What should be a program for the wedding?

At the end of the last century, the main entertainment of gueststoastmaster at weddings were a joke, they organized games and competitions. But times change and tastes and preferences are changing with them. The fact that once before on holidays on the perceived "Hurrah!", Should now be supplemented by something new, fresh and unusual. Shows at weddings have become popular recently, it is a new trend in modern fashion. Bright costumes dancers, beautiful professional rooms create an atmosphere of a fantastic evening, leaving a long memory of all the guests present.

The program for the wedding: planning

The program of Christian marriage, in addition tothe official registration of marriage, suggests a wedding ceremony the bride and groom. To wedding was special not only because of the beautiful ceremonies, but also remembered guests as a fabulous show, enchanting holiday, you need to plan your wedding entertainment program correctly. Invaluable assistance in compiling will professionals - writers marriage agency with many years of experience and knowledge. Independently plan a beautiful show, which would surprise guests, very hard, and sometimes impossible.

Modern wedding program containscreative rooms - dance performances of professional actors, role play, stories, contested heroes of fairy tales and cartoons, performances of illusionists and other artists of the original genre. Some performances are designed to attract the active participation of the wedding guests and the bride and groom. Festival with such a program will be truly unforgettable. Many guests will see the first large-scale wedding show, and will be pleasantly surprised.

The rooms are modern wedding show program



The main thing - do not overdo it with the numbers, allIt is good in moderation. After the wedding, the focus should be focused not on a party and presentation, and the newlyweds. Elements entertaining holiday program together with one common style. The main personalities, heroes of fairy tales are newlyweds, and everything else created to express their feelings for each other, create a unique atmosphere at the wedding.

Entertainment show program

Just a few unique rooms wedding showthe program can turn into a real fairy tale wedding, create a mood of magic to awaken in the hearts of all those present feeling of infinite positive, children delight. After all, guests will see something that is not found at every wedding. Memorized jokes and overexposed competitions Toastmasters concede the main place at the festival this art. To show the organization of the program will have to be invited to the wedding dancers - ballet, magicians, mimes.

Show program of ballet dancers at the wedding

Apply for entertaining guests goodCaricaturist, painter, and you will bring in the holiday something unusual, bright and cheerful. Funny cartoons and caricatures will amuse guests, the wedding will be filled with smiles, everyone will have a wonderful mood. It is only at first glance it may seem that draw a cartoon for a few minutes, everyone can. Such work requires skills from a person other than a portrait painter, and even a sense of humor, quickness and agility movements. Cartoon wedding to be really talented, not to offend a guest and a friendly laugh.

The work of the artist-caricaturist at the wedding

It is hard to imagine a wedding without a programdance groups. It is important to match the executable dancing the general thrust of the holiday. If you do a wedding in a gypsy or oriental style, choose a dance group that specializes in these rooms. In classical European wedding need sophisticated program that will appeal to all guests. It can be a show-ballet where dancers perform elegant classical music or exotic rooms with bright, shiny carnival costumes, as shown in the photo below.

Dance groups in the wedding show program

Fill pause the show program, avoiding boring,awkward minutes at the wedding, help large living toys. The characters of fairy tales and cartoons will delight the audience, hardly appeared in the hall. They are indispensable to the wedding, will sing and dance with the guests, become the brightest participants of the program. You will turn the original wedding photos. Every adult, touching a live toy, as if for a moment becomes a child and have fun enough. On children and say nothing, they are always dreaming to hold the hand of the fairy Cheburashka and Mickey Mouse.

Live toys and fabulous characters at the wedding

Animals of the cartoons - a great fun onany holiday, but alive - even better! Do you want an original wedding, which has not been anybody from friends? Invite a trainer with a live bear or monkey. Non show program with the participation of pupils revive noticeably holiday - guests will want to come closer, to stroke the animal, take a photo with him. Amused the guests at the wedding of his talk largest macaw and even happy to sit on their shoulder. And during your first wedding dance couple elegant peacocks tails will dissolve right on the dance floor.

Four-legged friends - participants of the wedding show


Would you like animals? Then, invite to the wedding real pop star. Just keep in mind that the program with her participation will be expensive, the stars did not come for private events for free, at the same time they are earning big money. In determining the amount of compensation is set to a degree of celebrity stars. For example, Ivanushki "International," will arrive at your holiday for 8000 euros, the group "Factory" or "brilliant" - 15 and visit Dima Bilan at the wedding will cost as much as 60 million euros. Financial position to do so? Then you all the cards in your hand!

