Bachelorette party invitations

Invitation to the last bright holidayunmarried girls should be an anticipation of an unforgettable holiday. Make invitations such as to girlfriend enthusiastically waiting for the upcoming party. Creative imagination in the design, creative approach to the presentation of text, create a little intrigue about the venue or add cute little presents - amaze its guests!

Options invitations for a bachelorette party

brides imagination knows no boundaries, soInvitations pleasing variety of forms. It is not necessary to issue cards in the style of the upcoming bachelorette party, but you can drop a hint about its topic is already in appearance and graphics. Pick or create cards which girlfriend wants to leave in memory of the cheerful holiday. Let your bachelorette party to remember with delight, viewing memorable invitation.

Traditional card

Girlfriends Invitation by conventional cards -a good option when the bride and her friends to have little time left, and it is better to spend on the planning of the event. Pick cards that have fields to fill out, enter the required information, send invitations. Postcards with thematic drawings and inscriptions greatly simplify the work, the bride simply need to specify the place, time, bachelorette party. Pack a card in a beautiful envelope to send mail or simply hand the girlfriend.

Postcard-invitation to a bachelorette party

Thematic and stylized invitation

Stylized versions of invitation tobachelorette party look extremely impressive. It's not quite the usual postcards, bearing basic information with text. There appear decorative elements symbolizing the wedding dress, garter, veil. They can be paper or textile, are attached to the card, or are within the invitation.

Thematic invitation card for a friend at a bachelorette party

Themed cards decorated with ribbons, ruffles,lace. If the invitation delicious perfume perfume - get a wonderful scented card, carrier particle bride's personality. Internally generated invitation decorated with butterflies, rhinestones, shiny stones, traces of lipstick images stripper or limo. Such cards without text help us to understand where the invited guest.

Invitation to hen party in the form of playing card

If the bachelorette party will be in a certain style,Demonstrate this with the invitation cards. You plan to spend the holiday relaxing gambler? Make a greeting card in the shape of a playing card. Do you want to arrange a pajama slumber party? Let girlfriend get a paper bandage on the eye, which prompts them celebration dress code. And if it will be gatherings in the style of Hollywood, when the old card of the photo or movie film will be quite relevant.

Postcard-invitation to a bachelorette party of a film

Original shaped cards and scrolls

Be creative, creating invitationscards in the form of a corset, female legs in stockings, white dresses, shoes, crown. These cards should be done on their own, with the help of glue, scissors, colored paper. For the production of shaped cards, there are many patterns, but it is easy to come up with a form of card and cut it from a suitable cardboard sheet. Applications obtained skilful, if the bride with love comes to the creation of the invitation. Such individual cards nice to get every girlfriend.

Card for a bachelorette party in the form of a white dress

Creative cards appear in the form of scrolls. You can simply wrap a beautiful ribbon to create a paper corset to fix, fasten the edges nice bow, but the original submission will make invitation cards more interesting. Pack it in a stylized bottle, label pasted on top of the thematic. Such Members referred attach a small key, a bandage, a piece of the puzzle if the bachelorette party will be in the form of interesting quests. Scroll in a stylish box will look mysterious, especially if it will receive by mail.

Invitation-scroll at a bachelorette party

Invitations with a gift

Great turn out invitations with a gift. Even before the bachelorette party bridesmaids will be pleasantly surprised by the holiday and go to the event in a playful mood. Pack a small trunk card with nice souvenirs, delicacies, memorable bagatelles. Girlfriends Enjoy candy, give them clips, presents a collage with your most any photos. If a hen party assumes the dress code, send invitations to the little things. For example, Hawaiian holiday is not complete without a flower wreath and evening with a stripper - no sexy garters.

Invitation to hen party with gifts

Custom options invitation

Make girlfriends to play a little game ifyou want to invite them to a bachelorette party really original. Let them solve a crossword small, erase the protective field with a secret text, examine a homemade map to find holiday place. Give them a cracker, confetti of which will have all the necessary information about the bachelorette party. For advanced brides easily surprise the guests by creating an interactive invitation or a separate website dedicated to the future party.

