Wedding without the toastmaster

  • Do you want to hold a wedding ceremony in a cozycircle of relatives and friends? A small wedding does not mean banal feast, which resulted in the guests and the couple will "rest" a person in a salad. The increasing popularity is gaining the wedding without a toastmaster. And it is not only significant savings in money, and in the desire to spend the most important day in the life of a chamber atmosphere with the closest, native people.

The baseline scenario without a small wedding toastmaster

Reasons for the couple choose wedding without a professional leading - Toastmasters, a variety of:

  • A small number of guests. Little wedding when the most solemn day next to the young will be home, dear people - a cozy, chamber triumph.
  • The current company. The presence of Toastmasters - a stranger - makes a certain dissonance in the holiday atmosphere.

When the toaster is not needed at the wedding
  • Youth wedding. Funny contests, entertainment and ... no "mandatory" restaurant - one of the celebrations of options.
  • The desire to save money. Good toaster that will not unauthorized person shouting learned phrases and be able to create a mood, unite invited to the wedding, is expensive.

European wedding - the rejection of the leading
  • Organizing a wedding in a European style. For weddings in Europe is characterized by the absence of Toastmasters, the presence of live music and guest artists.

If you prefer to organize a weddingcelebration, without resorting to the services of Toastmasters, will have to spend a certain amount of time to prepare for the celebration. What are the issues and problems should be solved:

  • Drafting and preparation of the wedding scenario.
  1. celebration theme;
  2. paint plan for - providing time for dinner, congratulations, presentation of gifts, the auction with a wedding cake.
  • The choice of wedding venue. Depending on your preferences - country house, leaving the nature or home celebration - will build script.
  • The transport issue. Guests, and the bride and groom, the wedding day want to relax and have fun.
  • Organization of entertainment program. To the holiday was fun and easy, invite artists; organize a dance workshop.
  • Musical accompaniment. Live music - always pleasant, refined element of the wedding ceremony. You want to save money? You will need: a computer, speakers and ... a little imagination. Prepare a selection of different kinds of music - for background music, fun contests, dance programs.

For the celebration at home

Holding a wedding without a toastmaster organizer - an important and responsible action. By organizing a celebration at home, pay attention to the following points:

How to prepare your home without a wedding toastmaster
  1. The decor of the wedding room.
  2. Organization of space for a wedding celebration.
  3. Preparing for a wedding banquet.

The standard of the wedding scenario alone, without the participation of Toastmasters is:

  • Organisation of events before the official painting in the registry office. All the "severity" bride price ceremony instead toastmaster will be on the fragile shoulders of the witness from the bride.
  • Holding a wedding at home:
  • The participants meet on the doorstep Suiteor apartment. In the warmer months nice to organize a small corridor on the street, in which, after the blessing of the young parents will be home in the "rain" of rose petals.
  • Couple, and then the guests are in the house. Would you like to surprise guests - arrange the cards with the names of those present, providing seating plan in advance. "Temporary toastmaster" - a witness or any of the guests - to announce the first toast to the young. Let will hear warm words of farewell, toasts, wishes of love and happiness from the mouth of the parents.
  • Do not forget about the musical accompaniment wedding. The celebration will take place without the toastmaster easily and naturally, if the guests will become active participants in the events. Presentation of gifts, comic documents and certificates for washing dishes or cleaning the house, the auction "Boy or girl?" Raise the present mood.
  • After the first dance-course change announcednewlyweds. Witnesses, relatives, friends are invited to join the dance. Do not go without event fun contests. In the role of toastmaster can act alternately couple, friends and parents.

Running wedding lanterns

Indispensable attribute of any wedding - from the master of ceremoniesor not - is a wedding cake. Arrange the comic auction to sell the first piece of dessert, promising that the funds will be spent on organizing the "sweet life" of young people. After the wedding party, arrange guests a romantic ceremony launching balloons, romantic paper lanterns. Fireworks organized by the spouse with friends in honor of the beloved, will be a worthy completion of the holiday home without a wedding toastmaster.


Wedding Toastmasters without ubiquitous in nature- Bright memorable event. If you prefer to arrange a holiday with a tent, a banquet, live music - the main task of self-organization of the event will be the organizational issues: the acquisition (lease) marquee and furniture; kayteringovoy an agreement with the company; invitation to artists and musicians.

Highlights of European script wedding on nature without Toastmasters:

European wedding in nature without the toastmaster
  • Visiting registration of marriage.
  • Wedding photo shoot.
  • Festive buffet.
  • Live music.
  • Invite performers - clowns, dancers, singers - which will give an easy, relaxed atmosphere of the wedding.
  • Living sculptures - will surprise, delight guests and relatives.
  • Fun entertainment, fun competitions will give a festive mood.

A more economical option would be the organizationwedding toastmaster without a country house, cottage or resort. The official part of the ceremony in this case takes place in a registry office - congratulations on your wedding day, giving gifts, and the first cries of "Kiss!". The presence / absence of Toastmasters in this case quickly. Dressed in appropriate clothing, and young guests, go on nature. Active games, contests and entertainment will cheer up; cheerful music does not leave the audience indifferent.

