How to choose paper for wedding invitations?

Through the newlyweds wedding invitationsinform loved ones of an important event, so their execution should be given maximum attention. The main thing is that envelopes or postcards corresponded to the chosen style of the celebration and exact nature of the wedding passed. Select high-quality paper for wedding invitations - which means half do business, and the text and the decor is easy to come up with their own.

Tips for choosing paper for wedding invitations

a great variety of ready-made wedding invitations,starting with the usual postcards, sold in almost every shop, finishing with textured design masterpieces that are created only on the individual project. For honeymooners beautiful wedding invitation is just as important as, for example, the bride's bouquet, the choice of the restaurant or limousine. Therefore, before stopping on something your choice, you should consider these points:

  1. When and where the event will be held.
  2. The timing of the official part of the banquet and celebration.
  3. Have the wedding theme.
  4. The color of the bride's bouquet.

A truly memorable invitations towedding in retail outlets are rare. If you want to keep the memory of your wedding, it is better to make your own invitations. Things started with your own hands, even through time are his power, so your invitation after wedding guests are sure to leave yourself for safekeeping. Thanks to modern technology, the invitation is now being done in the most unexpected materials, but more and more popular for this purpose has been and remains the paper.

Invitation to a themed wedding

What to look for when choosing paper for printing?

When you create a special wedding invitationsfocus on paper quality, design, color, decoration, and even smell. When choosing paper for printing, you need to pay attention to its density. The right solution - paper for writing a density of 65 g / m². m. It is suitable for any ideas hand made, and if necessary, to paint it in the selected color, treated with only the outer side and the inner soaked by herself.

If you - creative nature, you want to buildsomething like the sketch-book (do make sketches), you should choose a special drawing or watercolor paper. Trendy effect of aged parchment easy to do with coffee custard, which is great zatoniruet ( "wear") of your invitation, and in addition, will give them a pleasant coffee aroma.

When you select a ready-made wedding invitations, notso it is important, from which they are made. The main selection criterion is matching the wedding and original style. Unfortunately, not all wedding cards that are sold in retail outlets differ originality: embossed rings and white swans is no surprise. The advantages of ready-made invitations include their low cost and wide range. But if there is a possibility that the wedding invitation is better to order the printing or to make their own hands.

Ready invitation is no surprise

If the store cards are laconic, theInvitations Custom give huge scope for your imagination. Although the design paper is not cheap, but the artist will have to pay for registration, but you will receive exclusive items for your taste. Invitations to order several versions:

  • paper in a tube or envelope;
  • booklets;
  • envelopes;
  • scrolls.

Invitation to the wedding of the design board

paper Variety

When ordering a wedding invitation or a handwritten card making paper can be selected. Usually used for this purpose coated or designer:

  • Coated - is a high-quality products withmatte or glossy finish. Use it to print advertising catalogs, magazines and other similar printed products. Prepared materials are pleasant to the touch and have a high-definition printing. Coated paper is manufactured by coating a conventional base coating multiple layers.
  • Design paper - a productexecutive class. She has an unusual texture and a different coating, which gives it a pleasant tactile properties, pearlescent or metallic surface. Collections design products very much. The list of known embossing includes linen, cashmere, hammer, eggshells, corduroy.

In the photo paper types of design

Paper density

When manufacturing invitation cards should be given to the selected paper density, and it is determined by dividing the weight per volume:

  • Coated products (glossy, matte) has a density of 80 g / m². up to 300 g / m².
  • For invitations usually used cardboard of 150 g / sq. m.
  • More thick cardboard is used for cards that do not need to bend, but it is difficult stamped some elements.
  • For the invitation to the wedding who want to decorate their own hands, sometimes taking the paper of lower density (scrolls tube).

What kind of paper selected for crafts with their hands?

If you want to surprise your guests, create an invitationwith his own hands. To hand made cards were successful and convey the feel of your future wedding, you should follow a certain sequence of actions:

  1. Decide on the style, colors, designs and patterns.
  2. Choose the technique.
  3. Obtain necessary materials: cardboard or paper of lower density (depending on the design), lace, flowers, ribbons, and other useful stuff.
  4. Think of text.

Wedding invitation with your own hands

Different manufacturing techniques on cardswedding use paper of different density. So, for fashion is now quilling technique (bumagokrucheniya) minimum target densities should be 60 g / m. For at least the popular scrapbooking technique, the figure varies from 70 g / m². m. to 400 g / sq.m.