Flapper invitation to a bachelorette party

Funny look invitation with balloons. There are several embodiments of a non-standard card:

  1. Fill the balloon with helium, tie a ribbon on the card with the text, put it all in a box. When a friend opens the chest, and from there fly aircraft invitation.
  2. Make balls with printed text, which will be shown all of the bachelorette party, and attach them to the card paper. On cards, write "naduy me" and place the arrow in the direction of the ball.
  3. A beautiful paper with a complimentary informationroll small rolls and gently place it in a ball, and then inflate it with helium. To scroll initially attach the ribbon to be looking out of the balloon, and at its end tie a small pin and tag "popping me." When a friend, follow the instructions, it would be an invitation card with.

A balloon with an invitation to a bachelorette party

Give a delicious invitation if yourgirlfriends are notorious gourmand. Bake cookies in the form of garters, veils, hearts, lipstick. The icing on the baking enter information about the bachelorette party or invest in a box of dainty traditional paper greeting card. If you bake your own invitations is not hunting, make chocolates, Candy, individually packed. On the wrappers, type information about the bachelorette party, funny sayings, themed pictures.

Cookies with an invitation to a bachelorette party

Creative looks invitation of soap. These souvenirs will be pleased to receive every girlfriend, as they will receive individual. If you cook the soap itself does not work, make it from masters, desirable advance. These few days will create a true masterpiece. Products may be several options:

  • soap with large letters, bearing information about the bachelorette party;
  • transparent soap with paper postcard inside, for which you want to choose a stylish image and easy text;
  • Soap in pack-card, on which the text of the invitation will be posted.

Invitation-soap on a hen party

text invitation

Invitation helps the bride to show all theirfeelings for her friends. Touching look postcard with interesting moments, binding invited by the lady and heroine holiday. These individual letters become sensible addition to the mandatory text, without which no cost, no invitation. Warm emotions, tears of joy and gentle humor are provided to all guests bachelorette party!

Required items are in the text

Each invitation card - it's not juststylish card. It should be such that the girlfriend got all the necessary information about the upcoming event before the wedding. Therefore, the card should reflect:

  • time spending;
  • bachelorette party place;
  • requirements for the dress code in the event of his presence;
  • theme parties;
  • the duration of the holiday, if you plan to exercise for a few days;
  • the necessary documents and things, when a hen party outside the city.

Here are some examples of text for priglasilnogo:

Cute Jeanne! I shall be glad to see you at my bachelorette party in the style of Hawaii, which will be held June 15 at my dacha. The vibrant music, the sea, delicious cocktails, poolside dancing provided! Beginning at 17:00. Waiting for you in a playful mood! Costumes are ready, but their most sexy swimsuit, do not forget to grab. With love, your Nastya.

My favorite friend, Les! I look forward to you and your happy mood in his party. We will accompany my unmarried life, so get ready for unrestrained merriment. Bachelorette party will be held on September 23 at our favorite strip club. Beginning at 20:00. Do not be late, and then the boys and upset the bartender and you will be punished. Kisses, your Kate.

Oksanochka if you have plans on March 17immediately cancels them. I am waiting for you to look at this important day for my bachelorette party. Send to a night ride in a limousine, with the sea of ​​champagne and a personal photographer. Beginning at 19:00. Meet me at my house, dress up, is charged positive and go have fun! End of the evening - in the club "hot peppers". I love you, your Cristina.

Iruska, remember where we met? Go there on January 21 at 14:00 - you'll get a surprise. The pin-up style, we will celebrate my farewell to her maiden name, so for its natural beauty pick the right outfit and makeup. Delicious cocktails, themed photo shoot, positive sea are waiting for you! Do not be late. With love, Julia.

A photo of beautiful invitations

? Look at the photo of the original invitationcards for girlfriends on a hen party. Take advantage of successful solutions to your holiday has turned out memorable. Follow the cards in the style of the party or its colors to give guests advance a complete picture of the holiday. Complete beautiful invitation touching words, beautiful detail, nice little presents, original decor, games and puzzles, so that they remembered and liked everything!

Invitations to the party, bachelorette party