How to conduct a wedding without a toastmaster extreme

You want an extreme? The wedding ceremony (no toastmaster) on top of the mountain, downhill skiing - will surpass any expectations. Walk on a yacht with a field recording, a balloon flight or a parachute jump drive will add to the life of newly minted spouses, and guests. If you're not so big fans of extreme sports, ride on horseback, after taking riding lessons. Unusual entertainment will be a trip to the ATV on the beach, river.

Entertainment Ideas for a wedding in a narrow range

Catching Wedding venue withouttoastmaster, consider a pleasure program. Details Plan competitions and assignments to guests, newlyweds, after calculating the time allocated for the latter. Decide on leading: competitions Suite can spend witnesses and invite parents to participate are young. In order to avoid hitches, follow these guidelines:

  • Forced to anyone not involved in the competitions.
  • The duration of each must not exceed 15 minutes.
  • Tasks should be interesting to all, rather than a limited number of people.
  • Consider the age of the participants.
  • Try to abandon trivial competitions, annoying at previous weddings of family and friends.

Tests for young

Competitions for young without Toastmasters

Unusual competitions at the wedding, which will helpdetermine who is the "main" in the house, guests amuse and cheer the couple. Prior to the setting of the game for the past must remain a mystery. So for this part of the entertainment will be responsible witnesses, acting as Toastmaster:

  • "Guess." It needs two daisies with loose petals, which are written memorable newlyweds for each date; names; figures, is the size, the body parameters. The bride and groom, tearing petals, trying to guess what is specified figure. The winner is the one who has a great knowledge of the beloved / loved one.
  • "Mercy for kompliman". Bride and groom standing at a certain distance from each other - on different sides of the river. On the floor of the witness - toastmaster laid out sheets of paper - it will be the stones on which the spouse is able to cross to the other side to the beloved. One stone - one compliment.
  • "Choose me". The bride should identify among all the males of his betrothed. The highlight will be a black patch on the front of the bride. Touching private body parts - nose or hands - a girl should learn a loved one.
  • "100 to one thing: the wedding." Lead - toastmaster announces the issue of wedding themes, and in turn, the couple have to guess the five most popular answers to it.

Fun competitions for guests

To please guests, will help lift your mood for the wedding contests, organized youth without Toastmasters:

  • "Everything was in confusion." Ask guests and parents select one baby photo. The participants have to guess who is depicted in the photo with funny captions.
  • "Dancing with the balls." Participating team Toastmasters couples begin to dance to the music of an appropriate style, for example, lambada or rap, holding between certain parts of the body ball. The winner is the couple not to drop the ball.
  • "Wedding crossword puzzle." Guests are divided into two teams. Each receives a blank crossword puzzle on the theme of the wedding. The winner is the one that will solve the task faster.
  • "Who is the best hostess." Participate as guests, and a pair of spouses. All women were blindfolded and handed a plate of gruel. The task - to feed sitting in front of her husband. It takes a special clothing that protects clothes from the present "inaccurate results."
  • Music competitions. If there are available instruments for karaoke discs with songs - invite those wishing to perform your favorite hits wedding. Interesting is the contest "Guess the melody", losing to present at a higher speed.

How to spend the second day of the wedding without a toastmaster?

How to mark the day after the wedding, without the leading

To mark the second or even the third day of the wedding - the hallmark of Russian weddings. Organize festive fun without Toastmasters afford to most couples. Things to do on the second day of the celebration:

  • Spend the day together. Visit the spa, arrange with your loved exploring the city, spend a day in each other's company, lounging on the couch and eating goodies left over from the wedding banquet.
  • Leisure. Paintball, sports, hiking in the mountains friendly company will leave unforgettable impressions.
  • Walk on the boat or yacht. If you and your friends do not suffer from seasickness - go for it! The fresh air, the beautiful sunshine, the company will give a pleasant holiday atmosphere.
  • Traditional celebration of the second wedding day. Get together at home with their families, witnesses, arranging fun contests, using ancient traditions: the wife's mother a ride in the truck, dine porridge from her hands, the station with in-law. It's funny to be "parental" Entertainment - swaddle baby with eyes closed, feed the baby.

Whatever style of wedding celebration for the secondthe day you choose, be sure to thank most of relatives of people for their help in organizing the ceremonies, warm, sincere words of love, striking toast. If witnesses yesterday took over the duties Toastmasters, in this day and organization of the festival is best to do for young spouses.

Video tips on drawing up programs for the wedding

The more time there is to prepare youngwedding - the better. Self-organizing small wedding without a toastmaster - a laborious process. Having defined the theme, selecting a style, you can proceed to the choice of venue for the wedding party. All the preparations for the wedding feast, pay attention to the development of the script, in consultation with professionals. At any moment we should focus on what is not worth saving in the organization of the ceremony without the toastmaster - you can learn from our video.