Star guests of the show program

The program for the toastmaster or master

On important mission entrusted toastmaster at a wedding- Maintain a cheerful spirit of the celebration, the festive activities, good mood guests. Do not skimp on the services of leading, do not trust this responsible mission talkative friends. At first glance, everything is easy and simple, but in reality is very difficult to prepare a show program, the wedding took place in the same breath. You need professional services. Only an experienced toastmaster will organize the wedding so that it will turn into an unforgettable holiday of which you are proud to tell the children.

Toastmasters - Leading wedding program

Good toastmaster has in its arsenal ready,spent years wedding program for the guests. He realizes it with a permanent DJ, eliminating awkward pauses and unexpected surprises during the holiday. The music plays an important role in organizing the wedding celebration, it is the backdrop for the competitions, games, toasting with wishes for the bride and groom. How is the correct, balanced wedding program, see the video below.

Choosing a host for your wedding, be sure toread the proposed entertainment program, consider how it will fit into the overall style of the holiday. If the toaster does not want to pre-disclose to you my program developed by the show, it should at least alert. Nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke, especially in preparation for such an important event like a wedding.

This professional toastmaster is characterized bythat guests feel the mood picks up when they want to sing or dance, just gently encourages them to play the game or take part in the competition. Catch the spirit, the wedding mood, get into the stream, and then expand all the way it should be for the holiday program - that is the real skill of Toastmasters. Services of such a professional will cost expensive, but without the toastmaster wedding feast may turn into a boring farce ended usual booze. So we advise not to save.

Organized competitions wedding toastmaster

Bride Repurchase Program

While preparing for the wedding celebration specialWe recommend attention be given to the compilation of the bride repurchase program, to make an interesting holiday for guests. In addition to compiling the script must also paint the points of all the main points of action, previously rehearsed it with the main actors, in addition to the groom. Assist the bride in this complex process best friends.

Bride Redemption - part of the wedding program

All together decide how best to decorate the room,in which the redemption will occur. At the entrance to the staircase should be attached a poster with greetings for the groom, and the entrance to decorate with balloons, satin ribbons. Plan before the wedding time on cleanup and entrance staircase to the foreclosure process in one of the guests is not soiled, and the groom could freely perform all the tasks. Warn your neighbors beforehand that the holiday will be here soon, because some might call the police by surprise.

Record on the list of required for the leafrepurchase accessories and props that at what point should be. In the rush to easily get confused and mix up everything, then at hand will not correct itself. The bride's room, do not place a lot of furniture, there are enough tables and a few chairs. On the day of the wedding the girlfriend should come before the other guests, decorate the room, spread out to places of items needed for redemption. If the girls are planning to speak to the groom any memorized poems or texts, they must first be repeated.

The bride should not be held to ransom program,it only appears in the final part of the arm of the bridegroom. It is recommended to sit in his room and bring myself into a charming, inimitable view to combat the spot betrothed. The bride will be thrilled to look out the window, impatiently waiting for the wedding procession with a retinue of the bride and welcome, because a few hours later in their lives will most long-awaited event - they will become husband and wife.

The program is a silver and golden wedding anniversaries

Silver wedding anniversary, as well asGold, considered to be significant long-term stages of family life. Such steps taken to celebrate a remarkable event. Shaw recalls the anniversary program wedding program - the same tuple, ribbons, balloons guests. Spouses have the opportunity to go to the registry office to sign the book of honor special wedding anniversaries. Exchange newly acquired silver or gold rings, visiting places of memory - all very touching moments of the holiday program.

Program fragments of gold and silver wedding

Feast on silver and golden wedding heldretro. Children, grandchildren and all interested guests are selected for jubilee songs of their youth, colorful dance numbers. Good fit in the anniversary program, and will be a beautiful gift to the spouses made specially for the holiday slide show where the photos showing the main events of their life together. Dance evening begins with a wedding waltz "young", sounds of their favorite song, the husband turns to his wife a light, rapid dance. And she, fragile and delicate, like many years ago, is based on a strong hand, trusting herself to the beloved.