wax stamp with your initials or colorful ribbons tied in bows.
  2. In addition to the design paper, you can take advantage of dense tissue such as skin, burlap or linen, to create something like a pirate style with a painted map of the place of the wedding event.
  3. Make this invitation decor different ideas, such as lace, artificial flowers, beads, crystals, beads, ostrich feathers, etc.
  4. You can use knight's style andcreate a roll of two wooden sticks, which are mounted on both ends of the paper or wrapped in fabric and toward each other. Securely fasten a roll of ribbon, on top of which is attached wax seal with the emblem of the heart.
  5. You can simulate ancient times and placecomplimentary patterns of ancient Greece, Rome, artificially aged paper in the desired color, applying some scrapes, cracks. Displace papyrus at both ends to get a double roll, which you can associate with the help of twine rope.

Ideas invitation with scroll

Invitation to a magnet

Invitation in the form of a magnet will notjust a piece of paper on which you spend a lot of money to invite people desired, it will be a memory for all of the bright event in your future happy family. Magnet with your wedding date and names of the newlyweds will be daily reminded of the upcoming wedding, and will remain a souvenir for many years for those who have been there. Ideas for the design of the magnets as an invitation, you can use the following:

  1. Print your photo happy together and mount it into the finished magnet, or use the finished portrait for the production of the magnetic coating on it.
  2. Yes, the area of ​​the magnet does not allow you to use an eloquent text, so in addition use the classic card with the wedding invitation that attach with magnets in an envelope.
  3. For small magnet does not need to take their portraits. You can make it out of flexible plastic, and on the surface of the cartoon depict the story with a wedding theme, your names and the date.
  4. Decorate this invitation in different hearts, bows of ribbons, pictures with cupids, flowers, etc.
  5. To create a form of magnet do not limit your imagination and use the comic images muzzles, hearts, the Eiffel Tower, carrots, various irregular shapes with a molding of any images, etc.

Magnets as an invitation to the wedding

ball invitation

Another original idea for an invitationGuests at the wedding - it's a ball. This option and the giving you a very interesting beat, the main thing - it's what the imagination is capable performer. It would seem that so special you can come up with the help of a balloon. However, here too there are plenty of interesting ideas which will present an original invitation to your wedding, such as:

  1. Take an ordinary card, preferably withhumorous wedding theme, which will be a written sample text intriguing character, for example: "Honey, the family of the Ivanovs! You are invited to a significant event July 20, 2016 ". On the second page, attach a rope or ribbon is not yet inflated ball, and the text below it: 'naduy me and you will know what reason to triumph. " When the guest will inflate a balloon, then easily read the actors, the main event and the place of its origin.
  2. Another idea on this subject might be: pre-fabricate beads with the shape of hearts and the invitation text, inflate them with helium, tie with the help of beautiful ribbons to the handle of the front door of each guest house. can put some surprise, for example, candy inside the ball, heart, etc.
  3. Such an idea, set out above, with the useinflated with helium ball just hide it in a box and leave at the guest doorstep. Let him open this package, from which beautiful invitation will fly ball (pre-fix the ball to the box, so it does not fall). That news sure to impress any visitor, leaving a lot of enthusiasm, giving a smile and good humor.

Invitation to the wedding ball

Edible invitations

Great idea to indulge all of your favoritefriends, family, loved ones delicious sweets that will bring them the joyous news of a significant event in your life. This will leave a special mark in the data memory of people will awaken to give something special to your wedding and will charge a positive attitude for the coming day of celebration. Several options, you can use this idea as an invitation to the wedding:

  1. A wonderful opportunity to show all theirculinary skills and bake the most delicious cookies in the shape of hearts. Put them in a beautiful box with a text invitation and send it together with the messenger to every dear guest. And you will see how the lightning fast will be sent to a positive response.
  2. Instead of cookies, you can use the idea ofpreparation of chocolates with their own hands - which further impress your loved ones. This will show how much you are kind to everyone personally and are looking forward to share this exciting event in your life, like your wedding.

Delicious invitation to the wedding

Wedding invitations with your own hands

Wedding invitations, you can alwayscreate your own hands and get great pleasure at the same time. It is so pleasant chores that can not help you put your soul into every detail and I want to do everything perfect, to exert maximum effort of their own.

A photo of beautiful invitation

Beautiful invitation for a wedding