Design of invitation to the wedding - photo

Since the wedding everyone initiallyplanned only once in a lifetime, then pass this event should ideally. On this day in Suite has a great opportunity to showcase their talents in the field of fine arts and design. An important attribute that will require to be creative - this is the wedding invitation. The couple on the design of the invitations already starting to think about after an accurate determination of the number of guests and date / place of registration or wedding.

How to design invitations with your own hands?

The most accessible and popular weddinginvitation to date - this card different design. Even the presence of e-mail and mobile phone does not prevent them to lead. Ready-made wedding invitations is easy to buy in any stationery department, but they have long been no surprise, because the design of the invitations primitive. You can order wedding invitations in a printing house: they will be carried out on a beautiful design paper, but the design still leaves much to be desired. And if you order your own design, then the price is not all newlyweds will be acceptable.

Printing laser cutting wedding invitations

There is only one option - to make wedding invitations with your own hands on the design paper. Option of self-creation and design has many advantages:

  1. Significant savings of Finance.
  2. It does not arise at the last minute problems with the number of wedding invitations, if the newlyweds have a desire to expand the circle of guests.
  3. Own a piece of art does not disappoint neither the author nor the fans, because in any moment of creation is subject to design improvements and corrections.

Modern technologies allow every stepcreate design wedding invitations gush different ideas. For example, some point to add to the design of a joint photo of bride and groom on their own or to finish on each wedding card beautiful pattern or decorate it with some decorative trifles. The design of his own made a wedding invitation should be simple and original at the same time. Here are some new ideas to create unique wedding invitations with your own hands.

A bottle with a note

For those who love to travel or goingdo themed wedding associated with the sea, offering an original idea of ​​wedding invitations: a bottle with a scroll. The bottle with colored painting the colors, wrapped thread, delicate ribbons, poured sea sand, small stones, or come up with another interesting design.

A bottle with a note: creative idea invitation

In this venture the main thing - the right to issue a scroll,that it was similar to the paper, which has long lain in the bottle, that is, it is necessary to "wear out". If you succeed, your wedding invitation, many guests will lie at home in a prominent place as a decor and design take on this note the other couple. So, to make ancient scroll, the following items are needed:

  • white sheet of A4;
  • tea bags 4 pcs .;
  • twine;
  • Printing with a print (available in the "Toys" section);
  • lighter;
  • black ball-point pen;
  • wax or candle wax.

If possible, buy a designer paperwith an interesting uneven texture, reminiscent of the fabric. Then your roll will be even more interesting. To make sheets shabby look, you need to brew tea in a mug 250 ml, and wait until the cool down welding. Then pour it into a flat container, load the paper on both sides and put it out to dry. If a little overstrain edge - this will give even more interesting design authenticity.

To smell of paper purchased, addtea, a little vanilla, cinnamon and cloves - to your taste. After drying, a little edge Opal scroll to great effect, but accurately. Ballpoint pen write the original text, roll the paper and tie it with twine. Melt the wax and drip on the site location, and then make a stamp. Our roll is ready!

Scroll - a great idea for wedding design

Chocolate with liner

Surprise your guests with a chocolate weddinginvitation, which is performed in a different design. Important information about the wedding or is placed on the cover, or on the product itself. Final price of chocolate invitation will depend on the selected design. If you choose to have an invitation with a picture was made on the chocolate bar itself, you need to find a good pastry shop that is able to perform such an unusual wedding custom.

Delicious wedding invitation

Second Embodiment wedding design, and morecheapest - is to order a new wrapper for chocolate, which is written in the date, time and place of the wedding party, and the outside - photo newlyweds. But even more cost-effective design of invitations - make your own ear and attach their ribbons to each chocolate products. In this case, you can simply download the desired layout from the Internet, and standard labels change to your original text.

The invitation with lace and bow

Original design vintage invitations tomake your own wedding is very simple: buy a thick sheet of paper embossed design in any size, fold it in half. Edge sheet Arrange lace (glue) to attach the lace ribbon of plain white or beige ribbon. To add spice to this vintage design, attach a small piece of beads. Inside the sheet write the text of pre-designed wedding invitations.

Vintage wedding invitation with lace and beads

For a wedding or a dance style for guestsApply for music lovers a different design: an invitation with a heart and notes. This will require a thick paper, a piece of cloth, ribbon, artificial flowers or other accessories. Glue the paper envelope, sew the cloth bag, insert the cardboard bag, secure it with glue. On paper with musical notes, draw and cut out the heart. Stick to the heart tissue, and on top of this design may be sticking any decor: ribbon, artificial flowers, decorative padlock, key chain.

Invitation to the wedding: design for music lovers

video invitation

Recently it came into vogue about the guestsupcoming wedding to notify via video invitation. It is sometimes bought from professionals, but as a rule, the young make their own videos. This win-win situation in order to surprise and please your guests. From the taste and imagination of the bride and the bride will depend on the choice of a unique style and decor elements for your video. Make a Paper wedding envelopes with their own hands is not difficult if the word "decoupage" or "scrapbooking" does not make you desire to look in the dictionary of foreign languages.

But what about those who are not in the labor lessonsdifferent special talents in design and make your own invitations for your own wedding you want? In this case the focus is not on physical labor, but on the creativity and intellectual capacity. First you need to come up with a text that does not have to be official. Consider the different ideas and make a collage of your best photos of the couple. In the video will look great and romantic poems and hooligan atmosphere, as long as the story brought joy and heroes of the occasion were starred.

For the most simple video message text is needed,collage and beautiful soft music behind the scenes. Moreover, the text can be made public, and can be labeled under the photos. It is better if your treatment will consist of fragments of the joint video reflecting the history of your love and affection. If this video is not present, ask your friend to take pictures of you in the lap of nature, in a cafe, cinema, his parents' home to plot looked interesting and real.

Popular wedding trailer, whichborrowed from some movie where the main roles are played by the couple. Home nice to make the wedding as a publicity announcement, for example, video design in the style of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith." Or do cutting of various popular films and cartoons with a humorous storyline, as in the following wedding video invitation:

In the form of an air ticket

Invite guests to your wedding yetoriginal - hand them a plane ticket or sea liner. ticket template is easily done in Photoshop: Image taken of the ticket on the Internet and with the help of the program, all that does not need to be deleted and all you need is added. Choose the right color, design, inserted the names of the guests and the layout is printed on cardboard prepared in advance. If you can not work in Photoshop, download the template ticket online, print and fill out by hand the invitation.

Invitation to the wedding: ticket

For the wedding printed ticketPrepare in advance envelope, made by hand from colored paper. This will require two kinds of colored paper, old envelope as a template, double sided tape, pencil, ruler and scissors. Cut out the template for the outside of the envelope modeled on an old envelope. For the inside, take a different color paper and cut the workpiece.

Size must match your airline tickets,to fit in an envelope. To make it easier to glue the inner part, it should be slightly less than the outer portion. With the help of an adhesive tape or paper glue Glue the inner part and the edges bend inward and too neatly cursed. I should get a plain envelope for air - invitation, as in the photo:

Envelope for any wedding invitation

Photo examples of unusual design wedding invitations

Intrigue your guests and send theminteresting design for a wedding invitation in the form of a lottery ticket. To see the required information, a guest will have to delete some coin cell. For general background, choose their joint photos or make original wedding collage. Just to make this design with their own hands is unlikely to succeed, so it's best to order it in the print shop. Look at our selection of unusual invitation to the wedding. We hope that any of them will be useful to you:

Wedding invitation